Canada Post Telephone Number - Customer Service - Help - Tracking

Here is a list of numbers to call for any type of help or customer support for Canada Post. I noticed that their link off of Google just brings you to their lame e-mail contact form. So, here they all are, all on one page:

Canada Post General Information: 1-866-607-6301 (Available Monday-Friday 8AM<->6PM local time)

General Canada Post Information Outside of Canada: 1-416-979-8822

If you have a complaint/problem with Canada Post that you have not been able to solve through their regular customer service, consider contacting their ombudsman office at 1-800-267-1177. Only use this if you have been unable to solve your problem/issue through the usual channels. 

If you want to track a Canada Post item online, you can do it through Canada Post here

For international shipments, sometimes non-Canada Post tracking sites can give better information. One such example is this Russian parcel tracking site.

In 2016, 2017, Canada Post has been taking up to 3 months to deliver packages from China/HongKong shipped through plain airmail. I have often experienced this when I order $2 items from Ebay that have free shipping. Packages usually come in, but take a very long time. Often, I will forget that I have received the item, and then it will come in. Unfortunately, sometimes I have already bought the item locally, and now I have more than I need.

If you want your packages to arrive more quickly from China/Hong Kong, see if your seller can send it by ePacket for a few extra dollars. These packages clear customs much faster, and get treated as Xpresspost once in Canada. On Ebay, you may not have much choice in shipping methods, but on Aliexpress, you can usually pay the seller a few extra dollars for this. It's worth it when you need an item fast, or want tracking.

There is a HUGE thread on redflagdeals about Canada Post shipping being slow. Take a look for the latest updates on this situation. Chances are, it won't get better any time soon.

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Canada Post Telephone Number - Customer Service - Help -

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priority mail international parcel

I have a parcel shipped from the US that reached Canada and cleared customs in 2 days. It was then sent to the processing facility in Mississauga Ont (according to the tracking info) and has been sitting there since August 15th, (7 days). Unless someone decidied they needed this more than I do and stole it, this service is unacceptable. Why would it be sitting in the Gateway facility for this length of time? I will never use Canada Post again and will inform anyone shipping to me, not to use USPS and/or Canada Post ever again. Not surprizing that volumes are down. They will likely be down and out in my lifetime, and I understand why. Customer service is a nusinance!!

I totally agree. Same thing

I totally agree. Same thing happened to me with package from Germany. It took 10 days to get from Germany to Canada, clearing customs included, and since then it has been sitting in Mississauga. 10 days so far just sitting there- and no one to give any answers.
The company in Germany put in for an investigation, put that could take three or four months............ Reliable service, indeed. The Pony Express did better than that...


I sent package yesterday tracking # IS LT827226870CA saw signature so I know they got it but try to get on today cannot get signature now,can you please show me signature,if they sign for a letter does that mean they are not sending it back,just let me know how this works

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Never Ever Use Canada Post for E-Bay

I have ordered camera lense from US using E-Bay but still not received,
Shipper confirmed the tracking it show Delivered,
I haven'r received yet.

Never Ever Use Canada post for E-Bay,

I do not get my Important Mail because the Pastman Returns them!

I have suffered last year (2012) because the Postman in my area did not bring my Mail!!!! have complined several times and the Postman started bringing them, but again this Month (February 2013) AGAIN he is not bringing my mail!

How I suffered Last Year:
~ He sent back my parcel to Texas marking on it "Nobody lives at this address". He makes me sick!! I lived here 7 years, it is my house. So, I had to pay $23.65 to have it sent to me again!
~ I am a senior citizen therefore I am dependent on my retirement income, but, this Postman sent back the T4A slip sent from Revenue Canada to me, again writing on the envelope, "Nobody lives at this address". and the goverment stopped my payment. I went through hell to get reinstated and in the mean time I had no money to buy heating oil, my pipes are burst open and I got sick.

Since that time I paid a lot more to use UPS and FedEx and I have received all my parcels and mails well, but 2 people had to use the CanadPost to ship 2 parces to me, so, again I have not received 2 parcels; I have paid for those items and paid for the shipping cost but NOBODY CARES!!

i hate canada post

i have flight on this monday january 15 th and i don't have my passport yet. canada post never give me right answer. they always trying to prove them self. it's already 60 days over. tell me what to do . i am bride it's my wedding on january 18th. everything is set in my back home all relatives are already there and bride is here. can you please help me. please understand my problem.

