Plenty of Fish Customer Support / Telephone Number to Contact Company

Plenty of Fish Customer Support

Unhappy with their service?

Not finding any matches? Want to contact the company?

Well, it won't be easy, since you get what you pay for in this industry. There won't be any phone numbers to call if you have a problem with their service, simply because they couldn't make any money if there was.

If you do need help, you can consider browsing their forums for help.

The founder of Plentyoffish can be contacted by commenting on his blog over at, but who knows how many comments he actually reads. But like I said, there definitely won't be a telephone number to call like there would be with for-pay services like E-Harmony and You'll just have to do your research and try using other sites to cast a wider net.


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deleted accounts

I have tried to create an account 3 times and neither shows up in the POF database. Not sure what is going on with it.

Whats up

Ive open 3 accounts and cant get in it says email not none now ive got thee acounts i must look a right prat lol help

same thang here

hey. ive had the same problem as you... have u figured it out yet?

Impossible to delete and no phone number!!

This site is a waste of time. I'm 55 but all i get is women in their sixties trying to leave messages.
I'm old enough but i'm not interested in even older women!! And you can't adjust your settings for
the age group you require, they just assume that everyone wants to hear from people in the same
age group or they think your odd.

Impossible to delete account, they put you on a loop on the site that keeps returning to the
same page. Appalling customer service.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts
and I am waiting for your next post thanks once again.

My POF account, which had my

My POF account, which had my picture, was used for a sex site. At the time I had my account in hiding. When I informed POF and asked for an explanation, they closed my account without notifying me. I was expecting, at the very least, an apology but received nothing from them. Pathetic customer service!!!

cant log in and system does not recognize my email

i cant sign into my account and the system does not recognize my email
how can i get back on this site i tried to re register but keep getting kicked off and told to sign again
when i do it says that my user name or password is incorrect what can i do

please pof fix this will you

I can't get on my account to delete my account.

I canceled my account because I met someone on another site.

I thought I canceled it properly according to your instructions. But, I keep getting emails from POF from people that want to meet me.

I tried to go back on POF to get it straightened out, but my user name and password is not being accepted. What is going on here?

I need help to stop the emails.

Do I have an account or not? Is it open or not?

Please help.


The 24 th of december I couldn't open my page in POF any more.My name in POF was Tezorrra,my e-mail is : [email protected] ... The sistem doesn't recognize my password,and my mail address ,, is not in database,, of POF.I can't registrate either- after the seducion test I don't get the next page to write my description and to hang up my picture... Please any one help me !!! Who can I contact to ? And how ? And if I still can have all my contacts and messages saved ? I can't believe I lost everything.Please help me ? Can I be recvovered with my same name and same datas ? I have no idea of what has happened.

my account deleted after I sign up

Every time..... Why why why?
I'm from the US. please fix it..

why can't I have acces in Egypt?

I have sent an email before wondering that why can't have access to POF in Egypt anymore. I used to have it for many months and suddenly poooof...would you please let me know, I still can't have any access. I am here working for the government for almost a me please.

Can't register

I can't finish registering my account because it says my zip code is invalid. My zip code is very much valid, but it won't accept it. Had someone else make a profile in my zip code, worked for her but does not work for me.

User Kristinnyc

There is a user on your website named Kristnnyc who has been using my pictures and my name. The account with the username Kristinnyc is a fake and my pictures were stolen to use that account. I want the account that account deleted. I do not have a plenty of fish account nor do I want one. This is an invasion of my privacy and also my friends who are posted in the pictures that user Kristinnyc is using.

My account was hacked

My account was hacked yesterday. I have done everything necessary to not have it happen again, but someone change my password/username before I was able to. If you look under my account you can see that my email has been the same for years until yesterday when it was hacked. Pleae contact ASAP in reference to this. I have had a numerous amount to people responding to the email sent out to numerous men. I would appreciate if someone would contact ASAP, this is serious, 314 486 7192 my email address is and has always been crispin_decluesmit[email protected] My username on site is and has alway been Crissy43.

Thank you

My account was hacked also....

What a pain in the ass. No one from POF has contacted me about my account being hacked. They changed my passwork and even my e-mail. Did they ever help you?

I am listed under missevelyn

I am listed under missevelyn under POF; however, my picture is no longer there as I am being told and no one new seems to be interested in writing to me. Some have said they need to see my picture. Can it be put back as it was?

