EHarmony Customer Service Help/Care Telephone Number

EHarmony Customer Service Toll-Free Number

There are actually 2 toll-free numbers I was able to find around the internet, and after trying them, they seem to lead to the same system.

The phone number to call is the same whether it is a billing issue, technical issue, question about their service, etc.

E-Harmony telephone number for customer assistance:

  • 1-844-527-7421 - This is a toll-free number!

If you are worried about this not being a toll-free number, call it through Skype. You don't even need any credit on your Skype account to do this.

Before you renew, you should read this article about why you should never pay for online dating!

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Clearly fraud!!!!!

I agree with the many who have said "what a joke" and "FRAUD".

Cancel my account

Cancel my account now!

do not want , to be notafied by sender when read my mail that se

I was checking to see what it would cost to know if they got or opened my email ,I can wait to here did not want at 8.99 DO NOT WANT IT!, do you have a phone number I used to call you at 188 951-2023 does not work why?

do not want , to be notafied by sender when read my mail that se

I was checking to see what it would cost to know if they got or opened my email ,I can wait to here did not want at 8.99 DO NOT WANT IT!, do you have a phone number I used to call you at 188 951-2023 does not work why?


I only signed up for ibe month and it charged my credit card $310GRRRRRRRRR


i joined up 6 weeks ago,set up for 3 months paid, 5wks ago i tried to get onto my site,it would not except my password,over 20 times i have gone through new password set up ,still no joy.when i first went on i sent smiles or messages to matches and still no reply,i am really annoyed{pissed off actually}my money is dwindling away and no matter how much i try i can not get anyone on is a CON



Not worth it

I wanted to re-join e-harmony. They gave me several "special offers". I decided to join and their e-mail site says it will get back to me and never does. I contact a representative by phone and she wasn't pleasant and tells me I should have called earlier and now it is too late for the "special offer'. I do agree there are better dating sites out there.



New Email

I have changed my email and I want to go back in a re-instate my e harmony account with new email
how do I go about keeping my information in my accoun t but just needing to sign in with a new email
without re-doing all the pape work like reapplying please can someone get back to me thank you
I no the info is still all their just need to pay and go with new email thank you

Tracy Christensen

Port Coquitlam, B.C.

E-Harmony is full of

E-Harmony is full of fraudulent people that are trying to extort money from un-suspecting customers. In the two years that I was a member, I was contacted and asked for money at least 25 times. Often they will post that they have a masters, but can't spell or have proper grammer and contact you at all times of the day. They often use a computer to phone you as they are not in this country. They target older women and some men. They blackmail you and try to use God or religon to get you to send them money. It is obvious that E-Harmony does not give a rats pooh about this as it is easy to rectify and do checks on these frauds, but they don't they just take people's money and don't care if you are going to be contacted by an extortionist...not a good service.


ehamony is a scam. my male friend who is drop dead handsome got 274 matches on eharmony. he replied to quite a few and never got one reply. i was on eharmony and got a whole bunch of great sounding matches, i got a few replies but no one wanted to meet or talk on the phone. they all disappeared. i am an attractive professional woman with a good sounding resume. i decided it is a scam. tell everyone.

Yes, Eharmony is a rip off.

Yes, Eharmony is a rip off. A scam. You go through all their little questions and hoops... and tell them what you are looking for and they send you what they want you to have.... Their matching is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off. There is nothing free about this site.
It is a scam... a rip off.... simply!

Rip-Off & use of info without consent report to Police. Do same!

Here are the emails for the entire company:
[email protected]; [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

•Dr. Neil Clark Warren – Chairman and Co-Founder [email protected]
•Greg Waldorf – Chief Executive Officer [email protected]
•Greg Steiner – Chief Operating Officer [email protected]
•Greg Forgatch – Former CEO and President [email protected]
•Marylyn M. Warren – Former Senior Vice President [email protected]
•Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott – Co-creators of eHarmony Marriage [email protected]
•Scott Ackerman – Vice President of Customer Care [email protected]
•Philip D. Armstrong – Chief Marketing Officer [email protected]
•Dr. J. Galen Buckwalter – Vice President, Research and Development [email protected]
•Lou Casale – Vice President of Corporate Communications [email protected]
- Public Relations: Joe Zink [email protected]
- Public Relations: Becky Teraoka [email protected]
•Mark Douglas – Vice President of Technology [email protected]
•Davina Fernholtz – Director, Human Resources [email protected]
- Human Resources, San Francisco office: D Valentine [email protected]
- Human Resources, Pasadena office: Kelly Brancaccio [email protected]
•T.J. Marchetti – Sr. Director of Product, Singles Service [email protected]
•John Powers – Vice President of Finance and Administration [email protected]
•Greg Smirin – Vice President, Emerging Services [email protected]
•Jon Ward – Vice President of Business Development [email protected]

This is what I sent them:

It is not just me. THIS IS what people ARE REALLY SAYING about your company! (link to this page). I do not think I would have any problem with a class action lawsuit for using my information WITHOUT MY CONSENT. Again, please TAKE ALL my information OFF or my next step will be through Law Enforcement.

