Dell Technical Support Telephone Numbers For Computer/PC Help

These numbers are for US Dell Computer Support. Please see this page for Canada/Canadian Support

Having trouble finding the Telephone numbers to call Dell Computers because they want you to solve the problem yourself?

Well, here they are all on one page:

Dell Tech Support Phone Number: 1-800-624-9896 (24/7)

Canada Post Telephone Number - Customer Service - Help - Tracking

Here is a list of numbers to call for any type of help or customer support for Canada Post. I noticed that their link off of Google just brings you to their lame e-mail contact form. So, here they all are, all on one page:

Canada Post General Information: 1-866-607-6301 (Available Monday-Friday 8AM<->6PM local time)

General Canada Post Information Outside of Canada: 1-416-979-8822

BMO Bank of Montreal Mosaic Mastercard Customer Service/Support/Help Numbers

For BMO Mosaic Mastercard Support, here are the numbers to call for help, as from the back of a BMO Mosaic US Dollar Mastercard, which seems to be the only no-fee US$ card in Canada:

USA/Canada: 1-800-263-2263

Overseas (Which you may call collect): 514-877-0330

Bank of Montreal Contact DIRECT Phone Numbers

Here are all of the public Bank of Montreal TelePhone Numbers:

General Inquiries English: 1 877 CALL BMO (225-5266)

Overseas (ie: outside of Canada or US): (416) 286-9992

Direct Banking TelePhone Number: 1 800 363-9992

Direct Business Banking Telephone Number:  1 877 345-7777

BMO Credit Card Customer Service Telephone Number: 1 800 263-2263

Bank of Montreal Mutual Funds: 1 800 665-7700

BMO InvestorLine:  1 888 776-6886

Citibank Mastercard Canada Customer Service...

... is pretty good. Nice when you call them at 1-800-387-1616, press "1" for English, and then speak to someone right away, pretty nice. Calling my MBNA credit card's customer service line always put me on hold... Maybe I got lucky, who knows.

Canadian Revenue Agency Telephone Numbers (Revenue Canada)

A nice list of the important phone numbers for the Canadian Revenue Agency. 

T.I.P.S. (Tax Information Phone Service) - Automated Service - 1-800-267-6999

This phone number provides information for Individuals and Businesses through non-people.

Telerefund - Information About Refunds - 1-800-959-1956 - Automated Service

Call this phone number to find out when you should expect your refund to be processed

Visa International Customer Service Numbers: For Vacations/Travelling

Here are the Visa Credit Card International Service Centre Numbers. They are 24 hours and NOT specific to any particular bank, but rather run by VISA. You can call them toll-free or collect call when you're in trouble.

As well, I'd like to suggest always carrying more than one credit card while travelling, perferably one Visa and one Mastercard. Keep your primary card on you, but also keep the second card in a different place, in case anything happens to the first (gets stolen or lost, etc.)

In North America: Toll Free: 1-800-847-2911

Cogeco Phone Numbers List:

Yet another big company with a difficult to find a list of phone numbers. Punching "Cogeco Phone Number" into Google just brings up a bunch of pages for their Digital Home Phone Service, which I'm sure is terrible, but that's not what we're here to talk about :)

Visa Customer Service Telephone Numbers: TD, CIBC, Royal, Banks

Here's a list of the major Visa Credit Card Issuer Customer Service Phone Numbers (For the Canadian ones):

Royal Bank/RBC Visa 1-800-769-2512

CIBC Visa 1-800-465-4653

Desjardins Visa 1-800-363-3380

TD Canada Trust Visa 1-800-983-8472

Laurentian Bank Visa 1-800-252-1846

Scotiabank/Bank of Nova Scotia Visa 1-800-387-6556

Canadian Mastercard Customer Support Numbers: HSBC, Canadian Tire, Mosaik

Here's a list of telephone numbers to call most of the Canadian Mastercard Issuer's Customer Support Numbers.

