Vanilla Mastercard Customer Service Telephone Number

Have one of those Prepaid Mastercards that are branded as the "Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard" and issued by "Peoples Trust"?

Here is their phone number if you need to call them: 1.800.652.9174 which is a toll-free call, you should even be able to call it for free from a payphone.

If your card was lost/stolen and used fraudulently, you should have the same protections as you would with a regular credit card. Call them!

Just a note from their Cardholder Agreement: "If a Balance remains on the Card for more than six (6) months after the purchase date, we may deduct from the Balance a service fee of $2.50 per month beginning on the first month after six (6) months from the purchase date."

These cards are non-reloadable.

For more information on Prepaid Mastercards and Visa Cards and Canada, take a look at my article on Canada's Best Prepaid Cards

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Very RUDE representatives!!

I received my very first visa MasterCard gift on my birthday, so when I went online to activate it, I accidentally requested a replacement card because I didn't know what I was doing. It deducted 5.95 from my card, I didn't even know what I had done until a second card came in the mail. When I called, the lady #1 cancelled the replacement card I already received and said they would contact me by the end if the day to see what they could do about is now 2 months later! I called today and lady #2 said they don't refund replacement fees, when I could have sworn I heard her say in the background.."one time reimbursement fee.." that the other lady had requested on my card! She then got very rude with me and got a horrible attitude with me! I'm going to call again tomorrow to get better luck with the manager! Don't buy vanilla visa! Buy American Express!!


What a rip OFF!!!!!!! Vanilla MasterCard!!! I will never ever buy another one from them... I paid $100 for a card and paid activation fees but the stupid shoppers where I bought it never activated it.... I have bought many before but never had a problem until this time. I buy them for my daughter's birthday and Xmas time so anyway after a month I threw out the stupid receipt , well lo and behold my daughter calls me in march to tell me that the card was declined.... I called them and they said I need a receipt well after a few months and never having a problem before I three it out and now they won't reimburse me my $100.00. If they have problems activating cards then don't sell them .... I have talked to a lot of people and they also have had this problem and they don't do dick about it even if it is their fault.... so just warning people buy cards from other sources but stay away from the vanilla mastercard cause soon or later you will get caught too..... Just thought I would share this so that it don't happen to you..... I am on a pension and don't have a $100.00 to just throw in the garbage which is exactly what I did by buying from them....NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN.... PEOPLE BEWARE.... YOU WILL GET CAUGHT TOO SOONER OR LATER..... I SHOULD OF LISTENED TO PEOPLE WHO HAD WARNED ME BEFORE AND I DIDN'T SO NOW I PAID THE PRICE...... PLEASE BUY FROM SOME OTHER SOURCE RATHER THAN VANILLA MASTERCARD.......THEY ARE ASSHOLES LITERALLY!!!!!!!

Vanills Mastercard

I had a problem with my home phone that lasted from Jan.4th., 2014 until today, Jan.12th., 2014, when my service provider finally came in and repaired it. However, last week, having been without a phone for so long, and being a senior citizen with health problems I went out and purchased a magic jack and tried to set that up using a prepaid Vanilla MasterCard. It didn't work for me either. I did register the card as I was told to do but when I tried to make the set up of the magic jack on the internet it was refused repeatedly. I even phoned Vanilla MasterCard about it. Nothing has been done. I went shopping to a mall and tried to make a purchase with it, but it was again refused. I came home and checked out my card with Vanilla MasterCard and it then said that I had 2 purchases pending even though I was only trying to set up the one magic jack, not two. Neither will probably go through. Do you know why? I will tell you why. I scrolled down to the bottom of the page below account history and low and behold, in red letters, the third paragraph says......
"Due to changes in applicable law, gift cards purchased after March 31, 2012 may not be used for international transactions or purchases. Please use gift cards for domestic U.S. transactions or purchases only." Then it goes on to say...The Commissioner of Financial Regulation for the State of Maryland will accept all questions or complaints from Maryland residents regarding ITC Financial Licenses, Inc. at Commissioner of Financial Regulation, Attention: Consumer Services Unit, 500 North Calvert Street, Suite 402, Baltimore , Maryland21202, phone 888-784-0136. Also it says in the 3rd. paragraph directly above the red print "*The Card may be used in the U.S, and District of Columbia wherever Debit MasterCard or PULSE cards are accepted. The Card may not be used outside of the U.S. or the District of Columbia including Internet and mail or telephone order merchants outside of the U.S. or the District of Columbia. There you have it. I don't know where all of the rest of you live but I live in Ontario, Canada, and I purchased the Vanilla MasterCard in Shoppers Drug Mart here. I trusted Shoppers and have alerted them to the situation. I am also calling the police to find out where to call to report the sale of prepaid gift cards that apparently are not even legally used here. I still want to find out if Shoppers will refund my money, and also if they will remove these cards from the racks. They should not even be selling them here in Canada. Shame to both Vanilla MasterCard and to Shoppers Drug Mart and anywhere else they are sold., since March 31, 2012! This explanation may help some of you but not all of you. I'm sure there are many more problems with the card as well!