Hi, I've sent a mail on Nov

I've sent a mail on Nov 11th and paid extra for the registration. The mail is meant for the U.S. But hasnt been delivered yet. I dont know where to contact. I have been trying to call the 1800....number which sucks of course . Can't we speak to a person instead? What should i do n whom should i call?

eBay purchase from Canada did not arrive in United States

I am very disappointed and feel like I am getting the runaround. I ordered an item on eBay, received a tracking number:
7210029033884474, I am unable to get some help because the seller claims they shipped the item via Canada Post on November 19th via airmail. I can't track the item in the USA either the tracking number is not recognized. What makes me angry is the fact either way the seller doesn't know certain package or letter types are not trackable when going outside canada and Canada Post is not very helpful either, estimated delivery time 4-7 business days small packet air, or is it Us letter-post 4-6 business days. What is? The seller is telling me they were informed Canada Post has not updated their tracking system within 10 days???? What a hassle what can I do to find my package.

Same tracking Problem

I’ve got exactly the same problem. So what is my chances of receiving my parcel?



Was wondering if anyone can

Was wondering if anyone can help me, Canada post is telling us they are going to stop delivering our mail, because we don't have a door on the front of our mail box, we live in a rr area of the city. Can this be done?...


I have a parcel and it has not been updated since 10 days ago and i didn't know what i can do to that, can you tell me what to do?

Small package sent from China

Small package sent from China on the 13th of May 2012
May 13/12 10:18, package left country of origin.
May 17/12 13:21, package arrived in Vancouver and is being inspected by customs.
May 17/12 14:34, package released from customs and in the hands of Canada Post for processing.
May 25/12 tracking has stopped no word as to where the package is.

China to Vancouver 4 days.
Vancouver to Kingston Ontario 8 days and counting.
expedite your way into oblivion. the sooner the better!

Never Using Canada Post for my eBay purchases ever again.

In this day and age I find it totally unacceptable to have to wait over 3 weeks for a delivery from 600 miles away... I will NEVER use Canada post again as this happens way too often. If a seller does not want to use a courier such as UPS or FEDEX I will simply buy elsewhere or not at all..
That's it for me Canada post you are obsolete and from another era.

parcel not received

my friend send me package of bags and wallets from HK,she put it in 2 separate package,the other one arrived but the 2nd parcel wasn't which is important contents of 1 bag and 2 wallets..where could I traced it?it doesn't have tracking number but my friend has a receipt that it was mailed in the post..

mail undelvered

i sent mail from india on the 4th of this month and it arived in canada on the 11th of this month. since then it has not been delivered. pls help me to deliver the mail. it is urgent. tracking number is ET580685265IN. REPLY PLS


I mailed Christmas cards by regular mail to India on 12/19/2011 and its 4 weeks today(01/16/2012) the cards have still not reached - i did not send by registered mail so i do not have a tracking number ...where should one go for such queries ..

Lost mail or just really slow?

I sent a small packet from British Columbia on the 6th of Dec to Perth Australia and it still hasn't arrived and its Jan 5th already. Did they lose my mail? How do I find where it is? I looked online, said it was suppose to be there in 6 to 10 days and its been way overdue. I'm so frustrated waiting to for it to get there. Is there anything I can do? I sent a snow globe (pretty durable one, one that wouldnt break) do you think they considered that a dangerous good and threw it out or something?

I got an "amount owing" ransom notice for a parcel I sent 4 xmas

December 29, 2011

I sent an Expresspost package to my sister from Regina to Ottawa just shy of 2 weeks ago - it cost me $30.00 to do it, but I wanted to make sure it arrived in time for Christmas. I tracked it online & they claimed there were issues with the address, that it was invalid & it was getting sent back to me. I called Canada Post & spoke to a representative & explained the issue - she lives in a small apartment building with only a few apartments & there are only names on the directory to buzz tenants (no numbers). Because of this I often leave the apartment # out, simply because it often causes more confusion when the delivery person doesn't see an apartment # (of course anyone with half a brain would then look at the last name on the package & find the corresponding last name in the directory, no?). I often send mail (through regular mail) to my sister at that address & leave out the apartment # & she receives it just fine, so I guess her mail-carrier has it figured out (& proving it can't be rocket science). What I can only conclude is that the expresspost parcel delivery person looked at the box & looked at the building & noticing it was a multi-unit building & that there was no apartment # on the box, was simply too lazy to go upto the door & look & just sent it back.