Evelyn Canzenza
[email protected]


I want my account deleted.
Have tried several times, but I am still getting emails.
Please remove me ASAP

Whats going on

Ok I give up...why was my acct wiped? And why when I re enter the information....I get logged in then wiped out again?
Come on... Post something that lets us know whats going on?? Thanks

Two accounts wipped out on Plenty of Freaks

My old account was wiped out yesterday I have had for over a year I went in and set another up and it was wiped out also. I thought I did somthing terrible. I contacted customer service yesterday and they said my first account had been deleted and would not give me a reason and there was no reply allowed and this concludes this message. Then I set another account up under a different email address and logged on for two hours last night and found some of my old freinds and went back this morning and whamo kicked off again. I tried to set up anothe account and it kept telling me user name already taking even when I just put in redandblue for a user name. That is bull shit. Here I was all butt hurt and thought that sombody had it out for me and I am finding out other people are having the same problem. I sent out 3 questionairs to customer service and had no reply today. This sucks@ Its my only out let to socialize!

Account log in

Is it just me that when I log in it says Invalid username and password? I I don't know if I've been deleted or blocked as I've had no warnings, I get error message saying retrieve password but when I enter password it says e mail not on pof database? What's going on? I've made two more accounts and it says the same, it won't let me log in, and contacted pof e mail customer service and got no reply, anybody else experience the same problem?

Same problem i put password

Same problem i put password doesnt do anything then e mail adress and says not recognisable

cant log into plenty of fish

Haven't been able to log into POF since December 4. Everytime I try to make a new screen name it says screen name is already used or has invalid characters. I emailed customer service several times with no response. Has anyone who had the same problem been able to log into POF again or get a response from someone at POF.

can"t log in on POF

I have benn trying to log for about amounth now and will not let log in to POF

POF trouble

hey having same probles as you...any luck on finding out why?

No mate I tried getting in

No mate I tried getting in touch with pof via the email addy on Google play store but got no reply, it's strangeccos it was working fine thensall of a sudden stopped.

I was wiped out too, doesnt

I was wiped out too, doesnt make any sense to me? I have been blocked by a few but was never billergerent or anything like that!

My account has been wiped out why ?

I Would like to know. Why I've been taken off this site ? Every thing has been wiped out
I've done nothing wrong to have this done to me , some one get back to me please .

Same here

The same thing happen to me I want to know also... Please let me know

Can you please allow me to

Can you please allow me to change my birthday? I did not set it correctly and just realized this. It should be 11-16-1986.

Please cancel my account

Please cancel my account with immediate effect and do not bill me for any more subscriptions.
It is a very difficult site to make contact with. i'd prefer to speak to you.
Please confirm by email that you have cancelled my account and removed my profile.

Language Settings

Suddenly and without warning, all my POF pages are displayed in Spanish. I didn't select this. How do I change it back to English? Navigating the Spanish pages and finding this is impossible since I don't read or speak the language.

Thank you.

Cannot send messages

I cannot send messages or add favorites. I have sent POF plent of messages concerning this matter. I would like to speak to someone about this issue.. What happened??

Can't send or recieve messages

I am having the same problem !!! I can't send anything nor recieve any messages

Is this fair or even right!

Is this fair or even right.
POF posted this on their site: "If a user says they are from Nigeria/Ghana etc., it's a scam, and you should report it here along with any other type of scam/spam"
Africa has population of over 1billion, from Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra-leone, Gambia, Mozambique etc. Is POF saying every African is a scammer.
I find that hard to believe. Something must be done about this. It is wrong and very unfair. A site that is meant to bring good, sincere and loving people together, should not be putting wedge at the same time. There are all manner of people all over the world, Africa is not an exception. I feel strongly offended by this insinuation.


i been without pof for two days now, abit upset because my account was shut down, no reason, i need help to put it back on.. please help

Locked out

Been a member since January 2010 and for whatever reason locked out!. Paid for upgrade some months ago & never had any problems signing in. NOW,it constantly says my password is incorrect. Triedchangingpasswordwith the link that pof sends to your email but that doesn't work either. Hopefully this is a temporary problem as new matches and inbox mail is not able to be answered. Please advise how to correct to my email address.

Thank you,

Allen Small

[email protected]

Plenty of Fish's phone number (POF) number

I wanted to get in contact with someone at pof to retrieve my boyfriend and my messages from the First time we typed each other. Because November 14th we will have dated one year so our year anniversary is coming up.


I'm Cassie my username on POF is NQDIVA68
I have someone calling themselves with profile name Warning2013
He's saying I'm I player and warning all guys of my profile
Don't know this jerk
He has info of 2 correct profiles of mine
Chickadee05 & NQDIVA68
He's using 2 others profiles says they r mine
Assilem85 & Crazylove2222 I do not know these they're not mine
Plz help with this matter ASAP as he keeps sending msgs and I will take matters to the police.
Plz this is urgent find out who this person is on ur site terrorizing me

phone # 604 692-2542

phone # 604 692-2542

when does my membership exspire

i would like to have the costermer support num

Can not send a msg

Can not send a msg

hey i cant even add fav what

hey i cant even add fav what the hell is going on and and i cant receive messages is it a error ive never done any bad any replys