I bet these comments are all going to be on people's Facebook, Twitter, etc. personal accounts and you know how fast word of mouth travels.

Not even your log in links work. WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS ILLEGAL, meaning: You allow NO CONTACT ONCE YOU HAVE PERSONAL INFO AND/OR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION and you keep using someone's personal and billing information without their consent = FRAUD


I am totally teed off with you saying you have to be literally "SINGLE" I have been on my own for well over 12 years... There is "NO" way I would ever return to my past relationship. If I ever found someone truly compatible, I would not hestitate, changing my status. ...but until then, I think it is absurd, that this is an option to your website. At least, I am being honest and not trying to enter your site, unlike, I am sure many people have. Perhaps, the option should be given for a person to meet someone, and decide for themselves....(that would be their option, between them) I think it is discriminatory, to decide ones fate, when you truly don't know the circumstances. The good doctor may be a counsellor... but I have that degree too... and think his opinion is bias. That is my feelings on this the predjucie of this site... I have voiced my opiinion.. Thanks for listening!!!!!

Do not renew or I will sue.

I signed up not too long ago and I am having people that you people are saying writing me for the last 5 years plus. Are you people serious. This is the biggest scam, and my friend told me but I did not listen. I seriously think that I should be refunded. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU PEOPLE. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! DO NOT BILL ME WHEN MY CONTRACT IS OVER I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOU PEOPLE ANYMORE?

please cancel my account

I have been trying to cancel my account for months now but I'm still getting billed up to this time. Can you please cancel my account?

Lilia Johnson

I like to enquire if you have

I like to enquire if you have any personalised system for individuals ? and payment method other then visa or debit if there is ant?if some body can caontact me,
my telephone #905-327-4433

No problems

Aside from not being able to get the customer support number on their website and no return on my email, I had a positive experience, as always with customer support via phone. I simply needed them to reset the questionnaire, and it took less than 10 minutes, hold time included. I wasn't getting matches that were a good fit, and it had been over 6 months since I took it. No problem getting it done.

Eharmony SUCKS and they are SCAMMERS

They age giving false advertisements. Free days are never free, you can jump out of your pant their site will redirect to the payments page, no matter if they advertised free days. Their customer service is non existing, they suck big time and I am just so glad that I didn't pay and will never pay them any penny.

Eharmony, shame on you! Well, I guess you have no idea what "shame" means. Change your name to Disharmony.

I only signed up for 1 month

I only signed up for 1 month so cancelled and do not take money out of my account

Eharmony SUCKS...They are SCAMMERS

I just registered and few days later i forgot my password and i did it online to send it to me and its been over an hour and still no password. I tried to go on the website to see if I can find tel# to contact but I wasn't able to find it.
I want to cancel now as i read their policy I have 3 days to cancel but it says to contact by mail...What a bunch of scammers, to mail a letter takes 3-4 business days.. Money Hungry scammers they are.
I will never use this service again. Its a RIP OFF


Eharmony SUCKS

I just got off the phone with ROBERT since they don't go by EMPLOYEE#'s....he claim he can't t give refunds but can hold stop my payment that is in pending status...Well I feel I deserve to get my full refund back since they aren't really really sending MATCHES... he stated my last email was June 12th...okay like that is something to brag about, and on top of that craziness they made it as if I haven't log in since blah blah...but you haven't sent me any matches...isn't that how it works...we pay you ...not you paying me....So the end result of this imcomplete call a good faith... they will make sure the pending payment doesn't go through...WOW...when I wasn't paying I was getting emails out the ass... for some reason this will not be the end... I don't care for online dating...and this was an awful experience... THANK YOU EHARMONY...

Change of email address

This is really crazy! I've paid up for qq year and have 6months left, but I changed my provider and my email address on the 1st of June and now can't access my account, can't continue writing to my matches and the emails to eharmony support just bounce back! The phone team promise to look into the problem and then ring me back...but guess what!? they don't!

this isn't an eHarmony web

this isn't an eHarmony web page. it's third party and not monitored by eHarmony.

in fact, i'd go so far as to say that the only web page eHarmony actually does monitor is their bank account..... they certainly don't have any customer support on their website. the only way you can find a contact number for one of their call centres is on third party websites such as this. then they can only refer your message to a supervisor. If you want legal information from their head office, they will have to email it to you after a request from a supervisor. The head office never picks up a phone. So you can't email their website's customer support, you can only call a number not listed on their site, but their head office can't call you back, they can only email you...

it's a scam. when you subscribe, you get ridiculous matches that have nothing to do with your questionnaire... however you still can't see anything of relevance, such as contact information or photos, even with people you are in contact with.

In order for anyone you contact on eHarmony to respond back to you, they ALSO need to pay the subscription.

just don't go near them.

Customer Service

I agree that there is no Customer Service available and also that the 'matches' are just sent indiscriminately. I subscribed for a year up to June 2010 but for the last month have not been able to access the site. Any email I have sent to eharmony customer care, using the email which sends the matches, has been returned as 'this user does not exist'.

Television advertising is obviously an excellent investment to reel people in and clearly well worth it to the site.