Stupid card stupid company

i purchased a brand new card today, after i went home to activate my card. It shows system error. Which means i cant register my damn card. The customer service had a bad temper, i was so fucking angry..I told myself never purchase again


BOUGHT THE CARD BEFORE X MAS AND SOMEONE USED IT BEFORE I EVEN OPENED THE PACKAGE.I have been trying to get my money back for 2 .5 months. I have since contacted the RTCMP and FBI to lay a complaint

Vanilla Mastercard is a scam

Hey "OKAY PEOPLE IT WORKS"...Are you sure you are not here passing false info for Vanilla Mastercard? These cards are a SCAM. Call the phone number the jsut hang up on you I can't believe they are allowed to get away with this.



Refund using this stupit card

i recently used this card to purchase and when the item didn't work, sent it back to the company, and refunded it to the 0 balance of the card, even thought i threw the card out, so now there is no way of getting my refund, and phoning that number they have posted is s fucking joke, never gets answered. Ripped off and will never buy another one.

Head Office

Here you go guys. I finally tracked the bastards down. Time to take it straight to the top with these guys.

Peoples Card Services
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 8-4:30 PT
Suite 1400
888 Dunsmuir Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V6C 3K4

Phone: 604-683-2881
Fax: 604-331-3469
Email: Click Here

Mastercard e-mail?

What is their e-mail?? those bastards did the same shit to me..

Never ever ever buy a prepaid Mastercard

Had the same issue with the monthly fees chewing up my balance on two cards. Tried to have customer service explain to me why mastercard would have service fees on a card that the purchaser has to pay $5 or so over the value to buy and then the merchant pays mastercard when I use it? The phone line got silent very quickly then some babble about keeping the card activated. To their credit they refunded $5 of the $7.50 they had taken off the card. Why you wouldn't just make the customer happy and refund the extra $2.50 is beyond me. However, they failed to tell me that I only had 5 days to spend it as the first day of the next month would mean another monthly service fee. Needless to say, the money is all gone again and now they won't do anything.
The solution to the problem? Buy and AMEX card. No service fees!!

God damnit

Bought a 200$ prepaid mastercard and 75$ prepaid visa at Shoppers Drug Mart at the same time, Visa worked fine, Mastercard said "System Error. Please Try Again Later". So, after 3 days, I call customer service and the guy tells me that my card was never activated, and they can activate it if I get the receipt and mastercard scanned and sent to them, e-mail is [email protected]. Of course this e-mail doesn't actually connect to anything, and Gmail tells me this. Calling again, wish me luck in this scam stupidity >.>


[email protected]
they're supposed to clarify it with customers but the person i talked to didn't until now
and i guess it happened to you too
just resend it and wait an hour to call them up again

was it

was it [email protected]? (with an "s" )or was it [email protected]?
i tried the second one it didnt work
i tried the first one and it worked though im not sure were it went

This company is run by incompetent buffoons.

I purchased a $25 gift card a couple days ago, and it's still being denied everywhere. My frustration is unfathomable.

me too buddy. Everytime I

me too buddy. Everytime I phone the customer service number I can't get ahold of anybody. It works at the stor but I bought the card to shop online. Useless. Also frustrated customer



everytime i try calling i get

everytime i try calling i get put on hold than when someone answers they hang up like wtf

Vanilla Mastercard are thieves

I usually purchase Vanilla Mastercards because I do not like the idea of being tracked even more than I already am by Credit Card companies and the like. I realize I am still tracked this way, but it is a much better option than having a regular credit card. I purchased a $100 vanilla mastercard and had troubles immediately. When I first started purchasing these cards, I had no problems, but the last four cards I have had issues with - each issue worse than the last. I have officially given up on Vanilla Mastercard as I have tried all night to get my money put on my card. I believe it is an intentional scam hoping people won't follow up or follow up too long so they can take the money.

