Sympatico Telephone Number: Billing, Problems, Complaints, Tech Support Help

For all of the above services, including Sympatico Billing, Sympatico Tech Support, and any/all other problems, like changing your method of payment, or moving services, or just plain signing up:

Sympatico Telephone Numbers

Ontario & Quebec: 310-SURF (no charge dial)
The rest of Canada: 1 - 800 - 773 - 2121

Want Faster Sympatico Help?

If you want faster service for technical support, and you're willing to pay for long distance, call the DIRECT numbers listed here.

I've also heard, if you want to avoid their India-based technical support, get connected to their billing department (which is purely based in North America), and say you made a mistake and wanted technical support and you want to be transferred to there. They can only transfer you their North American based technical support, since their connection to India works differently, or so the story goes.

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Changing Sympatico to Tbe Loop

We have lived with the changes to your web site, but we are very unhappy with the new appearance of the Loop. We would like to know how to readily access Bell Mail when we change to another home page, as we no longer want to use The Loop.

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interested in class action suit against Sympatico for large $

Sept. 20 2011, Sympatico made changes to their outgoing email server, that forces any and all email addresses you use, to chnage the originating address to, [email protected] then, whoever you wrote to replies, and the email, in many cases, goes nowhere because for those of us with our own email addresses, domains and so on, we never set up or desired the Sympatico one.

The number of examples of how this is a disaster are legion. Politically, it destroys your right to anonymous internet presence, a tested right in Western countries to preserve freedom and democracy. It also destroys anyone's privacy who may have an email address that shields their opinions from their real names. It also means families that may all use different first names or whatever now, all have their emails appear to be from the registrar of the account and all replies would go to them. So your wife's email will appear to be from you or vice-versa and all replies go to the same inbox, or none at all as in my case, where I had not set it up.

Bell, AKA Sympatico, did not tell anyone they were doing this, except in the 'Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy' way, meaning they posted some kind of a notice in a manner that anyone affected by this change was not likely to ever see. They most certainly did not ask for permission either.

I believe this would be grounds for a class action suit as the damage it did was potentially large to huge numbers of people. This would be anyone who has a Sympatico internet account but uses their own email address

Please post replies here if anyone knows a lawyer that would be interested in picking this up. I plan to continue to work on this. It took me four days even to realize what they did, and spent over 9 hours on the phone with them where even their own tech people were quite often stunned at the arrogance and stupidity of this move. I have those calls recorded by the way, so it may be useful for the case. After all, if they can record calls for "quality assurance" then why can't we right?

Looking forward to your responses.

Incidentally, I bet many of you have noticed something odd with the email and haven't quite figured it out yet. I hope you read this before it does real damage to your life.

Internet cutting out

I have sent 3 emails to Bell and my husband has called them about the same problem. It seems like my internet service has been down more then it is available. Same, of course, with the email. We had that email delay, I had read about, on the weekend. May have been other times but just noticed it on this past weekend. Our adult son was out of town and sending us an email is his schedule changed. We did not get a couple of his emails until after we talked with him on the phone, My husband has Rogers servce on his Black Berry so we thought it might have been the problem but now I am not so sure.
During the phone conversation they tried to say the problem is out our end. I don't think so!. We bought a new router because I have the wireless connection for my computer and our son has the main set up in his room. He is really quite computer savy and he knew everything was connected correctly. It is frustrating. Our local TV cable company offers internet and such. We are thinking about switching but it is a pain telling every one our email address has changed. Just made contact with some of these people in the last year.


Suddenly on July 20 2010 I couldn't access my 2 sympatico email accounts. Every time a tried to get in I was diverted to a page requiring me to join windows live. I don't want to switch my accounts to Why would I ? But there was no way to get around it so I switched one of my accounts hoping they would send all of my email in the sympatico account to the new live account. They didn't. I have years of personal and business contacts in my email accounts and I can't find anyway to get them or anyone to talk to . I truly hate sympatico.

Stop! Do not get Sympatico

If you have any other choice for internet service then arrange for it over Sympatico. You will most certainly save yourself future aggravation.

If I were on a deserted island and my only way off was to send an email thru sympatico, well, I'd still be on that island.

access number

what number can I use to check my cell phone account with sympatico?


When I use "" I get a message cannot be found. Can you tell me the correct address to add newsgroups to my Windows live email Please and thank you Dennis

I am suing. Can you help?

I am filing a small claims suit against Bell for over billing and breaching a contract (promise by phone and Email). I will be filing the claim tomorrow and serving it either tomorrow evening or on Friday.

If anyone can post info that I can somehow substantiate, it would be much appreciated.

