Bell Expressvu Customer Service Telephone Number - Faster English Help

Bell can't seem to stick with a name for their products.

They now call Bell Expressvu "Bell TV". I must say, Expressvu sounds a lot more original than Bell TV.

Anyways, if you're looking for Bell Expressvu's Customer Service Telephone number, here it is:

1 888 759-3474

As of 2017, their hours are 8AM-9PM Monday-Friday and 9AM-6PM on Saturday and Sundays. They don't appear to take messages. They accept calls over Skype (in case you are worried about using mobile phone minutes, but you have internet access).

If you're looking for sales, you'll be able to talk to someone in North America right away. Bell will not make it hard for you to give them your money.

If you're looking for Bell Expressvu technical support, this is a different matter. When you call Bell Expressvu customer service, they'll probably put you through to India.

There are two ways to avoid getting sent to India for Expressvu Customer Service:

  1. Go through their French prompts. Most of their French speaking staff are bilingual and should have no trouble assisting you in understandable English. At worst, they'll just transfer you to India.
  2. Go through their prompts to get to billing. Say that you made a mistake when you get there and ask to transfer to technical support. Supposedly they can't transfer someone from a North American office to India, so they'll transfer you to the North American Bell Expressvu Customer Service.
Finally, for some tips on how to negotiate a discount with customer service, take a look at this guide written by Jafario. It's for Bell cellular customer service, but I'm sure Expressvu Customer service is run no differently.

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Angry that Bell does not have CBS sports

Bell needs to add CBS sports so that western Canadians can see the National Finals Rodeo, broadcasting on Sunday only is poor service it runs or 10 days, so get with the program. Guess we will look into just getting a US system


Bell is the worst company out there, they raise prices like crazy change packages so you need to spend more money and the service SUCKS and EXPENSIVE. HATE BELL

Bell outsourcing

have to agree after 6 phone calls I finally got someone in CANADA, miracles still happen!! Paid my bill and now waiting on line to cancel the service. I cannot understand why a Canadian company has to outsource jobs when we need them here. it's not like Bell can't afford to pay their Canadian staff, they are just greedy, it's all about the almighty dollar. They pretend they are helping out another country by providing jobs, they are only looking at their bottom line. They are no different than all the companies that have things made in slave labour factories. I finally got a guy on the phone and have cancelled my tv service with this company. Good luck to all you Bell customers, you will need it.

your personal have no personality

I am sick and tired fighting with people that do not live here and can't understand or speak the english language. So when I
talk to someone it becomes so frustrating that maybe after about 18 to 20 years of service might be coming to a close. Shaw
sat has a better offer

duplicate channels

Why do I now have 12 ctv channels between channels 535 and 613 as well as 17 ctv chs. between 201 and 263? Why, why, why? Also, some duplicate cbc chs in that 520 to 620 range. Why am I paying for the same channels twice?Why, why, why?

Too damn hard to CONTACT you people. For the money we pay, we should be able to reach a service department more easily and quickly.

Barry, I, too, am frustrated

I, too, am frustrated by BellTV and its overpriced satellite service. I believe they added these channels to appease those who previously did NOT have local feeds to CTV2 & CBC. You are right that they show duplicate programming MOST of the time, but check them when the local news is ON, and you'll see that it is different then. Nevertheless, BellTV is way too expensive for what they give us, especially compared to US satellite TV!

I have driven past a bell on

I have driven past a bell on sheppard centre a couple times and have wondered to myself if they're any good! Thanks for sharing this, good to know.

Bell Express Vu Service

I spoke to an agent on Thursday 27th about a problem with my system. The person I spoke with was in the Phillipenes and he told me a technician would be at my home on the 29th between 8-12 to fix my problem. Guess what no one showed up while I waitied for 4 hours, MY TIME IS VALUABLE TOO. I called again and now they say the techician won't be here until Monday between 8-12. This service is unacceptable and if he or she does not show up on Monday I will be cancelling my service and go with my LOCAL cable company. The line-up available from Bell is also terrible too.

Cancelling Bell? Beware!

I recently got a good deal from ShawDirectn that Bell could not match, so I tried to cancel my account with Bell. Bell told me they needed 30 days to cancel my account.

I explained I had been a loyal Bell customer for about a decade never missed a payment, but they were insistent that I had to pay for another 30 days.

Maybe 10 years ago if they had to climb a pole and disconnect a wire this would make sense. But these days?!?

I just experienced the same

I just experienced the same thing with Shaw Direct......

I just experienced the same

I just experienced the same thing with Shaw Direct......