This is complete b.s.. Ive had to phone them three times now, and sent several emails. Customer Support keeps claiming that they have not received any of my emails. Wow. After I get this resolved - and I WILL get this resolved, it would cost me way more than $100 if you include my time + frustration. Done with them. Trying to find a reasonable way to purchase things online, and if I cannot, I will fore-go purchasing things online. In the end, the the merchants and credit card companies lose. This is a definite scam, no question about it.

Vanilla MasterCard Canada: Awful

Our 13 year old daughter received two of these cards $50 and $25 for her birthday from friends. Presumably,
this was a simple solution for busy parents (of our daughter's friends) who wanted to ensure
she could get something she really wanted. Having put them in her desk drawer and forgotten
about them, she went to use them recently and both were declined. After some investigation,
it looks like monthly service fees eroded the balances down to zero. I have reviewed
many of the comments on this board and some seem like they might be posted by damage control
firms trying to re-direct the narrative on this product. The practice of winnowing down the balance of
a gift card for an unsophisticated 13 year old (or unsophisticated consumer for that matter) is SHAMEFUL.
I am frankly surprised that the Canadian regulatory environment allows it. The disgusting corporate managers
at MasterCard probably have a position when questioned by the government - ie "it costs money to run the call centre
to support the cards and there is risk associated with fraud so we need to charge consumers to offer this invaluable
service to Canadians, etc. ". Do not be fooled - you have effectively been mugged by MasterCard. I think the U.S. is
cracking down on this kind of stuff - it's too bad that Canada didn't act to set the example.


So I had two $100 cards but they were stolen what do I do if I don't know there card #'s


i bought a pre paid vanilla master card $50 card and it said it was denide


The site wont even let me change my postal code says theres a site failure. fuck this shit, ceo better hope i dont find his address

a headache and a burden for christmas

I registered the card, talked to Terry on customer service, he put the postal code in, its been more than an hour. It is still being declined. I don't understand what I am missing.

Uggh, My Card Wont Work

I bought a $50 dollar prepaid mastercard, knowing that it would enable me to buy things online. so i got home and i tried buying $42 dollar shorts and it rejected my card. I thought it might just be the fact that it might take 24 hours to activate, but today when i went to use it, it didnt work either. I am so pissed off. anybody know how to resolve my problem?

i got informed on a Van'

i got informed on a Van' Mastercard and for a 50 dollar card it cost me 54.95, i want to use it online for a one time purchase, i understand you have to register it? why? and is there a fee for this.

Reasons why Vanilla are Pains in the a$$

The clerk doesnt know 50% of the time that he has to activate the card by slippin it trough his own vendor machine . that's number 1 problem y card doenst work.

Also, theres a 30 to 45 mins delay for the card to be ready for use. If you try to use it within that range youre card will most likely get banned

Awful service, awful Card

I received a Vanilla mastercard as a gift. Wow, these people really know how to make a nice gift a pain in the ass. My card was already supposed to be activated, but they had no record of this. So I had to go to the store to find the activation code, but they wouldn't give it to me. So, i called them back and I have to scan my card, my ID etc etc. and call them back after 4 hours "just to make sure they received it".

The people working at the call centre sound like they are doing drugs, the last lady was slurring and laughing at god know what. I don't trust these people with my ID and I would NEVER NEVER buy one of these Mastercards.

Be warned!

Master Card not working

Hey so i purchased the $50vanilla master card and when i visit the website it says sytem error? what do i do?

I bought a 25 dollar gift

I bought a 25 dollar gift card and my card said the same thing it has been over a month and I have not heard any thing from them i will not but another one and I will tell other about it before they get one too.

does anyone have the email

does anyone have the email for vanilla mastercard, I have an issue with my activation and they told me to email them but I forgot what the email was can SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME

its [email protected]

vailla prepaid mastercard

I bought pre paid vanilla cards and have used them to gamble online. not a problem at all.

i would like to know if you could buy these cards online..using paypal to pay for them and then receive the number to be able to use right away online.

To get ahold of a customer

To get ahold of a customer service rep I called the number on the back of the card (1-800-652-9174)
When asked for the 16 digit number I put (0000-0000-0000-0000)
Exp Date (00-00)
3 digit code on the back of card (000)

It then told me that there was something wrong with the card and gave me an option to contact a customer service rep.

