Expressvu Telephone Numbers: Sales, Technical Support, Activations, Pointing, Programming

Bell makes it a bit difficult to find the number for their service when you need to call them. Hey Bell! Not everything can be solved myself, that's why I want to call you! Grrrrr.

Anyways, here it is:

Bell Expressvu Satelite TV Phone Number: 1 888 SKY-DISH (759-3474)

Activation support is available 7 days per week 8AM-9PM including holidays

Technical Assistance is available 24/7 (how nice of them!)

Billing and General Informtion is available M-F 8AM<->9PM and Saturday 9AM<->6PM. