TD Visa Customer Service Telephone Number

I've already posted an article on the toll-free number to call for TD Visa Customer Service here.

Talk to a TD Visa Customer Service Representative Right Away

Here's a time-saving trick I've found for calling TD Visa Customer Support for fast help:

If you call their toll-free 1-800 number, you have to go through all of their menus and all that junk to talk to someone.

Well, I've found a shortcut to talk to a human. Just call their non-toll-free number. This number is usually used when you're overseas and you can't call the toll-free number, but it works just find for me in Toronto.

The number is: 416-307-7722. And they will accept collect-calls. But if you're in Toronto, it's free anyway. Personally, I just spend the 3cents/minute for the long-distance.

So if you value your time, and want to talk to someone fast, that's the way to go. A cheap long-distance plan, like Yak, will only cost you 3 cents per minute anyway.

I guess they figure if they're going to be paying huge $$$ for a collect call (though you can call it normally), TD Visa sends you directly to a customer service representative to help you. No "Press 1 for English", just a short recording saying that they may record your call, then the phone rings right away to a real human. 24 hours a day.

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