I was tring too use my pre

I was tring too use my pre paid card and i was mad cause it was declined like 10 times. i called customer service and for certin websites such as Facebook ect they need to put a code in. When i called customer service i got to talk to a live person by punching in the WRONG number of my card and gives you the option to talk to someone.. hope this works for yous


BULLSHIT. RIPOFF. I bought a $50 Vanilla gift card and its declined.. ripoff. i tried too call customer service and no number. stupid

Call the number on the card,

Call the number on the card, and put all 0 for numbers it asks, at the end it will tell you something is wrong with the card and gives you an option for customer service.

Finally got it to work

I finally got mine to work. This is my second. I had problems with the second and the first, but I usually end up getting them to work.... You have to wait approx. 1 Hour for them to activate, and then regitser online at You then go to "Register my Card" and put in your Zip Code. Mine wasn't working, it kept saying "Zip Code Invalid" But the I changed my area from Usa to Canada. (I made the mistake of chosing the wrong area at the start) And it worked fine after. I purchased Borderlands and Audio Surf off of Steam :)

how did you go back and

how did you go back and change the area? i think i made the same mistake but i cant figure out to go back and change it to canadaa

helpppo really need to knoww

helpppo really need to knoww lol this is driving me nuts

I bought a prepaid card and

I bought a prepaid card and they made a mistake at the store, now i have to fax in a copy of my reciept and weeks to get a new one, Why cant it be activated over the phone or back at the store, I dont need it in two weeks, i need it now, such a joke, really upset with the service and the card

I tried to buy online

I tried to buy online products and the $200 card was declined,the card is active as I purchased gas and had no problem,the online form requests a card holders name,what do you put?

You have to go and register

You have to go and register your card to shop online (put in zip/postal code)

Service Charge

I'm surprised no one has mentioned a service charge when you buy the Vanilla card. I have looked through their website and can't find any reference to the $5.95 (for a $100 card) service charge that I was charged. Is Petro Canada the only company charging this?

Everywhere charges this, it

Everywhere charges this, it is just to activate the card.
It says right on the packaging, each different amount has a different activation fee.


I bought my 100 dollar vanilla mastercard 3 days ago and registered it but today when I tried to buy online the site said my card had been denied. I tried this on another site and It said the same thing. I have not used it for anthing yet and both purchases were denied even though they were both under 20 dollars. Does anyone know why this is happening?

ripped off for my birthday

i just got ripped off for my birthday money by vanilla master card. cannat register it.says i have a problem with my account, ccount is a postal code so how is that? 100s of ppl have the same postal code. for my bd i got ripped off by vanilla card

0.06 remaining blance

I used the card, bought a few things, now I have 0.06 cents remaining in balance. Does this allow them to send fees because its not at 0? If so, how do I end the card, I have no use for it, they can take the 6 cents.

Found a customer service rep.

If youre having trouble finding an actual human being to talk to this is how i got one!

enter your information as it prompts.
then go into the option that allows you to report a lost or stolen card.
after listening to all that there should be an option to talk to a representative. or it will connect you automatically.

they also activated my card number for online purchases and after i got off the phone, i was able to make my purchase.

hope i helped

The only idiots having problems using this card...

...are the ones who don't register it.

Here's a step by step for those of you too slow to use something as simple as a pre-paid card.

1) When you purchase the card, register it ASAP

2) Wait at least an hour after purchase before trying to use the card.

3) If it still doesn't work, call their toll free support line, and when it asks to put the card number in, simply enter 0 (zero) then # (pound), and you will get transferred to a live representative who will help you.

I followed those three simple steps and have not had any issues.. now stop being retards.

These are scams

1. "now stop being retards" denotes that you are a low class individual with little to no civility.
2. These cards charge a $2.50 'administration' fee for not using the cards before 7 months after activation. However, as a gift card I have no idea when the card is activated. I lost over $75 in total off wedding gift cards because we waited to use them on furniture in our new home. We were under the 7 month limit but some of our loved ones purchased the cards before the wedding and had them handy, which meant that I lost 2 months on activation fees on a number of cards. And some were from showers and I hadn't actually kept them seperate (not knowing of this underhanded fee before my wedding).
3. I believe that if you take money from my loved ones I should get the full amount of thegift! I think this is actually called fraud in other forms of finace.
4. I did call and ask for help ... the person hung up on me.

Would you like to use any more bigeoted comments in defending a coropration pegged to steal from the middle and lower classes their hard earned money our are you about done sounding like a complete neanderthal?

