ING Insurance in Canada: Home & Auto Insurance

ING Insurance Rebrands as Intact Insurance

ING Insurance in Canada has rebranded as

Air Canada Phone Number - Customer Help Complaints Flights

Air Canada makes it a bit difficult to find their phone number on their website and probably re-arranges their website too frequently which confuses the Google computer scripts.

So, here are the important Air Canada numbers, all on one page:
In Canada and the US, call 1-888-247-2262

How to Navigate the Air Canada Telephone Prompts

Press "1" right away for English
"1" for checking departure and arrival times
"2" to search for flight fares

Royal Bank / RBC Visa Customer Support/Help Telephone Numbers

RBC Royal Bank Visa Card Customer Support

Unhappy with your RBC Visa Card? Just remember, there are plenty of other cards out there! You don't have to get a card from your regular day-to-day bank!

Since Royal Bank has so many different products and services, I created this page with (almost) JUST their phone numbers for credit card support.

If you have a complaint, or suggestion for other cardholders to get better deals/upgrades, please leave a comment!

Manulife Financial Telephone Numbers - Insurance & Investing

Manulife Financial Canada

Manulife Financial is one of Canada's largest financial companies, with a whole ton of international operations too.

Their phone numbers can be a bit hard to find as they have so many products and operations, so I've created this page with all of the telephone numbers in one place.
Manulife's website is also horrendous, and doesn't work on 3 major web browsers that I tried to use.

WIND Mobile Customer Support + Voicemail Access Number

WIND Mobile Telephone Numbers

Wind Mobile is Canada's newest cellular telephone provider, launched by the same people that run Canadian long distance provider.

Bell Expressvu Customer Service Telephone Number - Faster English Help

Bell can't seem to stick with a name for their products.

They now call Bell Expressvu "Bell TV". I must say, Expressvu sounds a lot more original than Bell TV.

Anyways, if you're looking for Bell Expressvu's Customer Service Telephone number, here it is:

ING Direct Canada Customer Service Telephone Number

I've been very happy with ING Direct's Customer Service so far. Never on hold for more than a minute, and it's available 24/7! They seem to be Canada/US-based as well, which is always nice.

The only thing is that once I tried to transfer money between accounts and it was failing. They said that they were doing an update on their systems and I should try again the next day. Jeez, why not just mention that on the website???

Peoples Trust HorizonPlus Prepaid Mastercard Customer Service, Complaints & Cancellation Telephone Numbers

People's Trust HorizonPlus Prepaid Mastercard Customer Service

Their main customer service telephone number, as from their cardholder agreement, is 1-888-252-9579

Sasktel Customer Service, Tech Support, Billing, Account Services Telephone Numbers

SaskTel Telephone Numbers: One Page One Stop List

Sasktel makes it a bit difficult to find phone numbers to contact them on their own website. They make you go through several pages to get the one you want. Print them off for access when you don't have internet access.

If you're unhappy with your Sasktel service, research other options! There almost always is one. Look around!

SaskTel Local Telephone Service:

Match.com/Match.ca Customer Support Telephone Numbers: Cancel, Billing, Disputes, Complaints & MORE!

Match.Com Customer Service: Actual Telephone Numbers?

Plenty of Fish Customer Support / Telephone Number to Contact Company

Plenty of Fish Customer Support

Unhappy with their service?

Not finding any matches? Want to contact the company?

Well, it won't be easy, since you get what you pay for in this industry. There won't be any phone numbers to call if you have a problem with their service, simply because they couldn't make any money if there was.

MBNA Smart Cash Customer Service: Don't Wait on Hold!

MBNA Smart Cash Platinum Plus Telephone Number:

If you have (or have lost) your Smart Cash Mastercard, call either of these phone numbers for MBNA Customer Service:




If you call the 888 number, it will be toll-free within CANADA/USA, but you'll likely be put on hold longer.

You can also find international Mastercard Card Services numbers here.

Shaw Cable & Digital Phone Telephone Numbers - Technical Support, Call for Faster Service!

Shaw makes it a bit difficult to find phone numbers to call them, so here they all are on one nice list. Print it out for future reference. If you happen to know an internal number or other helpful numbers, please leave a comment and post them!

If you don't like Shaw, just remember, there are alternatives available if you don't like them, you just have to research them!

If you have Shaw Digital Phone Service (and it's working...) and need tech support for your Shaw Digital Phone, call 6-1-1.

MBNA Mastercard Telephone Number - Complaints, Billing Problems, Payments, Debt

MBNA Canada Credit Cards Telephone Number

Use this telephone number for any inquiries you have about your MBNA Mastercard Credit Card, including filing your card as being lost/stolen, or to dispute a transaction.

TD Visa Customer Service Telephone Number

I've already posted an article on the toll-free number to call for TD Visa Customer Service here.

Talk to a TD Visa Customer Service Representative Right Away

Here's a time-saving trick I've found for calling TD Visa Customer Support for fast help:

If you call their toll-free 1-800 number, you have to go through all of their menus and all that junk to talk to someone.