Curiouser and curiouser? One wonders why no one addresses the issues stated here. I feel there can be only one answer and that there is no defence to the accusations?

customer service

I was satisfied after calling 800 263 6133


please can you as of april 4th help me i do not know how to change what i am seeking for please help

Non existant customer support

I have been trying for a few days to find out about an error that keeps occuring when filling in the quesonnaire, and it's been 2 weeks and no one has got back to me. There is no contact number to call either. Wondering why Eharmony bothers to advertise on TV when there customer service is non existant!

Same here!

Same problem here! Error message after error message! First time it happened I found and email contact, sent my problem, and after a couple tries they reset my profile and I had to start over. Finally got around to starting it again, same problem, but no contact info to be found this time!

eHarmony customer service.

I certainly agree that it is difficult to navigate to customer service at eHarmony. However the second phone number listed here worked and I received the help I needed without any further problem. I did express that their site made it VERY difficult to contact them and that it does, in my view, present an indifference to their users. The comment was accepted and would be forwarded to the appropriate department.

As for the service itself, my son is now married 7 years, to a wonderful girl. She is from another country and they met on eHarmony. I know of another married couple who met on eHarmony who were both living in a new country but had been reised in the same foreign country. My personal experience has been fruitful to the level of my interest. So, my experience is that eHamony provides a GREAT service. Tell me, what other business offers occasional free service of the service they are in business to provide. Try getting free service for your vehicle anywhere. That is hardly a rip off. You do have the option to restrict the matches you are connected with. You are expected to take some responsibility for deciding if a match is right for you. AND, there is a ton of advice on how to WISELY develop relationships. But.... complainers are just that!

So let me understand here,

So let me understand here, they're matching people with people from other countries? Is this happening automatically or is this an option you can choose? Seems a waste of money if this is automatic!

Another new eHarmony number

Try this -- you will get a live person, but they won't be able to do a thing for you.



Please take all of my information off of your website...... not interested in this service... Thank you. ASAP with confirmation. It's not been easy to find a way to get off of this site. Thanks again.

I am totally unhappy. So

I am totally unhappy. So please DO NOT charge any more.
Make sure this month will be last month.
Thank you.

Keiko Keyes.

e-harmony sucks!!! I have a

e-harmony sucks!!! I have a simple question, but can't find a "contact". What kind of business hides from thier customers??????. Only a business that has something to hide!!
Save your money. Don't be sucked in like I was. Their website is useless.

Cust. service

Eharmony seems to have canceled all customer service. There is now no way I can see to contact them, had I known this or another site would have got my money. BEWARE, they take your money and thats it, NO CUST> SERVICE !!! Going to call the credit card co. now to see about canceling this FARCE !!!!!! GO TO ANOTHER SITE !!!!

subscription cancellation

As of Nov. 20/2009 I would like to cancel my subscription

Thank You

Not that bad

I called the day after I subscribed and got my money back. The girl was very nice on the phone, and sure she tried to talk me out of it. I just said, please give me my money back, as per your terms.

Granted, the actual dating service is poo. Don't waste your time or money on this.

new membership

I did registere last summer for three monthes and now Im going try again . My question is :
I have to fill out all the forms again .(becasue my profile is the same nothing changed). Please let me know how can I register again.



this thing sucks

bullshit matches form another country. told them I don't want a match with kids, got a bunch of matches with kids. billed me twice, site very hard to navigate. cannot get a hold of customer service site is bad bad bad and is a rip off. I want my money back.

This company is a reap off!

Ehamrony is a scam business and a total rip off! Their customer service stinks. Is there even a customer service. BUYERS BEWARE. I plan to make this a mission to report them to whomever I can. This is not right not to be able to oontact customer care and that no one listens. I hate dishonesty and the fact they are and continue to get away with this. People who work hard for their money thinking that they are buying into a reputable service are being misled. There is no 24/7 service.

Dear Singles beware. I got sucked in twice now! The quality of people that are sent to you and the out of state folks just aggrevates me to know end. I am completely DISATISFIED with the WHOLE experience. Thank goodness I got ripped off buy their special and not their full blown outrageous price for the service they do not provide.

It is joke and I need help in reporting them. Jump on research with me please.



Customer care for

Ok I agree that finding the contact info for customer care is not really obvious and it's a pain in the ass but when I finally called the number and talked to someone I told them about the issue and they told me where to find the info on the site. You have to go to the "About" section from the link at the bottom of the page. Once you're there there is a "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page. Click that and there is a list of different divisions of contact and customer care is one of the links which brings you to the customer care contact info.
I told them they should put the contact us tab in the help section as well because that's where most people think to look at first.

I wouldn't know, I've never

I wouldn't know, I've never been their customer, I just post useful phone numbers on the internet :) Having said that, you can usually call a north american 1-800 number overseas by calling it like a regular international call (but you'll pay long distance charges). Also, you could use Skype or other VoIP services that let you call North American toll free numbers for... free.

Dan, do you know what the

Dan, do you know what the normal phone numbers for Eharmony customer service are? You can't call these toll free numbers from abroad. Thanks