Citibank Mastercard Canada Customer Service...

... is pretty good. Nice when you call them at 1-800-387-1616, press "1" for English, and then speak to someone right away, pretty nice. Calling my MBNA credit card's customer service line always put me on hold... Maybe I got lucky, who knows.

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Citibank Mastercard Canada Customer Service... | Customer Phone

I'm gone to inform my little brother, that he should also pay a visit this blog on regular basis to obtain updated from latest reports.

shows due payment on credit report but the payment was cleared

Hello there
I have been trying to contact the Citi Master Cards in Canada. they have been doing me too much harm. It shows on my credit report that I still owe them couple thousand dollars. but the payment was made in full in 2007. Citi Bank never contacted me about this. It seems like they did not update my credit agency. Looked for the numbers online with no luck. Thanks for your help.

Pleased with Citibank's service

I've always found Citibank Canada customer service to be polite and helpful. For example, last month my card was compromised (charges totaling $1500 from various stores in Maryland!) and my dealings with Citibank were professional, with the matter of the fraudulent charges being promptly resolved to my complete satisfaction.

I want to see my bills activity on line

sign up for online activity

sign up for online activity

sign up for online activity

citi mastercard is the worst/cancelled my card today

Citi Master Card is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I had a fradulent charge placed on my card this week and when I called to dispute it I was treated like a criminal and told there would be an investigation. Screw their investigation, I cancelled my card and wont be paying the disputed charge. Furthermore, the charge occured on a card that had already expired!

unable to stop payment

A week ago my computer was hit with a malware PC Defender, that does all kinds of things and requires a payment to clear it out, like Blackmail. When I discovered this PC Defender was not good I called citi and the person I talked with said no withdraw had been made as yet but he could see it pending? He said nothing could be done yet but watch my account and when the withdraw was made call citi to work it out.
I did this and when the draw was posted I called citi today April 18, I was informed that I had to contact the PC Defender people to request they give a deposit. Of course because PC defender is malware you cant contact them on email or phone. I think citi should be able to sto payment when requested. Also I was informed that if this PC Defender company made another withdrawel it would be honered, there is nothing I could do about it. Even if I cancelled my card or changd the number?

TCH Collection for CityBank Unprofessionalism

Just received a call from CityBanks collection agent from the following Tel Number: 1-866-902-3676. The very first words of of this lady's mouth was that we are loosers, irresponsible. and should be very careful because the very precious house we have we will be loosing it. I explained to her that she was being very unprofessional, I've explained not one but many times that I lost my job and trying to make ends meet. I pay as much as I possible can and hoping to be able to get a job very soon. I'm out at interviews with placement agencies pretty much on a daliy basis. She kept on not telling but yelling at me all kinds of profanitikes and then hung up. I redialed her number and sure enough she answered - I told her that someone in her position is supposed to be helping people and then she started yelling that I refused her help and that I should get a job and get some money because she's taking my house. I interupted her and told her that I will ensure to call her Manager and report her behaviour at one, she hung up on me. As I was looking up their customer service line I was provided with their Collection Agencies Phone # 1-800-276-1475. I called them and a gentlemen answered the call. I asked for the Manager and he stalled - he then asked what was the purpose of my call. I explained to him that I needed to speak with the Manager regarding a call I just received. Now without giving any info this man immediately asked if I was calling regarding the account in the name of (). Of course call display would give it away but then he explained that the Manager was nopt available and that I may leave a message of call back in a few hours. Well he did transfer me and of course there was no voice mail simply a busy signal. This just goes to show the lack of professionalism TCH has.
I believe it's important for CityBank to know that they are dealing with rude and unprofessional people that will do nothing but reflect very bad on CityBank.


Citi Mastercard sent my name to collections for $2.33 which I was unaware I owed!!! Get this, they sent me to collections on September 19th but yet sent me a statement in the mail stating that "Minimum Payment Due" for $2.33 on October 8,2009. I am floored, not to mention extremely embarrassed to be sent to collections for a measly $2.33, when I have never been sent to collections in my life! I am absolutely infuriated! When I asked how come I wasn't given a Courtesy Phone Call to make me aware that I had a balance owing - she responded with "that's why they are "courtesy" phone calls, because they are courtesy and not required!! You just imagine! The Rep with Citi Mastercard proceeded to tell me that they did a "Courtesy Write Off" for the $2.33 balance and I didn't owe it anymore but they also did a "Courtesy Collection Report on My Name" as well.... so small! So basically they paid off what I owe out of Courtesy but still sent my name to collections!!! Thanks for the courtesy Citi Mastercard!! Needless to say - I am going to the bank right now to pay off my $2.33 balance owing - and no longer have a Citi Mastercard! Seriously... I almost wish I had a case against them because this is definitely something I would pursue! All for $2.33. Gone to collections... ughhhh Thanks Citi Mastercard!!!!


File your complaints in writing....I closed and paid off my card in full in 2007 and have just found out that they are reporting me as an R9 on my credit report with a full balance currently in collections. When I called the collection department, he asked me to call back the following week....guess what???? Miraculously, I don't get a return phone call from my voicemails now! Collection departments aren't quick to help you when they have made a mistake! File a complaint!!! Here's where....

Good luck!!

do not use citibank!!

I mistakenly made a huge payment to an expired citibank mastercard via online banking. I called my bank the next day when I caught it, who in turn contacted citibank, who said I had to contact them to reverse it. The bank passed this info on to me and I contacted citibank immediately. They said it would be refunded within 3 - 5 business days. It has now been 49 days, numerous calls and numerous hours on the phone, and numerous promises from citibank and I have yet to receive a penny. They can't even find the entire amount!!! It is a nightmare. DO NOT USE THIS BANK OR CREDIT CARD.

Or you know... just take care

Or you know... just take care of your business and update your online banking. Sounds like the same person who moves, doesn't get their mail forwarded and doesn't notify the companies they deal with then gets upset when they don't get any mail and blames the sender

I made a large online

I made a large online payment early last week - I called the toll-free number a few days later to make sure my payment reached it's destintation - it did. Can you imagine my shock when I went to use the card yesterday and it was declined! I called and was told that there was record of my payment however there was a hold on my account because of the amount of the payment. Sure would have been appropriate to let me know there was a hold. My payments have always been on time and always more than the minimum required.

If you don't know or don't have an acct #

Just an FYI...if you call any Citi Customer Service and are prompted to enter your acct #...and if you don't have one or have it with POUND (#) after each acct prompt and after 3 or 4 attempts you will be directed to a live rep.

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