New Plan

Just found out that Bell may not come to an agreement with Rogers at all for this hockey season... Paying $100+ a month for ExpressVu and I can't even watch 50% of the oilers games. Well, I say piss on all of them, I'm switching to live streaming over the net. It's sad when the gouging gets so bad, they force you to pirate live streams through Russian servers. What a joke. I'll spend my $100 a month on some ultra-high speed internet access for my live streams, until they screw that up too..

come on bell

i just moved out of Calgary. 2 months ago we ordered Bell satellite cause its one of the only tv providers we can get down here(southern alberta). Bell rep. told me they were in the works of getting Sportsnet One, and now im hearing that they might not. what is this? i cant believe this is happening. If i miss my Flames games, i will lose my mind.

sporstnet one

I'm a Flames fan, on Shaw cable, with the high definition setup, now I get the Sportsnet one, which I find useless (for my purposes) but it comes with the Sportsnet alternate channel on number 301, where I have been watching preseason Oilers and Flames games, and they say will be showing free the pay per view games that I used to have to stream or pay for. I am liking this so far.

Sportsnet One

Why are you lobbying Bell for the right to pay for this new channel. ITS A JOKE. Last night the Jays game was replaced with women's soccer and a divisional rival (TB) vs Kansas City! Wake up Oiler fan, and sports fans in general, and pay attention to Rogers trying to rip us off!!! Don't lobby your carrier. Lobby Rogers to get rid of this unnecessary channel. It is not bringing us any quality viewing that we didn't get in the past. I don't know about you, but I could care less about women's hockey.

Fight the system. Fight the man. Fight ROGERS!!!!!!!!!! This is CRAP. Stick up for yourselves and your hard earned money.

GO Bell. Just say NO.

thats crap

who's-ever fault it is, id rather pay $3-5/month for SNET1 rather than $10-15 per PPV Game. as would most sportsfans i've talked to. give 'yer head a shake

sportsnet one

I just got an email from bell about it and they said " there are no firm plans to bring this channel to Bell TV". I write them an email a day to complain about it. I doubt my complaints (or anyone elses for that matter) are getting through. Bell will still make their billions even if a few Oiler fans ditch them, they dont care. Sad but true.

Sportenet One

I gaurantee if Bell does not have Sportsnet One so I can watch Oiler games by the start of the season I will be switching to StarChoice. I already have my equipment on reserve. Is anyone listening???

Sportsnet 1

Luckily I can pick up and american dish through relatives in the states, pay hundreds less for hundreds more channels including centre ice and the rip off con artists that call themselves our TV providers don't get a friggen nickel outa me. They screw me, so I screw em back.

Since Bell will probably have

Since Bell will probably have to pay dearly for Sportsnet One and pass it on to the consumer it would be cheaper just to switch providers. There are only 2 reasons I'm on Bell, Hockey and Movies. I can get movies anywhere and well i guess my hockey is limited to certain providers.

G-bye Bell!

Just be sure to make up some

Just be sure to make up some other reason for switching if they ask you why you're switching. If they know you're switching for Sportsnet One, they'll know they can charge you whatever they want, because you have no choice.

Tell Shaw, Rogers, whoever, that you just always shop around or quote some other promo they're having for getting you to switch.

Welcome to Canadian telecom competition :(

Sportsnet one

i live in Alberta and im an edmonton oilers fan,sportsnet one carries all their preseason games this year,yet bell for whatever reason does not have that channel,shaw direct has sportsnet one and i know alot of bell subscribers including myself are upset about this ,alot of people subscribe to sports packages so that they can watch there local team,i pay 200 dollars for the center ice package and i cant even watch the games because they are blacked out in my area,why is it that shaw direct can supply their customers with sportsnet one but bell hasnt yet,im very happy with the rest of the service,but this is just upsetting

Sportsnet is owned by Rogers,

Sportsnet is owned by Rogers, which is a competitor to Bell, so that's probably a part of the answer.

This is the problem when broadcast media distributors (Starchoice, Bell Expressvu, Rogers Cable, etc) are co-owned by other channel media distributors (Sportsnet, CTV, Global, etc), you end with situations where something is exclusive, just to keep a competitor down, and the customer loses, unless you subscribe to multiple services.

Welcome to Canada :(


On my billing on is says I am paying for sportsnet1 and why are we not getting it - any comment?

Sportsnet one

How are the negotiations going for expressvu to carry sportsnet one.

Sports Net One.

I "hate" missing an Oilers game. I live in Norhern Alberta. Look at the schedule. After Nov 17th sports net one only has 6 games left the rest of the season. So I will have to suck it up until then and after that make those 6 days a night at the pub where they have sports net 1. Rogers can go kiss my bell. I am sticking with Bell.

Sportsnet One on Bell TV / Bell Expressvu

Obviously the negotiations with Sportsnet One aren't going very well. You were loyal to your team, and that team sold off your loyalty to the highest bidder.

Such is the problem when people are dedicated to something so much, someone will find a way to charge as much as they can for what you're so dedicated to.

It's sad, but welcome to telecom in Canada, where the sports teams are owned by the telecom companies, and find a way to charge you up the wazoo for what you want.