CIBC Visa Customer Service Telephone Numbers + Stolen Cards

CIBC Visa Credit Card Phone Numbers:

The phone numbers are the same for all of CIBC's Visa Card Offerings: the Dividend, Platinum, Select, Classic, Aero, Aerogold, Infinite, Aeroplan or Aventura. From that list, it really looks like they need to offer less cards Laughing

Vanilla Mastercard Customer Service Telephone Number

Have one of those Prepaid Mastercards that are branded as the "Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard" and issued by "Peoples Trust"?

Here is their phone number if you need to call them: 1.800.652.9174 which is a toll-free call, you should even be able to call it for free from a payphone.

If your card was lost/stolen and used fraudulently, you should have the same protections as you would with a regular credit card. Call them!

Sympatico Telephone Number: Billing, Problems, Complaints, Tech Support Help

For all of the above services, including Sympatico Billing, Sympatico Tech Support, and any/all other problems, like changing your method of payment, or moving services, or just plain signing up:

Sympatico Telephone Numbers

Ontario & Quebec: 310-SURF (no charge dial)
The rest of Canada: 1 - 800 - 773 - 2121

Want Faster Sympatico Help?

If you want faster service for technical support, and you're

EHarmony Customer Service Help/Care Telephone Number

EHarmony Customer Service Toll-Free Number

There are actually 2 toll-free numbers I was able to find around the internet, and after trying them, they seem to lead to the same system.

The phone number to call is the same whether it is a billing issue, technical issue, question about their service, etc.

TD Visa Customer Service/Lost & Stolen Credit Cards Telephone Numbers

For customer service/support for your TD Canada Trust Visa Credit Card, or if your card has been lost or stolen, make a call to the following telephone number:


If you are overseas, or otherwise outside of North America, call TD Canada Trust Visa Credit Card Services COLLECT at: (416) 983-8472

Ikea Montreal: Maps, Opening & Closing Hours, Directions, Phone Numbers & More

Alrighty, the Ikea furniture website seems to be a bit hard to find information you need to actually get to the store yourself.

Remember, their free delivery through their website can actually take WEEKS, so it is often best to go to the store to get your stuff, you can do same-day delivery, but you must do so FROM the store, but each Ikea does vary in terms of doing deliveries.

Their Montreal store is located at: 9191 Cavendish Blvd.

Ikea Etobicoke Maps, Directions & Telephone Numbers.

Need Swedish Stylish Furniture in Etobicoke/Oakville/Mississauga? Or how about furniture in West Toronto?

Ikea Etobicoke is located at 1475 The Queensway, Etobicoke. ((Kipling Avenue and The Queensway, exit off Kipling from the QEW).)

IKEA Toronto (North York) Telephone Number to Call + Maps & Directions

Looking for Cheap Furniture?

Here is the phone number to call for Ikea in Toronto, (well, actually North York). Swedish Furniture.

Telephone Number for IKEA Customer Service, Deliveries, etc: (416) 222-4532

They're located at:

Futureway Communications Customer Service Telephone Numbers

Have a problem with your Futureway bill/billing, Local Phone problems? Internet Access? Call customer service at 1 877.326.2232

They're now owned by Rogers, but it looks like not much has changed, yet...

For technical support, call Futureway communications at 1 877.326.2232 and choose option "3"

Hamilton Public Library Telephone Number

This is a central phone number for the Hamilton Public Library: Phone: 905-546-3232. Since they all work under one system, you can probably find out what you need to know by calling this number, rather than calling the individual branch, even if you want to know the hours of a certain branch or whether they have a certain object in stock.


City of Hamilton Telephone Number

Well, not much to say,

The telephone number for general inquiries for the City of Hamilton is: (905) 546-CITY (2489)

So, call this number regarding property taxes, building codes, permits, parking tickets, etc, and they'll forward you to the appropriate department and such.

Yak Customer Service Phone Numbers

Yak offers very cheap direct dial long distance telephone service in Canada.

Telus Internet DSL Technical Support Help Telephone Numbers

Have a problem with your Telus internet service? Call these Telus support line phone numbers for help:

For Home and Small Business Internet Help, Call: 1-877-310-TECH (8324)

For non-technical Telus internet-related calls, use this phone number: 1-877-310-4NET (4638)

Mac Computers and iPod Technical Support Canada Phone Numbers

Macintosh Apple Computer and iPod Customers get free phone support for the first 90 days after purchase, which is kind of weak really.

If you're calling about a Mac computer problem, you get free unlimited support for the first 90 days. If you're an iPod customer, you get 1 free support incident, which must be used in the first 90 days. In other words, for iPods, you get help about/on one thing, regardless of how many calls it may take, but only for ONE problem, so use it wisely.

Dell Tech Support Telephone Numbers for Canadians (or those in Canada)

Here are the Dell Tech Support Telephone Numbers for Canadians. For US Technical Support Phone Numbers, go here.

Although all numbers are 24/7, I recommend calling during normal business if possible. The best techs probably don't like working the graveyard shift (though I'm sure that all good techs do start out with crummy hours).