Can't upload photos. Go

Can't upload photos. Go through the steps and it never moves above 0%. Any ideas. Tried it on multiple PCs.

hi i am writting to you for

hi i am writting to you for serious help my ex friend who is in london jail with out my knowledge created a pof site wiht my pic and info i would like off pof i dont know the username or password its under couple4funwithher50 can you please help me get rid of this thankyou

cant log in

why can i not log into my pof account

New Users but not been on

Hi there,

I have not been on plenty of fish for about 5 yrs and for some strange reason I received a call from a friend saying they saw me signed up as a new user. This has caused an obvious problem in my relationship and I am trying to find out if POF recycles your profile if it has not been used??


my deleted account

hi my name is kelly i currently had an account with pof but deleted it yesterday can u please tell me if anyone can still send me messages even though my account has been deleted thank you


Hello it was just brought to my attention someone is using all of my pics and its not me! Who do I report this to to get that site removed asap?!

Annie French

The screen name of that person is InShapeAnnie

POF's unwillingness to correct our problems

First the registration and log-in procedures are a nightmare. I have never wasted so much time. I don't care if it is free, they are becoming giants due to all the people signing up. That eventually shows up in the bottom line. and how do they thank us? By ignoring our problems with their site!!! We need a phone number with a tech support person. POF is benefitting by our usage. there are pages on pages of complaints with no one to talk to. Now they are refusing to send some of my messages. They send a standard explanation that says the recipient is not accepting messages from persons in my age group/gender. I am not homo. I am normal. and the difference in age is 6 years. They should be there just to hook folks up, if that is their business. The age factor is NONE of their business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

like to offer a local venue in abbotsford for meet and greet

i would like to get in contact with POF or one of its admins to offer a local pub in Abbotsford for people to meet in a safe environment . I am a GM of a pub that would like to make Tuesday our official date night. please respond to my email if you are interested

profile keeps eraising

GO to log in and get user does not exist. using correct name and password still nothing.
Tried clicking on reset password and comes up email address not in data base.

Started from scratch again today, account established for two hours then vanished.

Sent a couple of messages and not received to memembers.

Does not show I viewed than and when I favourite some one "my favourites" is blank.

Has the site crashed big time.

I only signed up a week ago and yet a freind who has been on for a month or so is ok.

I have not placed anything that would ban me from the site etc.

Any ideas anyone?


It keeps telling me to check my connection for my wifi its wirking is there a issue with your server there has to be

I am having serious issues

Recently I have been receiving messages and today, I am unable to access your site by mobile and I note my yahoo account is disabling internet explorer. I know this may sound weird but i think someone is setting up new fictatious accounts and spreading mallicious gossip. for now as I can't get near my account as i believe the person to be a computer hardware expert has sent a virus to my mail account i am desperate to unsubscribe for now can you help please !!!!


I changed my email. What do I do in order to get an email if someone responds to my message?

I singed up like 4 months

I singed up like 4 months ago, online application said is free, just they need the credit card info. I give my cc info. Now I just figure out that my cc is been charging avery month.
I want to cancel my account from POF and want my money back to my credit card.
I would love if you email me with the answers.

what is wrong with your site??

what is the problem with your site today, everytime i go to log in or once im in and try to click on different things its keeps saying " this service is unavailable." its been doing that all day what the hell is goin on?

I can't log in!

Something is wrong with the POF website. it won't open, or it will take me to the log-in page, but not log me in. it says either 'page cannot be displayed' or that it's "out of service." Please fix this proplem ASAP. i need in there. thank you!

Delete Account

I want my account deleted and POF will not let me. How do I do it and ensure I will receive no more messages. The men on here are fucking pigs and I want off

Its not lettin me sign in...

It wong let me sign in it says invalid password & email its driving me crazy what is going on.......

Can't access account

My computer was hack on Monday afternoon through my yahoo account. The hacker has changed my information and pass words. I have fixed the problem with yahoo and need help resetting my account with POF and 9/4/12 @ 8:12

Need help

I DO NOT want POF AUTOMATICALLY taking $$ out of my account and I don't know how to stop them and me a ""regular member"" as I upgraded One time but they are automatically renewing me and I do NOT have $$ for that - Made my Car Insurance bounce - HOW , PLEASE, HOW CAN I STOP THEM FROM TAKING $$ OUT OF MY CHECKING ACCOUNT


i want to stop my subscription now money is taken out of me acco

i just want to stop my subscription please tp now. you are taking money out causing my account to be over drawn ,

POF Unavailable

When I try to open my messages, it says service is unavailable.

Thank you for your help!

is the site down

Is the site down

We do not allow sign ups from this IP range, sorry

"We do not allow sign ups from this IP range, sorry"

when i try 2 register.... what can i do?

Account Stolen

Jibos360 stole my account and pictures.