Today I received a "ransom notice" (that is really the only way to describe it); an "amount owing notice" saying I owe them 22.00 + tax if I ever want to see my sister's Christmas gift again. What the hell is that? I've never in all my life been charged a fee to get back something I already paid to have shipped! Now it will have cost me 50.00 to send & get back a small & fairly light-weight shoebox that only traveled within Canada!

As I mentioned I phoned their generic 800 #, but got the run around the 1st time & I called again when I received the ransom & ended up in an argument with a surly customer service (ha) rep, which is how I found out their claiming I provided an invalid address. I argued further that unless the delivery person can't read, there is no way it’s an invalid address, because all they had to do was look at the last name on the box & on the directory @ her front door (which they’d have to do anyway). And to add to my frustration, I had to spend nearly half the call listening to HER tell ME my being upset was assault & to stop threatening her & me explaining the difference between verbal assault & my justified dissatisfaction with their so-called "customer service"(she sure was milking her union & using any of its rules any way she can, that was obvious!)

If I was informed when I mailed the package that should something go wrong & the parcel be sent back to me, that I’d have to pay to get it back, I would have never sent it through Canada post in the first place. Who can actually afford it to take that risk?

I don’t suppose you have a number for someone that can help me with this?

Canada Post Postage Due

Officially, Canada Post does charge you for returned-to-sender packages. I'm not sure if it's customary to do so, I can only recall one package ever returned to me, and no postage was due. It wasn't Xpresspost though.

I think it's bunk that the package was returned for the address missing such a small bit of info. Sometimes I've seen a delivery notice left at the buzzers in these situations just telling you to go to the post office.

For at least some weeks of every year, different people fill-in for vacations, often temporary employees that may not yet know what they're doing yet. I'd suppose that smart employees would take their time off at the busiest time of the year :)

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ssghsg sjjsjtr 146776378

Thanks for the contact

Thanks for the contact numbers. Also thanks for the laughs, seriously I just don't think people pay attention.

Unreceived package

A package was sent to me from the King Street Post Office in Jamaica on Sept 2,2011. from my sister Yanquie Robinson address 1 I Gasspole Ave Kinston 2 Rock Fort the documentions in this pacakage are of impotance. I am yet to recived that package. the package was desting for 21 livoniaplace scarborough ontario m1e 4w5. any information that leads to the recovey of this package will be highly appreciated.

Thanks alot
my new address is
Apt 1106-100 lothertn pthway North York M6B 2G8

customer service

How in the world does someone speak to a live customer service rep -- you do have one don't you? Two and a half weeks have gone by and a letter I sent to Toronto from Ottawa still has not been delivered. Will someone please call me. I have frequently sent a letter to the same address with no problem.The recipient has not moved and retains the same postal code. Do you have a graveyard for undelivered letters or have you had similar problems with mail delivery during this period.

I suggest that you make yourself more easily available to your clients.Many of my friends don't have computers.Some have senior related issues.How many employees are working on the customer live service area. There are not enough - you might consider boosting up the number for the convenience of your clients.

Much appreciated,

Thank you

Where the hell is my son's box?!

So I go in to mail a parcel for my son who moved to Thunder Bay. I'm thinking I'll send it xpresspost so it's guaranteed. For whatever stupid reason I changed my mind and sent it by regular mail. I paid for the tracking crap and guess what?!!!! It's a week later and the only thing on it says "item has been received at the post office where I left it" Nothing else. WTF! I called the 1-800 number and was asked to call tomorrow. I'm so angry and frustrated. Why the hell do they have a tracking system they don't care to use. Wish I had known it was crap! Seriously, what's the best way to send something to my boy that's pretty much guaranteed? UPS? Please suggestions will be appreciated. I don't think I'll ever use Canada Post again. And yes, I did insure the parcel but I swear, I wish I had insured it for $5,000 cause if they don't get me that box soon, they better pay up.

Lexmark Cartridge Return Program

I understand from the location I bought my printer that Canada Post had a contract with Lexmark to accept and return all used cartridges under cartridge return program.

I have visited 2 northern Canada Post outlets and one accepted and forwarded the cartridges without question or hassle while the other refuses to do so and will not recognize that the program even exists with Canada Post.

