DIRECT Bank of Montreal Phone Numbers

BMO/Bank of Montreal (Not sure why they aren't called BM or BaMO) makes it a bit difficult to find their phone numbers on their website. I guess they want you to find out the answer yourself before you call them. Perhaps it is time to look at new banks?

Anyways, here is a copy of all of their phone numbers from their web site, which for some reason doesn't show up in Google.

BMO General Inquiries:

1 877 CALL BMO (225-5266)
1 877 225-5266
Cantonese & Mandarin
1 800 665-8800
Outside Canada and the Continental U.S.*
(416) 286-9992
TTY Service for Hearing Impaired Customers
1 866 889-0889

BMO Direct Banking: 1 800 363-9992

BMO Direct Banking for Business: 1 877 345-7777

BMO Credit Cards: 1 800 263-2263

BMO GICs & Term Investments: 1 877 225-5266

BMO Mutual Funds: 1 800 665-7700

BMO InvestorLine: 1 888 776-6886

BMO Insurance: 1 866 881-9054

Ombudsman: 1 800 371-2541 (The people to call when you have a complaint)


Stuck with a BMO Credit Card?

Most bank-issued credit cards in Canada, in a word, suck. They're simply not competitive because the bank knows that most people don't shop around. After much shopping around myself, I found the MBNA Smart Cash which has no annual fee and between 1 and 5% cash back (it's usually 1%, but at least 3% on gas+groceries). Take a look at it, it's my "daily driver".

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