Plenty of Fish Customer Support / Telephone Number to Contact Company

Plenty of Fish Customer Support

Unhappy with their service?

Not finding any matches? Want to contact the company?

Well, it won't be easy, since you get what you pay for in this industry. There won't be any phone numbers to call if you have a problem with their service, simply because they couldn't make any money if there was.

If you do need help, you can consider browsing their forums for help.

The founder of Plentyoffish can be contacted by commenting on his blog over at, but who knows how many comments he actually reads. But like I said, there definitely won't be a telephone number to call like there would be with for-pay services like E-Harmony and You'll just have to do your research and try using other sites to cast a wider net.


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How did you delete you

How did you delete you profile. I need help...can't delete. Thanks so much


Ive been trying to log on since like 2 in the afternoon and its now close to midnight
im highly upset that i cannot log into my account since im really putting effort into
finding someone on this website i dont need my hopes let down and surely theres a problem
but they need to post a number out to which customers can reach the staff so we know
whats happening.Seriously im not that patient at least when it comes down to
computers like i said im highly upset and i would like to know when the site will be back up.
If any one knows anything comment back please.

Server Error in'/'Application

Go to google paste in the error up pops a u-tube video of a peed off cowboy who appears to have crashed it.

Server is down - but has it been hacked?

Server is down - but did someone hack the plentyoffish?

Strange that we are all "blocked"?

Re: Server is down - but has it been hacked?

Hello Bingo,

No the server(s) were not hacked, this is mearly an error in the code, that runs the web interface. If you remeber recently POF realised the IM ability to their site, which could possibly be the cause of the malfunction, as could, just purley an error in communication between server's.

With the addition on IM, this adds a great work load, onto the server, which could have caused a bottleneck, therfore causing some form of crash. Another possible reason, would be the newly written code, has an error within it. Which ultimatly would cause a major problem in communiocations, whether be the date of release, or even in the near futur, with the server recieveing multiple responses, of error, and consetly responding to a faulty command, would also put stress on it.

For most, you must always remeber these are just machines, and they do possess a limit at which they will fail. Poor maintnece of the SQL database, could be the fault. There is no true eveidence yet, that the site was "hacked", as normally this would actually be a spoffing attempt, to re-direct the site, to a different domain, in order to steal the information. Not purley just to bring it down, as there would be no "gain" out of this action.


server down sicne yesterday

I guess it's not just me that hasn't been able to login since yesterday. Just checkin, cause it worked fine on my Blackberry until I used my user name to get in. Then it wouldn't let me saying "server application error rejected user address". A "Server is down temporarily" message would have been much less confusing. I thought perhaps someone reported me for reporting them!

POF Server's

Hello Isabelle,

I to have encourted errors with connecting to the POF site. This is nothing to do, with you being blocked, it is merly a technical issue, after reading the error message presented to me, via my web browser. I have found that their server's are not authenticating to the "public domain" or name space, if you will. This is purley an authentication issue.

The SQL database is also unavailiable, which is why, when you went to submit your username and password, you recieved that message. Best of luck with fishing, when the server(s) do become avaliable!

- Spzz162

no service

My service has been down all day. Please tell me how long this is going to be down.

Skymetta just got slung

Skymetta just got slung under the



SO servers must be down....Server Error in'/'Application

The server rejected the sender address.

I believe the whole

I believe the whole system/website/server is down. Doesn't have anything to do with "personal" issues folks.

My P.O.F. account

Cannott get through to my account...keeps saying 'The server rejected the sender address"...You can review all my e-mails over here, I've not broken any rules of conduct, been a perfect it possible a bitter ex-girlfriend on here (say- 'Skymetta' in Stratford,Ont) has put in a complaint about me, and managed to get my account cancelled? am I allowed to respond to this, if this is the case?


does anyone know when plenty of fish is getting sorted thanks

No Service

It says
Server Error in'/'Application

The server rejected the sender address. This server response was 452 4.3.1 Out of Memory
What's going on?
Is there a phone number you can be reached at?

Server Error in'/'Application

At first I thought it was my computer then I tried it others then I Googled it there is a video on u-tube done on the 6th by a hacker that showed how he crashed the whole site. I am more clueless about this stuff than I realized after watching his video.

NO Service...

Please advise...

No Service...

NO Service...

Is your service down...

I have NO Service with Plenty of Fish....It is telling me the server is down!

Please let me know what is going on??

Debbie Simpson

This happened once to me

This happened once to me before in July. Service came back up with no explanation several hours later. It is maddening, but hopefully if we are patient it will be up again soon.

recieved email from

recieved email from blabalbla at 5 25 signed ib at 730 and no email in my box. searched and no blablabla WTF!
don't spam me you ucketrs 4 makin' dis post!