I need to know which is correct and how I would go about getting the empty cartridges returned as I live in Fort Smith, NT and we only have a few limited options.

I am also checking for additional information from Lexmark to see if they have a solution to this issue. I feel that a 6 hour drive is a little excessive to return empty cartridges when there is supposed to be an agreement in place that allows me to do this through Canada Post.

Thank you for your time on this matter

Doraine Grenier
Office Manager
H&R Block Fort Smith Office
867 872 2489


does anyone know where i can contacts a postal facility in montreal .coz they have had my parcel for a month now


Well, I'd suggest you go to Canada Post's website and click tab that clearly says "Find a Post Office", but if you're not clever enough to figure that out then you're probably not clever enough to handle it from there either, so I guess I can't help you. Have you asked your Mom for help?

Thanks for having set up this contact number page

Hi - these contact numbers were invaluable - I have been having intermittent problems with mail delivery (wrong mail delivered to my house, not having important letters delivered etc.) and was able to get through in relatively little time to a representative. I am now going to be contacted by a local representative to discuss the issue and hopefully to have it resolved.

Great site and sorry for all the unrelated posts above from those who dont understand that this is not a Canada Post website.

Sheesh is right!

16 days and still in processing

Wow, bought some guitar from china on april 12, 2011, we are now the 27 and still the same message "Item process at postal facility (Mississauga ont)" i cannot beleive it, maybe the guy from CP is making is delivery on foot i'm in montréal.

Ha Ha Ha Ha!!

man this is funny.

My Mail is delayed

i am wating for my mail since one and half week '
its a registered mail .. , when i track the mail
ity says cant locate ur mail
now that's funny ...



It's obvious that this is NOT a website for Canada Post - it is just a website with numbers on it! Sheesh it's not that difficult to figure it out!

If you're having problems, stop writing pointless messages to a person who has NOTHING TO DO WITH CANADA POST, and instead phone one of the numbers above! Sheesh!

The funny bit is that I also

The funny bit is that I also have pages for major banks and people think it's their bank, even going through the process of creating an account here for some unknown reason, and then asking me to delete them because it wasn't what they thought it was. Just think of the shenanigans I could have pulled off.

Once I had my personal phone number (granted, it was a toll-free number), buried deep in a "Contact Me" page, and I would get calls thinking I was the Passport Office. It even took me a while to track down where I had put the number into my own website.

If only these companies would just make their phone numbers easier to find, but then again, the last thing they want is for you to call them, they'd rather you read their obviously-not-frequently-asked FAQ pages or the like.

Alas, I digress, the best I can do is be at least ethical and moral about it, but deleting comments for idiocy got old and tiring really fast, so I largely let them stay for posterity's sake, for which it seems you at least got a chuckle from.

missing canada psot

my letter post tracking no of Canada post is RW522125451CA SO PLEASE DO SOMETHING I NEED THAT POST AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE........

missing canada psot

hi my name is Jasveer Singh Grewal my sister is in Canada she send me a letter post by Canada post but it has not been delivered to me yet s please do something its very urgent for i need that letter post as early as possible.

canada post lost my package and not doing anything about it

i sold a blackberry bold 9700 on ebay buyer paid through paypal i shipped this on february 8, 2011 through canada post i also had a tracking number today is march 16, 2011 and the tracking number still says item accepted at post office and hasn't made any sort of movement at all when i contact canada post they keep telling me there running an investigation for a month now and today they told me that the package has been lost since march 2, 2011. When i called them after march 2nd they had told me they were still investigating they are full of shit they lie to you just so they can get off the phone with u. Customer disputed through paypal received his money. I lost my phone and money. Canada post is so arrogant they don't care about there customers at all.

File a claim.

Stop wasting your time asking them to help you. You're the sender. You paid for insurance, so claim it.
...You did pay for insurance, right? If not, well, you gambled and lost. But hey, expensive lessons are seldom forgotten.

CANADA POST SUCKS BIGTIME and they don't give a shit!