It is still not working!!!

oh and I have forgot to mention that With shipping included+Taxex, my products were to come out as $23.95 . SHIPPING AND TAX INCLUDED. What do I do?!!? anyone help me please?! Are these cards truly scams?!

It is still not working!!

So i have bough a prepaid vanilla mastercard last friday and I have tried to use it online, and it said "YOUR CREDIT CARD IS DECLINED." I didnt know what was wrong with it and so i went back to the moneymart store and told em so, but the lady just told me that when I purchase the card it isnt actually $25 on the card so i was freaking out cause not only was there like an extra $4 bucks you had to pay along with $25. and so i went on the website and check the amount thats on it, and it showed me that i have $25 on it. so i was like okay, ill try today again (today is saturday). and so then i tried again and failed again. Then i found this forum from google and read that you have to activate it online by giving your postal code in capitals, And so I gladly did thinking that it would work. Do I have to wait abit after it is activated with the postal code? Because this card isnt freaking working yet and I am angered lol. Someone, Any Help!?!?

Angry Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard User

I was trying to pay my cel bill online, which I promised I would pay that day to avoid a disconnect, so I bought a 200.00 vanilla card from 711. The card got declined over and over. Suffice it to say my phone got disconnected so it ended up costing an extra 45.00 in reconnection fees. (thanks vanilla!)

So, I found out It takes 24 hours after you pay for it before you can make an online purchase. Yes, I logged in and pre-registered it with a postal code first but it still didnt work. On the webpage my balance was 200.00 but no funds were available. I phoned the 1800 number and their rep says its not their problem and there's nothing they can do. Its up to the retailer, apparently, to do another step after its sold and program it to enable it but they cant seem explain what that it is 711 is supposed to do.

Went back to 711 and they said theres nothing they could do, and wouldnt do a refund because of potential fraud issues. (vanilla is the fraud)

The next day, it miraculously started working after holding my money hostage.

Its like buying a BigGulp with a timelock caveat that u cant drink it until the next day.

What a $#$^%& joke! Very unimpressed. Dont waste your time and money. Run away from

Thanks for reading my rant. Whew

scam and scam

big scam vanilla mastercard onlin scam alert on the web dont buy this. no service at all and they charge you every time card not work and and and and .

Whats up my fellow noobs,

Whats up my fellow noobs, what you are experiencing is non registration. Please register your card and wait 1-2 hour after activation to use. Purchasing before activation leads to your money on hold for 7-10 days, gas pumps 4 days.

As far as I know there are many fees such as Currency Xchange fee, declining fee, calling for help fee, activation fee, and much more. $24.99 product on purchase with $25 gift card will be declined, please leave a dollar or more as there are fees. 20% tip in restaurants

Your card will be declined once it hits near rock bottom, they keep the rest.

I'd make a business and become rich as Incomm they go through loopholes to take every cent off you. Fee you here, fee you there, the whole card is basically a big fee

Vanilla Mastercards

FYI...After having some problems this morning regarding a Vanilla Mastercard, and after endless hours of trying to find a way to get through to them, I finally realized that they must have been bought out by a company called can go directly to their site to send any problems.
I did, and within 2 hours, I had my problem corrected.

Just thought I would come here to advise everyone in case someone else winds up in the same rut I was in this morning :)


Crappy Card

I put a purchase on the card it failed the first time the second time it went through. The credit card company says there is nothing that they can do. So now my money is on hold for seven business days. The credit card company was rude and not willing to help. So basically if a merchant wants to be pricks they can reserve an amount four or five times the amount on your card. Cutting you off from your funds your money will just be floating around in no mans land, for seven business days. And there is nothing you can do to change that

Helpful tip...

Hi minnasan ^^/
i hope my tip will help u out

bought 25$ vanilla today at shell gas and was pissed when it wasnt working for my online purchase. it kept declining my credit card #

but i went online (like the 100th time =.=) everyone go here!!

1.write in ur card # (front of card) the expire date (ex:0411) and the 3 digit # thats located behind the card next to where u sign. the little red arrow.

3.fill out other info like ur home address (i think sorry ^^) Then u'll be in ur account. click on “register” i think below “account history”.
it should say write in postle code or code--- MAKE SURE ITS YOUR POSTLE CODE IN CAPITAL LETTERS. ex: Y6T F5R
it has to be ur postle code!!^^
click submit and u should get a “ur card is ready for online purchasing etc”!! ^o^

went back to my online purchase and checked out and said “ur purchase has been sucessful blah blah blah”
OMG FINALLY!!! stupid postle code >< but i hope i actually get my order

went on paypal and it accepted my vanilla card #! so it should work??

i also went on my vanilla account and it showed 25.00 and my online purchase statement, but says pending??
im guessing they'll send me a bill?? or still havent charged my purchase?

never buying this shatty card again!!lol... glad it was only 25$ gift card.

so i hope this helps u!!!

p.s lets all pray for Japans safety!

