Visa International Customer Service Numbers: For Vacations/Travelling

Here are the Visa Credit Card International Service Centre Numbers. They are 24 hours and NOT specific to any particular bank, but rather run by VISA. You can call them toll-free or collect call when you're in trouble.

As well, I'd like to suggest always carrying more than one credit card while travelling, perferably one Visa and one Mastercard. Keep your primary card on you, but also keep the second card in a different place, in case anything happens to the first (gets stolen or lost, etc.)

In North America: Toll Free: 1-800-847-2911

North America Collect: 410-581-9994

In Asia: Toll Free to Singapore: 800-110-0344

Asia Collect: 65-345-1345

In Europe, Middle East and Africa: Toll-Free to UK: 0800-89-1725

Collect (Europe, Middle East & Africa): 71-938-1031

For any other location, such as Australia or South America, or if the other numbers do not work, call Visa North America Collect: 410-581-9994

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[email protected].

Ref: Attachment

Dear sir,

RE: VISA DEBIT CARD No. 4693 7500 0912 0456

ICICI Bank S B Account 000901635552
Nungambakam Branch, Chennai INDIA.

This VISA debit card is associated with my ICICI Bank account Nungambakam Branch, Chennai INDIA.

From this card I transferred some amount totaling USD 6,250 to YOUTRADEFX.COM online on 17 and 18 of December, 2012.

Later I had given two withdrawal from YOUTRADEFX.COM back to my VISA card..............................0456.

They say that they have remitted USD 667 on 7/01/2013 and USD 1,133 plus USD 1,100 on 15/01/2013.

But the amount had not come to my ICICI Bank account 000901635552 via VISA Card.

The company is blaming VISA merchant for the delay. Is it so ?

Corresponding Bank in New York for
ICICI Bank having USD account with JP MORGAN CHAS Bank, New york

Account Number ; 400808595

Swift Code: CHASUS33XXX


Sir, why it is getting delayed?

Please reply


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: M.A. Zainul Arif
To: "[email protected]" ; "[email protected]"
Sent: Tuesday, 22 January 2013 1:27 PM
Subject: Fw: S B A/c. No. 000901635552


Copy to
Copy to. RBI / Chennai.


S B A/c. 000901635552
Debit card (VISA) No. 4693 7500 0912 0456.

Dear sir,

I have made a four transfer in the month of December, 2012 some amount to YOUTRADEFX.COM a company providing online trade plate form.

They were asking DEBIT Card No. for transaction, so I provided my Debit card ie
VISA card no. 4693 7500 0912 0456.

I asked them to refund the amounts.

Again they asked the details of the Debit (VISA) Card No. So, I provided the same.

They say that they have remitted the amount to my Debit card on
07 / 01 / 2013 USD 667
15 / 01 /2013 USD 1,133
15 / 01 / 2013 USD 1,100

They have mailed me a scan copy that which I had forwarded to you.
It seems they have not remitted amount that I made withdrawal.
Still the amount had not come to my SB account. is blaming the VISA COMPANY.

Please find out where the problem is and furnish full details.

Thanking you


Mr. Himanshu,

Your scan copy speaks about USD 1,800
USD 1,100
Which I had transfered to your company on 18/12/2012

I had also made two transfer USD on 17/12/2012 total USD 3350

Remittance details for this amount is not reflecting in your scan copy.



VISA Promotion

When contacted by merchant who claims that they have promotions linked to VISA/ Mastercard - How can a cardholder verify if the claim is true? Is there anywhere in the shop or circulars sent to VISA card holders about such promotions.

How do we prevent ourselves from being duped?

Please answer as I may not believe future promotions from VISA anymore.

Key question is how to verify??

problem - bad record

Dear Sir/Madam

This is shahram from Iran.

In Jan 2012 received a visa card from Royal bank of Baku in Azerbaijan.

After one month Royal bank of Baku said that bank is bankrupt. We went from our country (Iran) to Azerbaijan.

A person in bank (Miss Jamileh) said us that you must write about this matter and sign and after 1 year we will contact you about this problem.

We wondered because we needed our money and now they say 1 year later we will inform you that you can take it or not!!

We went to ADIF office which is insurance office of Royal bank and talk with Mr. Elchin Niftiyev (his e-mail address:[email protected] & his land number: 00994-12-5966591 ext 105 & his mobile number: 00994 50 234 60 40 ) and he check in his system.

He said I am confused because your cards is for Royal and issue through Royal bank with 16 digit number and with your name which is match with your passport but in our systems this account is for another people.

Mr. elchin checked all of our cards (we were 10 people there) and said the same.

Again we came back to bank and talk with all staff in there but they said we don't know anything about this problem.

Finally a gentleman who his name was Mr.murad ( his mobile number 00994 50 671 55 99 & his e-mail address is [email protected]) said us it is a big problem for all Iranians .

We went to back office of royal bank and talk with Mr.ahad with Mobil number of 0099 45 58 59 33 59 and he played with us and said tomorrow and again tomorrow said us I don't know and Mrs. Golshan know and she is in trip now.

It was so bad play with us.

We said that we need a meeting with Mr. ALI JAM which is owner of bank and he is citizen of U.S.A and he must answer to us about this problem and must pay us back our money. But they said you cannot.

The staff of royal bank played with us for 3 days.

We went to AG bank and explain this matter to them.

It was wonderful for them too that we have visa& Master card from royal bank of Baku with 16 digit number and exp date and security number with our name but in system of central bank of Baku these accounts are with another name.

And finally we came back to Iran without any money.

Please please help us

We ( More than 2500 Iranians) have visa card from Royal bank of Baku in Azerbaijan

I have 1990 euro in my account .

My visa cards are with my own name and family.

It is not according to visa rules and it is so bad records for visa and Royal bank too.

Waiting for your answer as soon as possible

Best Regards

Visa Card Scam

SCAM SCAM SCAM. Run like the wind :)

Validity of Visa Card

I have received a visa card issued by Intercontinental Bank. It is a prepaid card and there is supposed to be a substantial amount of money downloaded into the card. The Bank is asking me for $10,000 to activate the card.
Is this a usual or unusual practice and how do I check to see if this transaction is authentic or a scam.
I can give you the card number but I have to be sure that the person I am dealing with is genuine and a representative of VISA.

Thanks a bunch, this is very

Thanks a bunch, this is very helpful. Cheers!!!

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