What a joke this corporation is. registered mail arrived in vancouver on the 21st of feb awaiting customs now march 4th and its still in same place with same message and now their website is down again... what a joke, these IT guys should return their paychecks back to the taxpayers. 2 weekends in a row down with no explaination, some jsf error. I really hope the government will privatize the mail service we have in Canada. Some days i get mail delivery some days nothing not even a postman on the street, seems like no accountabilty anywhere in this corporation at all. DAMN PIRATES that steal money based on honest hard work for the customer. Fire all the bastards and start fresh. I vow from this day forward i will pay double or triple for good service to a company that wants my business! AND NEVER USE CANADA POST EVER AGAIN

Tracking at Canada Post Useless

I've been trying to track a package sent to me on the Canada Post website. I've seen the same stupid description day after day with no change: "Item picked up by Canada Post" since Wednesday Feb 16. On the weekend, their site was down for over 24 hrs!!! When I called CP they said I should contact the vendor who shipped the item to put a trace on it. Of course the vendor says they have to wait a full week before investigating. Let's see, they've had Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday to move this package within Canada Post. Is it possible that the package is just sitting there somewhere and nobody within Canada Post is handling it? Or did an employee at CP steal it? It is so frustrating!!! Thanks for letting me vent.


I wouldn't know where to start. Suffice to say we are all very unhappy, disappointed, and in many cases dependent on recieving what Canada Post seems unable to deliver. My passport has been with canada post since the 17th, no further tracking available since that date. I missed my travel last week, and will likely be unable to make my flight today for a business convention. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING PEOPLE, THEIR INEFFICIENCY IS AFFECTING OUR LIVES!!

Take responsibility

On the other hand, people who are resposible enough to make sure the sender uses a faster and more reliable courier when they need something by a certain time don't tend to have this kind of problem. Food for thought, eh?

are canada post still working or not????????????

i have two parcel since a month now to galaxy uptill now there never deliver it plz can someone tell me what is going on in that there office only write review by custorm i'm really tired of this 4 real... i even called there online phone i can't reach to anyone...

lost package

on date 10/02/2011 the item with bar code number RA286645686IT was tracked leaving Toronto back to its destination. Postal address is
Angelo Atzei
Vuursteeglaan 8
2161 GE Lisse
The netherlands ( Olanda)

The above item has not yet been tracked by the dutch TNT.
Could you please let me know at which address what sent by Canada post?
thank you

And you think this site is Canada Post becaaaaause....???

WTF is wrong with you people who post your specific problems on a site like this an expect some kind of reply from Canada Post?

Lost package get an email from the online site I bought from, saying the package attempted delivery and left a ticket, but I didn't get one, so I went to the post office, and just said that the parcel wasn't there and to come back later. I did that, but to no avail. I even brought in the printed email and one from the post office as well, saying the parcel is there. Like, c'mon!! It shouldn't be that hard to get a package from the stupid post office!!! Oh and btw...the desk worker wasn't that nice either, telling me to phone Canada Post.

nothing nothing and nothing what the heck?!

Items ordered on US ebay to be sent to me in Canada between November 2010 and January 2011
1) iphone (USPS priority international small flat rate box) -- >30 days to arrive (shipped November 4 arrive December 6)
2) sheet of plexiglass, 9"x12"x0.125" (regular mail) - NEVER arrived - seller sent another
3) sheet of plexiglass seller re-sent, same size (regular mail) - 3 weeks and counting shipped first week January
4) 2x computer fans, from Hong Kong (never more than 10 days in 2009 from Hong Kong) Sent January 6, today February 3, still waiting
5) Stick of RAM from California US, sent regular mail January 16, today Feb 3, still waiting.
6) Windows Transfer kit (USPS priority international small flat rate envelope) - arrived after 15 days, entire end of envelope was open - I did not have to open the envelope to remove the box inside. No tape applied by Canada Post, no sticker to indicate that it arrived to Canada post that way.

In the years since I've been buying and selling on ebay, I have NEVER NEVER seen Canada Post service so unacceptably slow, or so poor a treatment of packages.


Lost cassette tapes from: Tour D La Bourse,Montreal, Quebec.H4Z

About mid/end October 2010, a Psyhic tape was mailed to me : Doreen J. King 65 Greencresat Circuit, Apt, 1419, Scarborough (Toronto) Ontario. M1G 3T9.. NOT RECEIVED. ....IT WAS RETURNED TO SENDER AND RE-MAILED OUT ON nOVEMBER 5TH,2010, STILL NOT RECEIVED....Another tape was sent out Dec. 3rd, 2010.. NOT RECEIVED ! Now another is to be mailed about 17th/18th January 2011 AND its not here either. I do not have any such thing as a tracking number and I allowed for Christmas rush but this is a little bit re-diculous. Where are my tapes going or where are they ??????? All of these tapes have been sent from the Subject address....I can see maybe one getting lost but not four......PLEASE find my cassette tapes.......... Doreen

Consult your psychic!