Help :P ?

Lol Hello there! I have activated my card online with my postal code and yes that little message did pop up that I can now buy online. And then moments later i tried(i went back to the website that i was going to buy my products off of) and i had gone through the whole chekout procedure. and it still freaking said DECLINED T____T. Do i freaking have to wait a coup of hours till its actually activated!?!?!?! argh these cards anger me!!!!!! T____T

Got it working

I purchased my Vanilla Mastercard at about 8:00pm on a Tuesday. I could not get it to work all Tuesday night. The next day I came home from work at 5:00pm and tried the card at the site and it worked. I selected the "register card" option (funny how there are no instructions with the card telling you that it needs to be registered), and then logged out.

At this point I went directly to and spent $97 on the card and it worked without a hitch.

I can't say that it will work everywhere, but it worked on the site I needed it to work on.

One last thing. Last night I called their customer service 800#. What a joke. There was no menu, it just asked you to enter the card numbers, which didn't work. Then it would just tell you to enter the numbers again. After reading here, I started pressing #, so I would do this: 1 (for english), #, #, 2 (for a service rep). Just press # until you get a different response and then press 2. I sat on hold for an hour, and when someone answered he claimed he couldn't hear me, mentioned how great the Vanilla cards are and hung up. I was convinced it was a scam and that I'd just wasted $100, but it turned out I had to wait until the next day for the card to work.

vanilla does work BUT NOT ALWAYS!!


Consumer Affairs

If you're in Canada, contact Consumer Affairs. They have the power to fine these companies. Also, of course, contact the BBB. I went to their site last night and was surprised to not be able to find any complaints about the Vanilla cards.

If you're in Manitoba, there's a law here that states if a consumer cannot get any satisfaction from a manufacturer then the store that sold the goods is responsible for correcting the problem. Most stores don't know about this law, but if you research the Government of Manitoba and Consumer Affairs you can come across the articles describing these laws.

Doesn't work on Steam?

Purchased 2 days ago, my $100 card was registered on the mastercard website, with the balance clearly stating that there is $100 on it. It was declined due to insufficient funds upon attempting to purchase the new game Breach on Steam, approximately 15 minutes ago (long after the "24hr hold" period). The total price was $11.99USD. Keeping this in mind, I immediately opened up firefox to check out the balance of the card. Again, it clearly stated an un-touched balance of $100. WTF? I need this card for groceries too... Is it just going to crap out on me?

Goddamn Crooks

Same problem as others, went on to purchase some currency for the game. Request Denied, got billed anyway, even though no transaction is shown when I look at my history at Seriously? I don't get what I paid for AND to top it off I STILL GET CHARGED? Honestly, these people need to be brought to justice IMMEDIATELY.

Vanilla Scam July 15th Continued still not resolved as of Dec 28

I have contacted Vanilla Masterdard countless times, and get the same run around, some one will contact you, we will put in a request to see what's going on and get this resolved, they've given me countless numbers that didn't even work, and one that never picks up, or calls back. They have all my information and there is no reason someone shouldn't of contacted me by now. I have been dealing with this dispute since June 2010, It's now almost Jan 2011, and still I haven't got my money back, or able to talk to anyone about this. Vanilla Mastercard can't be trusted, it's a huge scam operation. I am now reporting them to the better business bureau, and joining the class action law suite against them, this is total BS, and I am not gonna let them, get away with this. DO NOT BUY A VANILLA MASTERCARD! You'd be better of just flushing your money down the toilet!

Very disappointed in Vanilla mastercard

Vanialla Mastercard and their customer service provide horrible customer service. Today (boxing day) I went shopping and used my cards, the cashier ended up having to refund me due to an error, once she tried to re-do the purchase the funds were declined by mastercard. The cashier tried calling them to release the funds, the customer service reps were extremly rude and said there was nothing they could do to release the funds. The cashier said she had called regarding this same issue before and they had no problems releasing the funds. The manager of the store i was shopping at along with all other cashiers agreed they had done it before. The customer service reps from vanilla mastercard would not even forward the call to a manager or supervisor, the service was extremly horrible. They said the funds on the card were there but they could not release them for 8 days. I don't understand how this is considered good customer service, I was a customer service manager and this was really unexpectable customer service. I, myself along with alot of people I know would buy these cards as gifts, and i swear, after today neither myself or anyone i know will purchase these cards again with all the hassle and horrible customer service that comes with it. Iam glad the store i was shopping at did everything they needed to in order to keep my customer service and kept me happy. DO NOT BUY THESE CARDS!!!!

