MBNA Mastercard Telephone Number - Complaints, Billing Problems, Payments, Debt

MBNA Canada Credit Cards Telephone Number

Use this telephone number for any inquiries you have about your MBNA Mastercard Credit Card, including filing your card as being lost/stolen, or to dispute a transaction.

If you have an MBNA Card, you should look into upgrading it to the MBNA Smart Cash Credit Card, which is Canada's best no-annual fee cash-back credit card right now. It is especially easy if you already have the Premier Rewards Platinum Plus card.

Here are the MBNA Canada Customer Support numbers:

In North America: 1-800-347-6262, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Overseas: Call Collect: (613) 907-3505

and if your card is lost/stolen, use this number:

  1-888-389-2577, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


If you're overseas, you can call Mastercard's customer support numbers listed on the page here.

Complaining to MBNA

Try to resolve any problems with the CSRs if possible, asking to speak with a manager if required. If that doesn't work, try sending a letter detailing the entire situation to:

MBNA Canada Bank
Attention: Customer Service
PO Box 9614
Ottawa ON K1G 6E6

Ask for a formal review of your entire account. Submit relevant evidence for your case (but do keep the originals!). Sending this by registered mail isn't a bad idea either.

If this fails, contact their customer's advocate's office by mail (with much of the same information, or why their regular customer service was wrong in their decision)

MBNA Canada Bank
Attention: Customer Advocate's Office
PO Box 9629
Ottawa ON K1G 6V1

If that fails, contact their ombudsperson/ombudsman office at:

MBNA Canada Bank
Attention: MBNA Canada Ombudsman
PO Box 9629
Ottawa ON K1G 6V1
Telephone: 1-877-405-6262

Don't contact the ombuds' office until you've unsuccessfully dealt with MBNA directly via phone and mail, since an ombud's complaint will halt any previous decisions (which might have ended up being in your favour!).


The government runs a dispute resolution program as well, which should be the most independent of all, and their mailing address is:

Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI)

P.O. Box 896
Station Adelaide
Toronto, ON M5C 2K3
Toll free telephone: 1-888-451-4519
Toll free fax: 1-888-422-2865
Toronto area telephone: 416-287-2877
Toronto area fax: 416-225-4722
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site: www.obsi.ca

If you have problems with MBNA's service or cards, post a comment about it here! We'd love to hear about it. Be sure to remove identifying information, like your credit cards numbers, etc.

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Have had an account with MNBA for 10 years , they were always great. NOW I got a notice my interest on accoung would jump to 24%
Spoke to accounts nothing they will do, there is no way from 10% -24% I could pay min bal.
The only way is bankrupt which a lot of people will do thus they will just loose money.

Thanks for informing us. Its

Thanks for informing us. Its perfect time to know more about MBNA Mastercard Credit Card. Thanks for sharing dude.

MBNA changed my fixed rate interest rate from 7.99% to 9.99%

My ate fixed rate 7.99% on balance transfer was changed to 9.99% by MBNA Canada without any notice. Wasted about 30 minutes on the phone with MBNA Customer Service staff who seem to be located in India, and does not seem to neeunderstand my concerns but seem to be reading from script. Asked to escalate my concern to a senior manager but ended up with another Indian staff in India who was like speaking to a brick wall and failed to understand that I have been an MBNA customer since 2001. Her name was Renee but she did not want to give me her full name. I plan to pay out my full balance of $27K and then cut-up my MBNA card and mail it to its President and CEO. I hope many more customers will do likewise, and bring MBNA to its feet. As well, they should return their customer service operations in Canada and provide jobs to Canadians.

Yes, Renee is a popular

Yes, Renee is a popular Indian name i see how that could be confusing for you But all of MBNA's customer service is in Ottawa. They have an outbound marketing team in India, you can't call them.
I love listening to the subtle prejudice when people pretend to care about the local economy but are really just uneducated trash. You think paying 9.99% on an unsecured debt with no annual fee is unreasonable, imagine what it would cost to borrow from a company that does absolutely no outsourcing.
Not quite sure where you're from, but Canada is a multicultural society. Just because you aren't speaking to a Sarah or a Michael doesn't mean you're "calling India".
And I don't think it's that they didn't care so much as they've probably had the same conversation with a hundred different people, are very aware that you don't like the increase, can't really say much other than tell you it is what it is, are tired of hearing people say they didn't get the letter because they didn't bother to read it, and don't to be told how good a customer you are. They can see. Having worked in a major Visa issuing bank I know that the people with the most debt and the fewest options tend to think they are the best customers. It's funny :)

