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SaskTel Telephone Numbers: One Page One Stop List

Sasktel makes it a bit difficult to find phone numbers to contact them on their own website. They make you go through several pages to get the one you want. Print them off for access when you don't have internet access.

If you're unhappy with your Sasktel service, research other options! There almost always is one. Look around!

SaskTel Local Telephone Service:

General Sasktel Customer Support line (so, call them for billing, disputes, service problems, etc):


SaskTel Cellular service

General inquiries


From your cellular telephone: *811
(only in Saskatchewan)

Wireless Technical Support 1-800-667-6870
International Roaming 1-306-664-2859
(charges will apply)
FleetNet 800™ Service/Mobility
Wireless Data Service


SaskTel Internet and Max technical support

Again, use these numbers for tech support, billing issues, account issues, and general customer service.

Anywhere in Saskatchewan 1-800-773-2121
Outside Saskatchewan (anywhere in Canada and USA) 1-888-773-2122
Anywhere else in the world 1-306-522-1820 Long distance charges would apply



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I signed up for E-bill a while back and so far it has been a joke. Every month when I go to use it to see what my payment is, my password is no longer valid. Even after I apply for a new password and eventually get to check my account, the amount has not been adjusted to show the last month's payment. I have tried calling and the Sasktel website and cannot even find out where to get help. The phone call runs you through all kinds of different options and none of them pertain to this type of problem, and the web site does not even have an option to request help. I would like to get the rest of my Sask Energy and Saskpower bills online but after this experience I won't even try.

3 Months to speak with a supervisor

Attempting to resolve a billing issue and since then a service issue as well. Have been trying to speak with a supervisor for almost three months now. Supervisor does not return calls during the time they claim they will and when leaving voice-mail (at different times) they leave an invalid phone number to return their calls.

didnt realize

Hi we have been SaskTel residents all our lives. We were always very happy with you guys, but my smart phone broke, so I down graded to a cheaper phone with no internet on it and had data plan changed to $15 till I got a new one but I didn't realize I had to upgrade upgrade again and I used my new phone not knowing all the charges I would end up with for no one even gave me a call saying they noticed I had a new phone and to give me a better plan rate like before .So I got a 214.36 Bill when I wasn't expecting anymore then my hundred and something dollar one .Please let us know these things thank you.

Phone number stealers

I had my contract with sasktel for years. i was done being unhappy with them so i switched to telus and took my number with me to them. then a little more then a year later they gave my exact number to someone else, i called sasktel they told me to get the person to call them n that i have to call my provider. first of all why do i have to call my provider they didnt give out my number which if by chance i get calls but if your cell is not a iphone i will not get my text from anyone. PLUS i do my business by text.

Poor service and poorer help from dealers

Left Sask. 2 weeks ago and as soon as we crossed border into US, I could not receive calls or texts on my cell phone. Haven't been able to receive email for even longer as I need to change the email password on the cell but who has the time? You have to phone Sasktel and then you are put on hold for at the very least 20 minutes, so I have been doing without rather than go thru the hassle. All the way to Texas, I did not have service of any kind. When I arrived in Texas, I set aside a few hours to try to contact Sasktel for help. First, I tried online. No help, there. It just routed me to the 800 number which you can't use in Texas. So then, I tried a phone book I had with help because all listed numbers are 800. So then I tried calling the dealer back home and was told they would change my account to international calling, but on reflection changed their mind and said 'oh no, you don't have to do that anymore, because it is always on'. I asked why I couldn't receive texts or calls and was told it was the service in the area, to which I replied 'the entire mid western states? And he said well, he didn't know. I asked for a number to call Sasktel myself and he said we don't have any numbers except 800 numbers either and that Sasktel should really get a direct number so that people could phone them. His last suggestion was to take the battery out of my phone. Phone? I'm on Sasktel and I'm in is no longer a phone....just an expensive clock. You can phone Saskpower from the US but you can't phone Sasktel. Can you see a problem with our 'phone' company?