I am looking for stories similar to mine, over billing, broken promises, endless run-around (I spent more than 20 hours on the phone with over two dozen people), constant hang ups when certain questions are asked (for instance, I asked someone in Billing what they were going to write on my account, since so many things had NOT been written on my account and they promptly hung up), promises of refunds and then claims the promise was never made, promises of certain services (say, Internet speed) that were broken and disavowed, having to give 'name rank and serial number' over and over again on the same call, etc.

I will be filing tomorrow and have my own evidence and links to a CRTC decision about a rebate situation where Bell exhibited the same behavior. I would like to present corroborating material if I can. Scraping websites is better than nothing, but Emails confirmed by a phone call and/or letters in writing would be much more effective.

Whether or not I prevail in court, I will publish the process, evidence submitted and the outcome of the case so that others can follow suit.

In my case, they PROMISED not to take me off a 'plan' and send me back to 'base rates' in 2005 after doing it to me once. Sometime between then and now, I discovered (I don't see the bills) that they had broken that promise and were charging me as much as 78 cents a minute for North American LD calls.

The month I complained (Dec 2008) I actually used Skype for most of my LD calls. They cost me $3.00 for about 1100 minutes. The same minutes, had they been done on my home phone would have cost me more than a hundred times as much. Bell would have billed me 32.xx cents per minute versus Skype which I calculated cost me $.0029 cents per minute.

From Whenever they did their 'stealth switch' to bogus 'basic rates' until December 2008 when I caught them, they billed me at these crazy rates and they will not refund a cent. It took me three months and weeks of my personal time to get a firm determination that this was the case. I was initially promised a credit of over 400 dollars (not nearly enough, but something) in December, but they disavowed that in March and then proceeded to put me through further hell alternately saying they were investigating and not to pay the bill and then calling me to threaten they would cut off my service. Oh my.

Anyway, if anyone can help me gather and substantiate similar horror stories, I would much appreciate it.

I *was* actually given a refund in 2005. If anyone has fought and won, I would appreciate hearing that too, even if it was easy.

Im real pissed off with sympatico and ur lack of helping me.

Yesterday i sent u an email with requests.--So since u wont respond-u will when i stop paying the bills-then we will settle this fraud on ur part in court. And why can i not have ur email so i can have a record of this email.

I have nothing to do with

I have nothing to do with Sympatico at all, I just run this website with a listing of their phone numbers.


I have been talking with out of country Bell people everyday since Jan 8,2009 sometimes 3 hours at a time trying to get the security part of Sympatico installed. I keep getting the run around. I have spent over 20 hours just talking to India. You cannot seem to talk with anyone of authority a Bell. The management are completely invisible but show up for their pay cheque or try to sell the company. Bell used to be a company you could reach but not anymore. This company should be taken to task for the complete disregard they have for their customers and why do they have to go off-shore for support people. Do we not have anyone in Canada that could do the job as well or better. All comes down to dollars I suppose and to hang with the customer. I see Jimmy Pattison is on the Bd of Diretors. Did he build his empire on poor service, I think NOT. If he is on the Board does he not know what is going on?? Wish I had never heard of Sympatico.

Thank you for the comment, I

Thank you for the comment, I think you've just echoed what A LOT of people are thinking, especially regarding management.

Executive Support Number

Bell has an Executive Solution Center at 1-866-317-3382. This support center is based in Ottawa and this number was obtained by a client because they complained that the support given at 310-SURF (7873) was so heavily accented they had problems understanding them. This has been an issue for my clients more than once.

bell sympatico contact info

i was able to come across some very good contact info for any bell sympatico problems. i have been having billing issues for over a year and no one at the normal bell numbers seems to be able to correct it. i tried using the bell sympatico chat session. get this when i asked for the general managers office number i was told they don't have that information. i was instead given a snail mail contact address. funny how one of the largest communication companies has no telephone service or email i looked online and i was able to find the president and vice president's emails and numbers :)

Kevin Crull
President - Residential Services (Expressvu satellite TV, Sympatico internet, and wireline phone)
[email protected]
ph: (416) 581-2923
fx: (416) 593-1338
Executive Assistant: Jacqueline Fowler
[email protected]

483 BAY ST. (BTS)
TORONTO, Ontario, M5G 2C9

Wade Oosterman
Pres - Bell Mob.& BDI & Chief Brand Off. (wireless phones)
[email protected]
ph: (905) 282-4944
fx: (905) 282-3553
Assistant: Laura Mihalis 905-282-4945


Thanks, anonymous Bell Canada worker! — BEN POPKEN

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