Visa Customer Service Telephone Numbers: TD, CIBC, Royal, Banks

Here's a list of the major Visa Credit Card Issuer Customer Service Phone Numbers (For the Canadian ones):

Royal Bank/RBC Visa 1-800-769-2512

CIBC Visa 1-800-465-4653

Desjardins Visa 1-800-363-3380

TD Canada Trust Visa 1-800-983-8472

Laurentian Bank Visa 1-800-252-1846

Scotiabank/Bank of Nova Scotia Visa 1-800-387-6556

Call them with your account number or other relevant information for disputes, lowering your rate of interest, payment plans, moving, cancellations, clarifications, complaints etc.

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visa cards refused

As like the previous comment, I too cannot usemy Visa card, and cannot accesscustomer service at all. What's going on/

enquiry about visa

i am a limousine driver. after provide the service to customer we charged the fare some times customer pay cash and some of them pay by credit card. when customer pay by visa we swipe the card on visa slips and take the signature on visa slips. some times card declined or cancelled. what should we do in that conditions. we have signature and card information on visa slips how can we contct with that person or his bank to take our payment. we dont that card belongs to which country. if some one can help me really very appriciated.



US Shell stations want ZIP code with VISA

Shell gas stations in the USA want a zip code when you swipe a VISA card at the pump. It is impossible to enter a Canadian Postal code, as there are no letters on the keypad. This means all non-US VISA cardholders have to go inside and line up to leave their VISA card with the attendant, then pump the gas, then go back inside and line up again to pay. Perhaps VISA could ask Shell not to do this - other gas stations don't.

I have just been informed (by

I have just been informed (by TD Visa) that using the first two numerics in your postal code followed by three zeros will work. I haven't tried it yet but I will soon.

It seems to be the trend

It seems to be the trend nowadays in the US, and I don't think it's going to get any better. Best bet is to pick a pump close to the entrance and always have some cash on-hand.

Richard, Scotia Visa Help

Scotia Visa Help (English):
(416) 288-1440 (Greater Toronto/outside Canada and USA, call collect)

Hello, I am in P.V., Mexico

Hello, I am in P.V., Mexico and my visa was declined. We let scotialinevisa know that we were leaving the country several days before we left Canada and now when we try to call the 1-800 scotiavisa number we get a Spanish operator and can't understand what she is saying. Could you please contact me via my email (in English|) and validate my card so I can use it on my holiday. Thank you.

official Fraud case

I booked the ticket with Malaysian airline and I realized they booked me towice for the same destination for the same day with two different reference number and they charged me towice. I tried to contact CIBC or Visa office from kuwait to block payemnt, but I couldn't. I don't know what to do.

Please reply to me by this email and tell me how can I block this fraud.


cibc areogold visa

pls make sure there are no charges on the above out of country until
march 27th.


Will Visa ever get a Disney Visa for CANADIANS????

card block

My Debit card seems to be blocked during registration/vbv procedure.plse tell me what to do next ?
waiting for reply
Ph: 919447977297

Phone Number for CIBC VISA cannot be completed

I have tried numerous times to phone the number on the back of my CIBC VISA credit card and
it continues with the message that the call cannot be completed !

Interesting info thanks for

Interesting info thanks for the share :)
MMA Forum

international number

How do I call CIBC Visa from Istanbul Turkey? A CIBC customer service person gave me an "international number " yesterday but it doesn't work.

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