Sasktel cel service north of LaRonge

I have an older phone and it works just fine from our cabin at Nemeiben Lake just north of Lac Laronge. Since Sask Tel upgraded their towers we now have no, intermittent and or very poor service with G4 phones. So much for an upgrade! We have invested in boosters and better antennas and for poorer service. Would someone please repair the service to what is used to be. Upgrades should not mean poorer service!

cell service

Sasktel u should be ashamed of your customer service. Your no better than a bunch if crooks !!!

cell service down again

I haven't service since this morning 8am and there's a tower just outside of town. I have a blackberry and this is the 3rd time this has happened!! Not a happy customer!!

cell service down again

i keep losing cell service and i live 2 blocks form the tower. sasktel is a loser in cell service reception

no cell service

again cell phones down

Cell phone not working

I have a message on my Samsung 2 saying Emergency serivice only unregistered SIM. I used my phone today and went to make another call and this message appeared and I can not call out on my cell phone.

Internet/cell service NW of Saskatoon

We have Mifi wireless internet. We live approximately 10 mins NW out of the city. It doesn't work most of the time and when it does it is very slow. Cell phone coverage is nill when in the house. You have to stand in the middle of the yard if you want to make or receive a phone call. Texts come through 9 hours later. I have called Sasktel cellular no less than 10 times and all they tell me it that it is because the Dalmeny Tower is busy. I pay over $500 a month on cell phones bill/landline/internet and get no service. My advice is take your business elsewhere - when my contracts are up we will be doing the same.

Good service from Sasktel Mobility

In early June 2012 I upgraded from a LG to an iPhone 4s. As I was on a prepaid plan, I asked if I could transfer this plan over to my new iPhone and also add a small data pack to the plan. I was happy to be told I could. I also asked if this new iPhone would work out of province as the old phone had, and was again told it would. Wrong!! As soon as I got to Alberta, my phone no longer worked to make or receive cell calls or access internet. Once in Calgary I was able to connect to WiFi and send and receive text messages, but still no cellular calls. I called Sasktel Mobility from Calgary and was told by the first rep that there was something wrong with the phone. My son in law spoke to another rep who told him it was because Sasktel Mobility had not yet finalized a contract with Telus and Bell and that it was expected that would be done by June 15th. Since I was back in Sask by June 13th it became a non-issue.
Now I am thinking of travelling outside the province again soon, so I called SaskTel Mobility and explained the situation to a rep ( Heather) who advised that Sasktel Mobility now has finalized the contract with Bell and Telus effective June 15th and that I should have out of province service now. She also offered to put $20.00 credit on my account for the inconvenience!
I checked my prepaid and sure enough, it's $20.00 higher! Thanks Heather and SaskTel Mobility for good customer service!

Customer service issues

I have had a blackberry torch for three months and now having issues with the trackball. I took my phone to Sasktel and was told it would have to be sent away for repair and if i wanted a blackberry loaner i would need to pay $30.00. WHAT??? how can that be? my phone is a company phone and i need my blackberry!! i refuse to pay money for a loaner especially when mine is only 3 months old. I went to sound city to see what they could do and i now wish i had purchased my phone there. If i had i would have been given a replacement blackberry at no charge. My company has 7 phones for employees and when the contracts are up i will be going back to sound city!

cellular long distance

I work out of province and use my cell phone to call home in the evenings back to sask from ab, sasktel's north america long distance package for unlimited calling on works if your calling from sask. Otherwise they will charge you long distance air time. They need to make some changes in their plan packages to accomadate customs who make calls from out of province otherwise they will start to loose more customers if they haven't already. I'm switching to another company as I can, can't have another $250 cell bill when it should be only $80.


