CitiMastercard Phone Numbers For Customer Service

CitiBank Mastercard's Phone Numbers in Canada for Customer Service Are:

Customer Care

In North America, call toll-free 1-800-387-1616 or fax 1-888-414-5951, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Outside North America, call collect 416-947-2900 or fax 416-369-4863, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Within Toronto area, call 416-947-2900 or fax 416-369-4863, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Citi PETRO-POINTS™ MasterCard

For Citi PETRO-POINTS MasterCard related inquiries, call 1-866-637-3876.
For more information about the PETRO-POINTS program, call 1-800-668-0220

Next time you go on vacation, make sure you have two credit cards Laughing A Visa would be a good idea just so you can always be safe if there is a problem with your Mastercard. Too bad AMEX isn't too well accepted in Canada.

In my opinion, CitiMastercards have some of the best cashback options, with 1% back from the first dollar, something unheard of for no-fee from any other bank. Good old Citi Enrich. My brother has one, and I'm in the process of getting one right now.  

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I have called them up for a

I have called them up for a miss-transaction that took place from my card although the amount deducted from the card was something and the invoice I got was much higher than that. I still haven't got a proper solution from them yet. buy paintings

Credit Card interest rate increase

Ya, definitely try to call them and see what they can do for you. Ideally, look for some credit card offers that let you do a balance transfer at a low rate, or investigate getting a personal secured or unsecured line of credit. Either of these, if available may be better, but be sure to crunch the numbers and take into account all fees.

More pathetic customer service responses

I received a note on my Citi Mastercard monthly invoice this month that my interest rate will increase by 5% not effective May 09. I put a call into Citi mastercard reminding them that it was only two years ago I called Citi to cancel my card with them due to a better interest rate offer with Visa and they gave me their best rate of 9% at the time so that I would stay on with them and now that I have incurred a balance over 10,000 they increased it by 5%. I suggested that this is a scam, I also indicated to them that I am on a budget and they are not helping me as a customer to make my minimum payment 55.00 higher effective in May especailly through these tough times! I have never been late with a payment so this is the reward for that?!

pathetic customer service response

My citi mastercard has had $2000.00 suspended for the past 3 weeks and even thought I have given the names of my Banque Nationales financial advisors names for accessing and giving aid to citi mastercard this has not helped
My bank was trying to give me a cash advance for which the transaction never was completed. my bank has faxed a letter stating that no money was ever given to me etc,
I have spoken to 3 of your supposed supervisors
Give me a break,
As I did a couple of months ago, I have paid off my balance of $7554.00 in full , I have had my fill of your representatives,(are they members of the flight attendants union?? because their ever we're perfect attitude is sickening.
They must have forgotten that it is customers such as myself who generate funds which lead to their paycheques
Yours truly
completely unimpressed
Sandra Elizabeth Guy
former mastercard holder

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