Just purchased a Vanilla Master

Why does it not work I've tried it on 2 different sites and it doesn't work WHY

88 cents left...

Does MasterCard still charge you if you have less than a dollar left on the card? If they do that's really, really f*ckin stupid. Other than that I really liked using the card, it was handy.


People, People, People!!! If you are a cardholder (CH) of a Vanille Mastercard If you read on the back of your cards the Terms and Conditions then you will know how to best your cards. Another thing these cards are not "REGULAR CREDIT CARDS OR BANK CARDS". I am a user of this product and when I purchased my first card I called customer service and asked questions about the card before I used it. Anytime you buy one of these cards you have to register you card for online and over the phone usage. If you use these cards for gas DO NOT swipe these cards at the pump it will pre-authorize about $75 to be placed on hold after a few days the money will be replaced back on you card. If in doubt always ask questions you will never know if you dont ask. Stop always assuming that someone is out to scam you do your homework and then maybe you will get the answers to the questions that you....ESPECIALLY WHEN IT IS YOUR FIRST TIME BE A CONSUMER OF A NEW PRODUCT

pending funds

I have used a number of $200 Vanilla Mastercard with no hassle until my latest one. It took some time, but Vanilla was able to sort the problem out for me.

I made an online purchase in US dollars. My card was in Canadian funds, so it did charge me the exchange fee (It's in the agreement that they charge you a percentage to do simple math based on the exchange rate). That's OK, I was expecting it.

The problem came when the merchant processed the transaction the way they always do: they begin the transaction by pre-authorizing the total and then process a whole batch of their Mastercard transactions for payment in one lump sum later. In this case it was two days later, which would be fine, but the exchange rate changed over those two days.

Mastercard was expecting a charge of 81.53 to come through and clear the pending funds, but the exchange rate fluctuation made the two day old charge 81.73 and the mismatch caused the funds to not clear. The merchant got his money, but the pending amount was still frozen on the card, leaving me with a 0 balance.

Make sure to check your balance online. If you see pending funds on a foreign purchase, I bet this will happen to you also. I just called up Vanilla, followed their numbers to talk to a rep and in 2-3 minutes they cleared it up.


I just bought a 200$ vanilla mastercard two days ago, the day i bought it i got a jacket online for 119$ i had about $80.53 left on my card i left it at home for 3 days and now i have a balance of -38.30 WHY DID I LOSE MY 80$ IM ACTULLY VERY PISSED OFF CAN SOMONE GIVE ME A REAL NUMBER SO I CAN TALK TO A AGENT. FML HELP ME!!

I Can Help You!!!

OK so I was getting pissed off and having a hard time using my cards (50 and 100) managed to use 82$ on Steam before i got locked out. Then they just wouldn't work any where. I'm the kind of person that likes to solve their own problems so i took it upon myself to find a solution. After trying multiple different methods and getting DECLINED over and over i finally tried PAY PAL. IT WORKED! Just register your card, make a Pay Pal account, set your credit card to the gift card, and go shopping. Just be careful to track your balance.

Good Luck!!!


I pressed 1 for English then

I pressed 1 for English then 0# (like some other poster said before) on the enter your 16 digit code prompt and it gave me a couple new choices - one of which was press 2 for a customer support agent. Thanks to the person who first posted about 0#.


Has anyone figured out a phone number to talk to someone over there yet!? I called MasterCard and those idiots had no idea!!!

It works, customer service was good

Well I had my card and Im canadian, did a 50$ purchase to Blizzard for World of Warcraft stuff off a 100$ card, went through no problem. Went to use the rest to buy a 10$ game of Steam and it was declined, called customer service and was explained a 7 day wait for re release of rest of funds if I didnt call but said they seen the purchase was finalized so they could release it immediatly. had my funds back in 2hrs and still a happy customer of 2years with them. Tips, register your card, the system is automated yes, 0# does not work but you can get a customer service rep from going through the frequently asked questions menu in the system, was annoying to find myself but was there, hope this helps folks.