I am currently located in Saskatoon, why doesn't my phone have service!!!!? I can only perform duties under wifi.. help?


my phone nuked itself and sasktel does nothing. but they want u to continue to pay a bill for a phone that u no longer have. why cant they offer a service to replace or repair the phone for free. i cant stand the fact that they do this to us and becuz we for right now have nowhere else to go they just do what they want. its really annoying to think that a company that can spend countless amounts of money to advertise their the best cant even help a customer in need it needs to change

Received a suspicious email

I received what I beleive to be a spam email under the the guise from SaskTel Support.

The email advised me of the following:

TERMINATION OF YOUR WEBMAIL ACCOUNT. We are currently carrying out an upgrade on our system due to the fact that it has come to our notice that one or more of our subscribers are introducing a very strong virus into our system and it is affecting our network.We are trying to
find out the specific person. For this reason all subscribers are to provide their USER NAME AND PASSWORD for us to verify and have them
cleared against this virus. Failure to comply will lead to the termination of your Account in the next 48 hours.

Information to send;

* User name: (................. )(Compulsory)
* Password: (..........................)(Compulsory)
* Date of Birth: (..........................) (optional)
* Country Or Territory: (..................) (optional)

Hoping to serve you better.


Sask Telecommunication
This is an Administrative Message from server. It is not spam. From time to time, server will send you such messages in order to communicate important information about your subscription.

I thought you should be aware of this email going out implying it is from SaskTel. It also suggests a reply email to [email protected]. I am not a subscriber to webmail as of yet. I currently have a SaskTel mobility account (a rocket stick or aircard) which provides me with internet access while I am in business in Sask and in locations without internet access. So the above information request seems odd to me.

I would appreciate understanding what action you are taking to minimize this scam.

Need to have telephone re-connected

I phoned SASKTEL at 1:43 p.m. and was told that they are unable to take a call - phone again later! Maybe I should mail?

No email service

With respect to the email upgrade the numbers you have provided to get assistance are continually busy. Your promo about how great this new upgrade is rather misleading as we no longer have ANY service and cannont speak to person about what the issue is or how it is being addressed. Please put somthing on your page to advise your customers.

stolen phone and bill

I got a blackberry phone for myself and my son, which I had to sign a 3 year contract for. Not even 2 months later my sons phone was lost or stolen. I called sask tel to report it and was told I still was responsible for the contract. They lowered the monthly bill to the lowest pack for a blackberry and continue to charge me $52.00 monthly for a phone I don`t even have. I would have no problem even paying for the phone but paying for services monthly on a phone that doesn`t exist makes no sense. Is Sask Tel that hard up for money? They can see the phone is not being used. Add up 52x34 and thats what they will get for providing me with nothing. Unbelievable. Talk about ripping people off. I can`t wait to go elsewhere, unfortunatley again for me, I still have 2 years left on the other contract. I lose, Sask Tel wins. Robbers.

Terrible Max "Upgrade"

I am finally getting around to posting this...have been meaning to send my complaints to you, but I thought I'd give this "New Max" a shot before I complained. I thought I'd get used to it. I have not. The new remotes are much more tricky to operate, I have a heck of a time finding Front Row movies, and I find these remote MUCH less sensitive (weaker IR signal?) than the old ones were! Also, the guide itself is VERY hard to read, with it's super-small text, and the cycling info. The program information doesn't stay still long enough for me to read what the program is about! Also , when I try to scroll down/up the guide, sometimes it is so slow that, by the time it moves, I have pushed the up/down button four times...then, I get all four moves at once! The moving picture behind the guide is also very distracting, and give me a headache. Lastly, I have noticed A LOT more picture freezing since the change.

In short, I guess I'm saying...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?? Terrible "upgrade", in my opinion! Bring back the old guide!!!! It was working fine for me! At this point, I'm actually considering switching to Shaw, or getting a dish.

Let's all hope you come to your senses and address all of our concerns...I'm sure I'm not the only disappointed customer out there.

Not getting Text Messages

I flew to Montreal and am no longer getting any text messages. Any way to fix that?

loosing signal

RE: On March 10th, 2011 Pam (not verified) says:
Does anyone else have problems with losing signal frequently during the day..Ive had so many technicians come to the house and supposedly "fix" the problem.....but shortly after they leave...its back.its so annoying and I dont know what to do about it.......very frustrated......