Consult your psychic about the tapes he/she sent. Maybe he/she can predict when they'll arrive. Also consult him/her regarding how to spell "ridiculous". And then ask him/her why the hell they're still using tape. WTF?

And congrats on the identity theft you're sure to face now that you've posted your personal info on the Internet.


I sent out a parcel the 4th of January. it's in Montreal since the 11th,why ?

Ooh, I like this one!

Because the giraff hid the orangutan's pencil!

...Right? Is that the right punchline?

Trying to get a Express Package Redirected.

Why do you have numbers listed, options to speak to a representative and yet when you take the time to go through the process, you get disconnected. Having said that, I chose to have English as my language of choice, and I get a message recorded in French, before the line goes CLICK!! Do you realize just how frustrating this is after you go through the same process repeatedly, to get the same result, CLICK!!!!!!!!

Problem #1- Maybe Canada

Problem #1- Maybe Canada Post should start working shifts other than Monday - Friday. (Heaven forbid a person get a package on a Saturday)
Problem #2- It is impossible to find a phone # for Canada Post and if one is located is only good till 6PM

Canada Post wonders why they cant compete with UPS Purolator and other companies, you dont even work more than 8 hours. I purchased an item on Tuesday. The seller XPRESSPOST the item and was assured that it would arrive by Friday as it was a unique gift to be given on the SUNDAY. I checked the tracking number (9114 6014 9725 1002) and it shows that it hasnt even left the facility!!!!!! This is extremely annoying and there will definately be some MAJOR FOLLOW UP. I want answers why something that is purchased from someone an hour down the road, takes more than 3 days (and counting) to deliver??

How to get answers

Step one: Ask the right people. Telling people that have nothing to do with it that you want answers will not get you answers. Try contacting Canada Post. They're the ones responsible for deliveries sent via Canada Post. See how that works? Good luck.



on a 23rd August Nicola Joan Dawson Toronto Ontario sent a birthday parcel addressed to Colleen Thornborrow to Francistown Botswana Africa - Canada Post Tracking no cc105899455ca - refers. Today is the 22nd September a2010 and ONE LATER and that parcel has still not been received. The tracking website shows it has been to customs twice and still not received. Can you tell me what is happening with this parcel - how can it take a month to get to its destination? I note that the tracking page also notes that the "parcel has been redirected to recipients new address" - Hello! what new address, there is only one address, the original address that the sender sent it to!

There is just no help in the destination country, no one can assist hence this email to you.

Look forward to hearing from you with thanks and regards

Ya, I'm not Canada Post, I

Ya, I'm not Canada Post, I just run a website with their phone numbers. I'd say try calling one of them!


EVERYONE LISTEN UP................................For all of our sanity we must start utilizing UPS/Purolater - any other way to get mail to a destination besides Canada Post - it is ridiculous the ropes a consumer must go through to find a parcel and WE mailed and WE paid for. TIME TO SWITCH CANADA!

Great! How will you pay me?

I agree, Canada Post provides less reliable service than the courier companies. I'd love to use the couriers instead. So are you going to cover my huge cost increase to do so?



I work at Canada Post and

I work at Canada Post and this doesn't surprise me. The workers on the inside plant don't care about people,all they care about is themselves.They get paid an insane amount of $ and are the laziest federal government workers ever. It is hard to look at when you are a hard worker and the union always backs them up. Impossible to get fired for being inadequate.

Track No:LY404268306GB

I sent a document from United Kingdom on the 19th of September,2011 and i was told it was going to take 4-5 working days to get to the destination.On tracking the document,i realised it has since been in Halifax since 24th of September,2011 and has not gone any futher.Pls can you help to do something about as there are some document that needs to be delivered to the destination for my FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER VISA.Pls,this is my life.I want you to help meoooooooooooo

Hope to hear from u.Thanks.


Treated like the Enemy!


