WIND Mobile Customer Support + Voicemail Access Number

WIND Mobile Telephone Numbers

Wind Mobile is Canada's newest cellular telephone provider, launched by the same people that run Canadian long distance provider. Check out this site, Landline Free, to help and information on cellular service in Canada and other ways of cutting your telecommunications costs.

WIND Mobile Customer Support

WIND Mobile has a toll-free and an international support telephone number. Use this number to call for technical support, account help, billing, service problems and phone problems with your WIND Mobile: 1-877-809-4631 If you are travelling internationally and can't call this toll-free number, use this long-distance number: 001-647-700-1611

WIND Mobile Retail Locations

WIND Mobile also operates a number of retail locations, including their own WIND Mobile Storefronts and WIND Mobile kiosks inside Blockbuster locations. So far, they are not selling their services outside of these locations, which I guess adds to the inconvenience, but is a good way to keep costs down when you're selling a product at such a low price.

WIND Mobile Voicemail Access Number

Can't get on to telephone service, or don't want to pay AWAY rates, but still want to check your voicemail? Well, WIND Mobile expects you to pay long-distance for this privilege. They should've really made this number a toll-free one, but here it is: 1 647-700-1777. At least it will work abroad. Too bad they charge $5/month just for having voicemail. I thought WIND Mobile was supposed to be doing away with all of these ridiculous charges, I guess not. Maybe Public Mobile or DAVE will.

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Wind - bad indoor reception due to high freq 1700 and 2100 only

That's why the reception won't penetrate through to inside of building.

Customer Service

Never had a problem with wind EXCEPT getting a friend a referral credit. Best service I've had with a mobile company.
Previous experience:
- Rogers
- Fido (was good till bought by Rogers)
- Public mobile

And I've worked for bell customer service where we told if we lose a customer we can offer them a better rate as a winback so don't give them anything.


Been with Wind for 18 mnoths. They are RUDE, INSULTING and hang up on you all the time. So called tech support gets into arguments of what is a good bandwidth for you!
NEVER seen anything like these incompetent morons ANYWHERE. They treat us we are stupid. I am an electrical engineer and they tried to sell me on the" system takes 48 hours" to update itself. They insult your intelligenc, they are so BADLY manged and messed up there is no end. It is all done with the blessing of the greedy bastards that have no respect for anything or anyone.
Can't even begin to tell you how BAD they are.

is there a 24 hour wind

is there a 24 hour wind telehelp line i can call ??? i wanna top up my internet stick right now with a credit card helppppppppp thanks :)

Terrible Customer Service

This company provides the WORST customer service ever. They're worse than Rogers in this respect!



my hpone

how come my phone permenantly locked my sim caard that is a dangorous thing to have on a phone especially when more likely you woudl need to call a parent if somthing happend not 911 and yet thats the only number i can call on my phone causse it can lock me so what do i do to fix it fast ????????????????????

Whenever I hear the phrase

Whenever I hear the phrase "Wind Mobile," I can't help thinking of farts.

wind customer service number

Wind website is looks good but the customer service number not in their website.

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