I bought something (cialis) from one of your advertisers and never got them...They say they have a 24 hour customer service, (866 414 0137), I've been calling them for 2 days, they never answer the phone. I did leave 3 messages but they never responded, I was hoping someone could help me....These "scam" people shouldn't be on POF.....jeremiah11111

scamming for money

there is a guy on the website called "loversbaby" who has he lives in manchester uk when hes from colorado america. hes wanted me to send him money to help him get his mum out of hospital whos in africa. i dont believe shes in africa but hes desporite for £400 off me and i wont do it. ive lied to him and he cuts me off when he hasnt won. he will do this to other girls and some will fall for it. he needs blocking on here or taking of for what hes doing. he has a picture of a white guy but with his accent i can tell hes a black carrabean guy.
please help me because hes upsetting me loads and wont leave me alone


I have signed up for 3 months. How do I make sure that this does not automatically renew?

POF rejects many photos without explanation.,

Is there anywhere on your site that you assist members on uploading photos? You have my email addy just let me know what I am doing wrong. Please.

A little help for overcoming bacis site problems would be a friendly jesture,


sign up page

I have filled out all the forms and I keep getting jumped back to the main sign up form.

Want to be a USER ON P OF F



site wont let me in

hello. ive registered twice on pof and as soon as it starts to be fun and i start to meet people and get my hopes up for a happy relationship i try to put my password in and it does nothing. then when i put my e-mail adress in so u can mail my password it says my adress isant in the system

account automatically gets deleated

I have the same problem. Hi I signed up again for the 3rs time yesterday it worked for 30 mins and my account got automatically deleted.can you please help as this is really annoying me

Cannot register

This is ridiculous. Ive seen people with 2-3 accounts with barely anything in the description and i cant evem make 1? Pathetic

carnt log in

ive been on pof 4 3 weeks and now carnt log in. ive put my pass word in and email and still carnt log in, is there a reason 4 this or have i been blocked? either way id like 2 know

hi same thing has just

hi same thing has just happened to me i got a reply back wait for it - the site has deleted my profile because i have been blocked by so many guys, lol

do u know why i have been blocked, because i am a decent human being who was not prepared to engage in sex acts or listen to all the sexual inuendos and lies i was being told. as soon as they realised i wasnt just looking for sex i was blocked by someone, im so livid i cant tell u

Re: Hi same thing has just

If you have been blocked by to many users, the system will "delete" your account, as you have excedded, your block threshold. Although you may have been blocked for no reason, a computer, can not tell this fact from fiction. Your best bet, would be to create another account, and try to stay away from the guys looking for one nighters, as that is all they really want.

POF is slowly implimenting new rules, to stop this type of "mass blocking" from happening, by which complaints against these people blocking others, because of silly childish games, will aatually loose their privlage of being a member of the site.

Hopefully soon, so that users like yourself, will not have to suffer, because of guys, thinking with "the wrong head".


cannot get messages back

is this site real or its a joke


i cant get on my plenty of fish account my ex hacked my account i do have a new email account and try to open a new account with plenty of fish but when i do the scrambled letters ,i cant complete all the code it freezes,my a picture and profile is still on plenty of fish.can you explain why this is.thanks


i cant get on my plenty of fish account my ex hacked my account i do have a new email account and try to open a new account with plenty of fish but when i do the scrambled letters ,i cant complete all the code it freezes,my a picture and profile is still on plenty of fish.can you explain why this is.thanks

delited messages due to lack of login ? Or what?

Why is plentyoffish Team taking my messages ?!

Dammit F..This is the seconnd time , where I was lacking Atendance at plentyf. And Again I supose to have 7 new messages , but thay have just delited all my messages with contacts :

You are all studying us and using us as sheep .

How do I get my messages ?


For the last 3 days I have

For the last 3 days I have not been able to connect to POF. My computer connects to all other sites I have tried. I tried to connect using the domain # and have had no luck. Can you give me any help/ I really enjoy toe site!


connection timed out

I have not be able to even get on POF my connection keeps timing out. I also can't open messages. HELP!

I'm having the same problem

I'm having the same problem have a long system message which I can't seem to delete :(


i also can not sign in o plenty of fish and i dont know why i have tried 3 different names to get back in and it wont let me

A bitter x-boyfriend

A bitter x-boyfriend confessed to me he hacked my computer. He went in my plentyoffish account. Changed the password and email address. Now I can't get in the account., Please help. I have no idea what else he might have written on the profile etc.....

I had to cancle my account

I received an email from POF stating I had violated rules. I replied to the email but then noticed "fishy" activity on my account such as people in my favorites that I had not added and other contacts deleted that I had been communicating with so I immediately canceled my account. Someone has hacked into my computer and I believe that is who is responsible for violating your rules as if it were me. This person has an account with POF and his user name is Simpson262 and his head line is What Is This World Coming To? and may be using an email address of [email protected] I know this person personally and would like to hold him accountable.

Can you be specific on what rule was violated by my account? I would like to create another account but am not sure I should at this time.

Please advise as how I should handle this situation.

Thank you!



my x keeps deleting my

my x keeps deleting my account


Hello Ada,

Your best bet would be to create a new account, go to your profile "Search by Username" and block, when it prompts you for comments, exsplain your situation.

