Yak Customer Service Phone Numbers

Yak offers very cheap direct dial long distance telephone service in Canada. There is no Network Charge, and no monthly fees, and they even charge to your credit card (so you can even get 1% cash back).

The Telephone number to call Yak to sign up or if you have a billing concern is: 1-800-490-7235

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ATTENTION: Customer Service

I have recently changed my telephone provider to Shaw and Yak for my long distance.
I have been advised by Shaw that they require a P.I.C. form from you.

Could you please provide them this information and confirm asap.

Your co-operation is appreciated.

Elias Karram
A/C # 12 98 28


Please contact your phone service provider directly, not using this website.

Your telelphone No.

I would like to have your telephone number because I do not know how to use your service and what number to I should use to make long distance calls.

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