Peoples Trust HorizonPlus Prepaid Mastercard Customer Service, Complaints & Cancellation Telephone Numbers

People's Trust HorizonPlus Prepaid Mastercard Customer Service

Their main customer service telephone number, as from their cardholder agreement, is 1-888-252-9579

Be careful as you may incur fees when doing things like checking your balance through the automated service over the phone or speaking with a person regarding your account. Look at this summary of HorizonPlus Prepaid Mastercard fees here, or the cardholder agreement, which I'm linking here for your convenience, but your agreement may differ, so you should go by the one you officially agreed to.

If you want to cancel your card and get your balance mailed to you by cheque within 30 (business?) days, call them at: 1-888-252-9535

If you want to get in touch with the Peoples Trust HorizonPlus Prepaid Mastercard Complaints Officer, their telephone number is: 1-877-694-6200

If this fails, you may contact the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments at 1-888-451-4519, who is likely employed by Peoples Trust, but is supposed to be impartial (and I would believe that they most likely are, but I can't say that for sure, I've never dealt with them).

If this fails, you can complain to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, their telephone number is 1-866-461-3222

If you're looking for a reloadable prepaid Mastercard or prepaid Visa in Canada, take a look at my guide here. Do your research, there's plenty available.

Please leave a comment with your experiences with Peoples Trust here, I approve all legitimate comments.

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cant get on

hi im dee hearing impaired...i gave my fiancee permission to talk to u ..but was told i was to call you...i dont have a proper phone to call you...please accept my fiancee tom meredith to call you....on my behalf...i just got my new card...apprently when i put my user id in dee2011....would not let me do how do i fix it?....or can you please call 1 306 893 8102...ask for tom meredith..hes my him right away and he can explain to you...on my behalf...ty

I tried to call this number

I tried to call this number 1-888-252-9535 several times but can't get through the bank representative. It says it's available 24hrs. Was on hold for minutes and then the call will be disconnected. SO FRUSTRATING!!! Is there an alternate number that we can call to talk to a representative? Are they really existing???

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