MBNA is getting so many complaints, you can't even get through

Not only can't you leave an email unless you go direct to TD ombudsman, but the phone system takes you through 4 levels of irritating choices, before telling you they are experiencing longer than normal volume. I was trying to find out why I can't get anything for all the rewards points I've accumulated over the years. The one time I got through, someone told me it was because their computer system had a problem, so even she couldn't send me anything, or even tell me what I was eligible for.
It worries me that a banking institution is at a standstill because of a computer glitch. What else is happening there.

Cancel payment - your service is very bad

Can' phone MNBA (always get call back because of unusually high volumes-
how about not enough staff) No practical way to e-mAIL
Trying to cancel a pre-authorized payment



I was told that my MBNA

I was told that my MBNA Platinum 5.99 rate would never go up as long as I made all payments on time and kept the account in good standing. Which I have since 2004. At first, the payment was the interest plus $10. Then it went to the interest plus 1%. A hardship, but still kept the account in good standing. Now, going to 9.9, payment is interest plus 1% . This is practically doubling the interest rate of someone with a perfect record. I can't imagine what is happening to people who have missed a few payments along the way. Talking to the account manager is like talking to a brick wall. They are good at wearing you down.

RE: SONY Mastercard account ending in4334

I HAVE NO USE FOR THE SUBJECT CARD, AND HAVE DESTROYED SAME. Please notify your 'CREDIT' report company of same, and confirm my request by e-mail

SONY Mastercard account ending in 4334

Former address: 315-9 Adams Rd.
Campbell River Bc V9W 1R9

Nanaimo BC V9T 6H9
I HAVE NO USE FOR THIS CARD AND HAVE DESTROYED SAME. Please e-mail me if that is a problem.

statement and interest rate!!!

My name is Jovica Pejicic and I'm MBNA member recently from April 2010 but also before I had account at this Institution.
My recent account was opened in April 2010 with promotional 0% interest rate for 12 months.
(account ending with 5816)
In April 2011 , I received new Master card and new PIN with latter where you said that I'm valued customer and when I called for activation representative informed me and promised for another 6 months with promotional interest rate of 0%(until October 2011) (I have name and employee number written of that representative and I'm sure you have conversation recorded for your purposes) , I didn't received anything in written form at that time and I was OK with verbal information because I trusted to MBNA institution.
Recently I received statement in June -my account is charged with $73.77 (interest charge on balance transfers 19.99%)!!!???
I still have ballans of $4100 on that account and that was shock for me.
You wrote to me ..."Our priority is building quality relationships with our customers based on clarity, fairness, trust and value".
As your long time customer I want from you to keep promises and fix my account soon as you can.
I included in this mail Mr Joseph De Santis President/CEO at MBNA Canada |, Cathy Velasquez , Janelle Lindsey and Debra Armstrong President at MBNA Canada Bank
Please inform me soon as you made changes.
Best regards

Problem with SmartCash Card- CORRECTED!

Also as previously stated, MBNA DOES MAKE IT HARD to file a complaint with the intent of wearing you down.

Problem with SmartCash Card

1) The statement has a summary of Smart Cash points (that somehow get converted to cash), but there is no breakdown of which transactions these were earned from.

In other words, MBNA can cheat and not get caught. Better bet if accountability matters is to look into another bank, such as Scotiabank Momentum. Their statements show exactly where the cash-back was earned and what percentage you got.

Also as previously stated, MBNA doesn't makes it hard to file a complaint with the intent of wearing you down.

Complaint Process

Shame on MBNA for ensuring that most complaints do not even come to their attention by requiring that anything beyond a front line service manager must be put in writing through snail mail. Not even an email address to send a written complaint?

Why should I have to wait for weeks for a problem to be handled? Clearly MBNA's policy on dealing with complaints is to make sure that most of them are never heard.

My account

Dear MBNA;

In regards to my account, please contact

Gloria Wiebe - Full Circle Debt Solution Inc.
604.585.3328 [email protected]

Thank you,
Rizpah Ramirez

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