Call these numbers regarding disputes, lowering your interest rate, cancelling your card and more:

Canadian Tire Mastercard 1-800-459-6415
MBNA Canada Mastercard 1-888-876-6262 
HSBC Mastercard 1-866-406-4722
BMO Mosaik Mastercard 1-800-263-2263
Citi Mastercard 1-800-387-1616
CapitalOne Mastercard 1-800-481-3239

National City Bank Telephone Number: Mortgages, Personal Accounts, Business Accounts

The master list of National City Bank (The Ohio based bank, but with branches across the midwest, Florida and other places) is a bit hard to find.

National City Main Number: Call (888) 622-4932

However, to get a more direct number to the department you need to call, look at this list:


Expressvu Telephone Numbers: Sales, Technical Support, Activations, Pointing, Programming

Bell makes it a bit difficult to find the number for their service when you need to call them. Hey Bell! Not everything can be solved myself, that's why I want to call you! Grrrrr.

Anyways, here it is:

Bell Expressvu Satelite TV Phone Number: 1 888 SKY-DISH (759-3474)

Activation support is available 7 days per week 8AM-9PM including holidays

Videotron Telephone Numbers: Technical Support, Billing, Internet Problems, Sales, Customer Service, etc.

Videotron, like every other Canadian company it seems, wants to make it a bit (but not too) difficult to find their telephone number to speak to a real living person. Oh sure, they put the automated service phone number right at the top left of the page, but you have to click another link and scroll down to the bottom to find the page to find it.

So, here it is, all on one page:

Videotron Support Number for Residential Customer Service: 1-888-433-6876

The hours of service are:

Bell Aliant Phone Number: Call/Contact for Technical Support, Billing,Internet, Mobility, etc.

Looks like yet another Canadian mega-corporation that makes it difficult enough to find their phone number to call them, so here it all is:

Bell Aliant Phone Number: 1-866-4-ALIANT (1-866-425-4268)

One number for ALL of their services in all areas: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland. 

MTS Phone Number | Manitoba Telecom Service Telephone Number | Wireless, Home, Residential, Internet

Quick Access Telephone Number List for MTS Customer Service 

The MTS web site always tries to get you to contact them by email or by leaving a message, but I'll give you a quick list of their phone numbers. Even their hard to find telephone numbers are in a huge list, but here are the most important Manitoba Telecom Service Telephone Numbers to call:

Who Keeps Calling From 866 301 5302? A Fido Marketing Telephone Call

1-866-301-5302 Is a Fido Cellular Service Marketing Number.

They (or someone they contract with) are probably trying to sell you stuff or an upgrade. Which you probably don't need. It is possible that you might even need to pay to answer this call, and even if you don't, it is time out of your day, and your time is valuable.

You can actually remove yourself by calling the number back and following the automated prompts. To really stick it to them, call from a pay-phone, doing so costs them an extra $1 or something like that.

CitiMastercard Phone Numbers For Customer Service

CitiBank Mastercard's Phone Numbers in Canada for Customer Service Are:

Customer Care

In North America, call toll-free 1-800-387-1616 or fax 1-888-414-5951, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Outside North America, call collect 416-947-2900 or fax 416-369-4863, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Bank of Nova Scotia Phone Numbers

The Bank of Nova Scotia, or sorry, ScotiaBank makes it pretty difficult to find their actual phone number on their web-site. They even make you go through a pop-up. Seems a bit un-necessary. Why don't they just put it on their very first page that you go on? Or how about EVERY PAGE? Time to investigate other banking options methinks... Use the direct numbers below their main number for quicker help.

DIRECT Bank of Montreal Phone Numbers

BMO/Bank of Montreal (Not sure why they aren't called BM or BaMO) makes it a bit difficult to find their phone numbers on their website. I guess they want you to find out the answer yourself before you call them. Perhaps it is time to look at new banks?

Anyways, here is a copy of all of their phone numbers from their web site, which for some reason doesn't show up in Google.

BMO General Inquiries:

DIRECT TD Canada Trust Bank Phone Numbers & TD Waterhouse Contact #s

The Toronto Dominion Bank / Canada Trust / DT makes it a bit difficult to find their phone numbers, because they'd rather have you browse around their web-site to find what it is that you needed yourself. What ever happened to getting a hold of someone quickly and easily? Why don't they post these numbers on their home page? Time to find a new bank or brokerage perhaps?

Anyways, here are their telephone numbers:

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