Yes, I have same problem. And service technicians don't know how to fix a problem. Only thing they do is resetting a modem. I have been having this problem almost a year, but SASKTEL seems like does not care. That's truly very frustrating and disappointing...

Diappointment with MAX "upgrade"

The changes you introduced to your Max service are not an upgrade to this customer. The remote is far more difficult to operate, and often does not respond to our desired action, and is much slower than the former remote. The moving background on the guide page is very distracting, and we find it very frustrating compared to the former operation. If you were trying to improve your service to me, you failed fery badly as far as we are concerned. We are quite happy with the quality of the picture, but can't see how the change you introduced was for the customer's benefit. We often enjoy the music channels and are puzzled about why you would have eliminated the music titles accompanying the music -- it was enjoyable to be able to check the title when we could not remember the name of the particular song. Don't know how that change can be considered an upgrade to the customer. In fact, your introduction of the "upgrade" to us was very sloppy -- With no prior advice, we simply received the new remote controls in the mail, and had to phone to find out why we were receiving them. The PA Max service was excellent -- technician came and explained what wat going on, helped uo to program the new remote, and got us comfortable. However they could not explain or justify why some of the changes were made, and couldn't answer the questions we asked as noted above. We've been tempted to change our service to SHAW in PA, but will wait to see what you have to say about our concerns before proceeding to that step. Please contact us in person or by phone at (306) 763-1534 to arrange an appointment
A less than happy customer!!
Merv Benson

Stolen Phone

Been trying to report a stolen phone for over 6hrs and have yet to talk to a rep. The recording states be with you in a moment, helping other people and repeats after doing a loop of how great Sasktel is. If Sasktel has that many people having problems maby they should get out of the Phone provider business and let Bell, Telus Shaw, or Rogers take over. If it was not for the Monopoly Sasktel has in Saskatchewan I would seriously think of Leaving and still might. I am truly a very angry customer at this time because I know there going to charge me for the calls the thief is making to only GOD knows were and then tell me I should have reported it sooner so Sasktel could shut off the phone.

phone # does not appear on one TV

I have the call display when my phone rings the # appears on the TV screen but it only shows on one TV so could I get the information so I can set the second one so it works there as well. I must have done something wrong!
Thank you.

losing signal

Does anyone else have problems with losing signal frequently during the day..Ive had so many technicians come to the house and supposedly "fix" the problem.....but shortly after they leave...its back.its so annoying and I dont know what to do about it.......very frustrated......

Maxi guide upgrade

Shortly after the "upgrade" to the Max guide system on my TV,I sent my comments to you.
After Using the system for a couple more months,I like it even less than I did at the start.
When I select a program,and want to read what it is about,the info does not stay on the screen long enough for me to read it.So I have to wait for it to roll over,sometimes 3 or 4 times before I can read all the info.I also do not like the changing background,as the guide is shown over the live broadcast.The new remote control reacts much slower than the old one.
Hopefully Sasktel will fix these problems soon,as I am thinking about dropping Max.
Yours sincerely,
Lorrie Layton

Mobility Account Statement

Re: Acct.# 01857589

I recently cancelled my mobility account.

A couple of days ago I received a bill indicating that I have a credit of $17.23. If this amount is correct, please either remit credit or apply it to my home phone number 789-1984.

Wayne Wingert

Bill for SaskTel Services - dated 2012 October

I recently received a bill indicating that I have a credit in the amount of $16.96.

Please mail credit amount to 4848 McCombie Cres. S4W 0B2

bill without connection

I didn't get any land phone and internet connection which had tobe connected on 26 th August 2010, but I got the bill of an amount $71.68. Kindly fix the mistake.


we have a wire that is touching our garage and we were wondering if it can be lifted a little higher as we would like to shingle our garage it is also in reach off of our deck thank you

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