I bought a 200$ gift card and

I bought a 200$ gift card and i spend 120$ i had 80$ on it and now i have negative 38$ for the reason at all. Please help. What do i do i think vanilla mastercard scammed me.

Vanilla Scam

I bought a $200 Vanilla Mastercard, at a Shoppers Drug Mart Store. I Used it once, and when I went to use it again, it was declined. I called to see why, and there were two transaction that were not mine on this card. So somehow someone was able to make a copy, or something of this card. They told me I can fill out a dispute package, and it will take two months to here back! I filled out the package and attempted to fax it several times, and the fax number didn't work. So I mailed it. I called to check on it a month later, and they don't have my package, they said they never received it, and said it must of got lost in the mail? I sent it from a Canada Post Office, so I highly doubt this. So then they gave me another number to fax it to. This is gonna cost me $10.00. So in total, they have scammed me out of $110.00. And I have to wait another two months. So because they keep screwing me over, I am out that cash, and have to wait 4 months in total now, to hear anything back? This company is a total scam, these cards are not secure, and I highly recommend, no one buys them, go to your bank and get one from them!


when i try to regester, it says invalid Zip code. i live in canada, so i put my postal code. it still didnt work, so i tryed a sugestion to type XOX XOX but that didnt work so i tryed typing it like (this isnt my code but) 4J2 9k3 it still wouldent work! HELP!

Mental Anguish,frustration,chaos at supermarket,imbarassment

Purchased 25.00 card for on line use.Spent 11.29 of it and was saving balance for rainy day.Went to supermarket to buy a bag of dog food,(3.94) using card.Register would not accept.On second try it did accept 2.00.Phoned 1-800 number and after listening to lengthy mechanical gab I was finally able to scope out my balance.I was informed that I had one expenditure of 11.29 and another for 2.00. Total of expenditures 13.29.Balance 000.00.Do the math.A class action suit is pending at my end.I WAS MADE TO FEEL LIKE A TOTAL IDIOT AT THE SUPERMARKET. Inuire at my E-mail regarding suit and how you might acquire legal [email protected]

I bought a $50 card, spent

I bought a $50 card, spent $22 total. My balance reflected as such. However the next morning, I go to check it (I know how shifty vanilla is) to make sure of my $28 balance like it said before.. Oh wow, to my surprise instead of (approximately) $28.00 balance, I have a -$28.00 balance with only the one purchase of $22.

What the fuck is going on with these bastards? Someone needs to do something about it..

what the hell

Alright, so i go to use the card for online purchase, says to me invalid card number or incorrect card number. So i said alright, perhaps I'll go to the website to see if there is anything i can learn there as to why it wasn't working. Sure enough, there was the tab to register the card for online use. I fill it out, says I can now use it for online and phone transactions immediately. So alright, go back to website where i was trying to purchase something... Bam!, still says incorrect card number. Can anyone explain?

Me too!

I've been using these for about a year now with ZERO HASSLE (once I figured out calling them to complain unlocks my funds in under an hour). When I tried to put a 100$ card on my Paypal account today, suddenly it's invalid! Registered, all that jazz, even used it to buy a snack food. Still says it's invalid...

Here is what you do :)

I had the same problem as all of you, so I finally (after being boned over and over by dead ends) decided to go to the source. This kind of card is a product of InComm, call them and they will help you :)

The number for them is Toll-Free: 1-800-680-5938

They fixed my card issues instantly...good luck all <3

vanilla mastercard

I was told by customer service rep that i would receive a new card to replace my problem card.
I never received this new card and the phone no. does not recognize my original card no.
I cannot reach this company. What a scam.


i bought the $50 + 6 on activation and taxes and when i go to vanillamastercard all i get is System Error. Please try later. so what now ? i lost 56$ ? help please.

vanilla card customer service

you can get through when you call the customer service # I think the '0#' method may work...i just pushed 0 and pound and star a bunch of times until the system asks if you want to end your call or hold to speak with someone.

Cant Use the card or check it

I just bought this card the other day and went on pay pal etc etc. Paypal said that they could not validate the card so i went to check to see if there was anything on the vanilla website. Put in the info for the card and i get an error "System error, Please try again later."

What does that mean? Is the card not activated?

Also how Do i fix it?

i bought mine at shoppers so

i bought mine at shoppers so i don't know if it makes any difference. anyway, i was able to use mine and made purchase and here's how i did it: i registered my card online at fill it out and click submit. after that am able to use it w/ ease. hope this helps!

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