Same problem here too. sign

Same problem here too. sign in for a day but when I log off and go back on cann`t access my account.Tried numerous times now. Very frustrating.

Cant log in or sign up

I cannot get on to POF, I feel like I am being blocked, and I dont know why. I have no problems with anyone, can you tell me what it the matter?

cannot register

Trying to register but no capcha letters.

Cannot send or receive messages

I can no longer receive or send messages, I can't sign in yet my profile still shows. What's up ?

POF Glitch Issues with Usage

I changed my profile photo a couple of days ago and ever since something is really wrong with my account. I am frustrated to no end. When i try to access emails sent to me in my inbox they won't come up and if i try to get into profiles i can't access. Someone even IM me today and had my old photo come up the one which i deleted? Please fix this asap as i'm so annoyed. It shouldn't take 20 minutes to try to read 1 email after several reboot attempts. In fact there are emails i can't even access yet it is now showing no messages as though they have been read.

help account money

Bonjour je viens de voir que j'ai été débiter sur mon compte bancaire :

ACHAT CB plentyoffish.c 05.07.12
USD 35,40 CARTE NO 269
1USD= 0,809604EUR -28,66

Hors je n'ai pas fait de paiement ni d'achat, et dans mon compte pof section abonnement j'avait bien cliquer pour ne pas renouveller mon prelevement/abonnement,donc je demande à ce que vous rectifiez ceci et à etre rembourser de ce prelevement qui n'as pas recut mon accord.

PRIVAT patrick
[email protected] telephone maison

Hello I have just seen that I was to output on my bank account :

ACHAT CB plentyoffish.c 05.07.12
USD 35,40 CARTE NO 269
1USD= 0,809604EUR -28,66

Out I did not make a payment nor of purchase, and in my account pof section subscription I had to click well not to renew my taking away/subscription, therefore I ask so that you rectify this and with being to refund of this taking away which ace not did not accept my agreement

PRIVAT patrick
[email protected] phone home


YOu can only partly delete you info . things like age, username, and where you LIVE remain on site forever Or untill someone trashes their offices :). Go back to the site after you have deleted your account, perform a username search (which you dont need to log in to do) and VIOLA!!!!

I think trashing the offices and servers would be much more fun though a little bit like the second kristalnact seeing as Markus Frind is jewish :)

I am TRYING to delee my account as I am in love with a wonderfui

very frustrated..can you send me a phone # or simply delete my account for me..username culinaryartista

is there any way to delete

is there any way to delete who u would like to meet

Im not allowed to message ANYONE!!!

New user btw... the very first message I sent said I wasn't allowed to message that user. Tried another, same thing, and another same garbage..... what's going on ?!?!?!?!


I never created a profile some one did the user name is HeatherRose3. I want to know when it was open and everything. Im pissed and someone is passing out my number. State police have been contacted. I want to talk to someone this person is going to be in trouble.

Cant Login Anymore!

Hi,i was checking out a profile and thought i sent a massge,when i click in the sent message it took me to my profile and said i should
fill out the lines again,i was confused and signout,when i tried logging in,it says incorrect user name or password, also said durring the change from plentyoffish to all saved passward were reset by your browser, i then put my email add to retrive my new password is said That email address is not in our database, i tried searching for me self and it says user cancle...whats going on??

It said I would be charges £6 per month but has taken £81

I went to upgrade my membership on plenty of fish thinking it would charge me £6 per month but they have taken £81 instead!! this has been falsly advertised how do I claim my money back??



When i try to register it

When i try to register it keeps telling me that I am using things like > or ' etc that are not allowed even though I am not.
Please assist!



I keep getting server timeout

I keep getting server timeout on my android app. Error code 9 does anyone have any idea why?

profile pics

i don't think a person should made to display a complete pic of their face if they don't want to. what happened to privacy, some may not want to be recognized by certain people, but Marcus forces you to other wise he threatens to delete you and he does delete your pics
he also won't let you reply or ask what the problem is,

Delete my profile


Can you please delete my profile from your website 'Plenty of Fish'?
It's still appearing on your website after using your button 'Delete account' 3 times.



I was communicating witj someine snd now for some reason he isnt recieving my emails. Also chat will not open between us. On the one occassion chat opened he couldnt see my message can someone please help!!!!!! Rrported it twice but got no reply

This is in regards to

This is in regards to cancelling my account. I tried several times online to delete my pof account and nothing worked! Please delete it please and thank you.



how do I put on a photo

Its a great site but how do I download aphoto. It will not let me. I have only PDF formats. Yhanks

error 401

I was in the middle of a conversation with a woman that I wanted to meet. After several messages where sent back and forth, I can't see my inbox messages. "message error 401" I can not contact this user with the credentials that I have. What credentials? I have been talking to her for a few days. This is very frustrating!!!

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