Best of Luck!

cannot send messages

I`m trying to send or receive messages,but the e-mail is not working?Can you help me?

Am unable to read messages -

Am unable to read messages - it says webpage has expired each time. Can you help please?


i have the same problem?

i have the same problem?



send my messages out

cannot send my messages on on plentyfish

my account

i have signed up and everytime i go to sign back in i have tostart my whole profile over pof says they dnt recognized my email accounts

plz call and let me know what i need to do so my acct dnt get deleted i have on the tests and had a pic up

I have the same problem. i

I have the same problem. i can use my account for weeks and then it not recognize it. So I gave up with the site. Tried to resign up today and was successful. After completing my whole profile it did the same thing and now won't allow me to sign up again. This site is really messed up. I had met some really cool guys on here and cant even talk to them because of this.

Trying to respond to a friend

Trying to respond to a friend at "Plenty of Fish", but the "POF" service reads, "The Service Is Unavailable" .... Could you please help me?


I see that I have messages but I can't open them. When I "click" on the little envelope it bring me to a list of single men's with a short description.
If I already send them a picture, I can only see what they send me back by clicking on the view all correspondance but it's not a pleasure to do it this way.

PS. Even the older messages that I already open doesn't work. The same screen appear.

Can you please fix the problem?

Thank you in advance,

I have message I cannot see.

I have message I cannot see.

PoF won't let me log in

Plenty of fish won't let me log in for some reason, and it keeps saying that i'm
entering the wrong password for my account.

i tried resetting the password by sending myself an email through your site,
but for some reason it's not sending to my hotmail account.
please help

Hope you dont mind me writing

i have a same problem please le me now how can i log in plz

I have the exact same

I have the exact same problem, and don't understand what happened. If you find out what happened, could you please update? Thanks so much.

Many people are facing

Many people are facing problems thanks for sharing this info.
UFC Forum


It wont let me login it keeps saying my password and username are wrong both wrong.this the second account this is doing this with.Please tell me what to do Im going to try login from another computer tom.

I have the same problem

I have the same problem now... What should I do?

please mail me

please mail me

unable to sign up for

I don't know what CAPTCHA is? I also don't know what it is asking for where it says "Homepage".
It says to play audio. My audio is not in use.

Why are u deleting my profile

Hi I am writing u cause I am tired of u taking my profile off when I have not done nothing wrong offensive ur site is kinda lame so I will go else where and join since u have to delete profiles all the time so if u want my business I suggest putting it back into affect .

unable to sign up for

I don't know what CAPTCHA is? I also don't know what it is asking for where it says "Homepage".
It says to play audio. My audio is not in use.

unble to type in the

unble to type in the scrambled words to register... please help

unble to type in the

unble to type in the scrambled words to register... please help

cannot sign up for

When filling out my form, I am unable to type in the area that you copy the scrambled letters. It freezes up.

Try not to use any spaces

Try not to use any spaces phone number

i have a few questions about singing up and joing and help with my profile .and payment. thank you .

Banned from PoF

Recently I meet a woman from PoF and after a few days talking to here I decided to not meet her and informed her I met someone else.
Her name is Rosemary Storm and mentioned she dated the owner to PoF...not sure and do not care.

But she has informed she has got me banned and I can't seem to log on.

I had never met this woman and was surprised and shocked how violent she became.

I am an adult and have been a member for several years with nothing but good experiences.

Is there some one I can speak to in regards of this issue.

Steve Austin

Delete by POF

I was recently deleted by POF and received an Email stating it was done by accident however now I cannot create an account as soon as I create it, it is deleted. Whats that all about?

Cant get on my pof not sure y

Cant get on my pof not sure y but it says I'm not registered and been a member for almost 3 years now

Can't get on site and have

Can't get on site and have been member for over 2 years

Troubles getting off pof

How do you get off the service.....Been trying for about a month.....Will try again. But if you would email w/ directions that would be great! If not finally found toll free # will try tomorrow.

cant long on after 6 months member

it says that my email address is not registered and can get in my account phone number

i have a few questions about singing up and joing and help with my profile .and payment. thank you .

I am trying to register

I am trying to register

cant come up with the

cant come up with the password try like 1000 but still cant need help with password

Username was spelled wrong,won't let me get passed it

I made a mistake on my username I met to say Hotcakes and it keeps saying hoecakes,that's awful name ,I need to change it Thanks need help please!

scrambled letters freezes ujp

scrambled letters freezes ujp

can't type in all the letter

When I try to register It wont let me type in all the letters just a few then freezes, what is wrong

Cannot Sign Up

The scrambled letters box will not allow me to type in the full amount of letters needed to submit membership.

Cant register

Cant register


I had a roomate who use to live with me while I was caring for my Plentyof fish won't let me access their site...please help.

i can't sign up

the scrambled letters box will not aloow ne to type in the full amount of letters needes to submit membership.

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