I saw you work for canada post.maybe you can help me

I ordered something from canada and the seller shipped it on monday night canada post expedited USA" with tracking but when i go to tracking page and check out the status all it says is "2011/03/14 06:42 Order information received by Canada Post".should i be worried my package is lost or never shipped because its not updating?has anyone had this issue before?all the packages ive ordered from canada with canada post have been tracked from start to finish.Any words of advice?Ive contacted the seller and he states he shipped every package scanned?i called canada post and they said most likely he didnt ship it yet.

any help would be greatly can email me at [email protected]

Tracking info is often not updated

The tracking info is supposed to be updated whenever something happens with the shipment, but often it's just not. For packages shipping from Canada to the U.S.A., you can also check the same tracking number on the USPS site . They'll start tracking it as soon as is clears Customs. From that point the Canada Post site will only say that it's left the country. Occasionally it will be updated when the package is delivered, but that usually fails to get done.

And congrats on your new pile of spam for posting your e-mail address online.

trackingcode costs 50 dollar?

somebody sent me a package. but i wanted a trackingcode. he told me, that it will cost him 50 dollar to send it to the Netherlands, is i wanted a trackingcode.
Is this true?


International Small Packets costs about $10, takes about 2 weeks, and has no insurance and no tracking. If you want tracking you'll need to use a more expensive option. You'll also get it faster, and have insurance as well.

Hi I've sent a mail to

Hi I've sent a mail to montreal yesterday march 23 @ 9h30am, I ve been told that will be @ destination today, when I checked it seems still in edmonton after more than 27h!!!!???? Since it is a Gega URGENT mail. Please let me know when that can be delivered, tnx.

Canada post insurance

Hello, My brother sent me an iphone and insured it for $700, if it comes broken what do I do?
Email me at [email protected] please I need to know

Tell the sender.

Your brother claims the insurance and sends you a new iPhone.
And congrats on the ton of new spam you'll be getting now that you've posted your e-mail address online.


I sent a parkage on 21th of this month and I was told that it will get to the destination today but when I checked it with the tracking number I can see that it has not been delivered . Please I want to know if there is any problem sending it because it urgent. The tracking number is RA000025664PK. I will like to get a reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

Broken items in my parcels

I sent some parcels back to Hamilton, ON, from Black Falds, AB, when the parcel reached my house all of theitems were broken, there were holes in the box, they lady in Black Falds put many fragile stickers on it as well as mewriting GLASS ITEMS FRAGILE. I could not believe my eyes when I got the parcel and everythiong was smashed and broken. I have lost my faith in Canada Post and will not ship anything with them again. This is the second incident where they have either lost or damaged property that is being shipped via Canada Post. The first was a bankdraft that was over night courier that got lost. I am not happy with the service, I have my broken box of articles and am wondering where I take it to get a refund for the items and for the shipping back.

To Debbie-Lee or anyone else

To Debbie-Lee or anyone else with that problem:
A damaged shipment will be reimbursed by Canada Post via the insurance that was applied to the shipment by the sender. Contact the sender and tell them about the damage, so they can claim it and either reimburse you or replace your order. Any shipment send via Expedited or faster automatically has $100.00 insurance coverage, and the sender can purchse more. They should insure it for the full value. But if it was sent by regular parcel post there is no insurance and you may be out of luck.

delivery not recieved

I change my adress and I CALL YOU ABOUT THAT BUT in that time I dont have the track # and now I have that what 2 do to det my box come from Baghdad to canada jest let me know because this box importent to me I have books for my kids

thank u

delivery confirmation

I sent a parkage on 27th of this month and I was told that it will get to the destination today but when I checked it with the tracking number I can see that it has not been delivered . Please I want to know if there is any problem sending it because it urgent. The tracking number is LT524676491CA. I will like to get a reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

an emergency phone number to report mail boxes theft

Why can't Canada Post have a phonre number to report mail boxes that were opened illegally?

Canada Post Emergency Number

From my window I could see that our community mailbox was left unlocked and with winds over 70 km/hr, it won't take long for the mail to be on the street. It took me almost 10 minutes to get through to someone. I put tape on the door hoping that no mail was lost. An emergency number would be useful. Website of no use in this situation.

Canada Post does have a

Canada Post does have a security-related phone number (which they do make easy to find, I guess when it's something that serves them, they make the phone number easy to find, but when it's to serve you, they make it difficult).
That phone number is: 1-800-267-1177
Having said that, I think it would be reasonable to call your police's NON-emergency number to report it. I would say it's no different than walking by a store that should be closed and seeing its front door wide open.
The US has Postal Inspectors that carry guns and are largely similar to police officers for investigating postal fraud, but such is not the case in Canada.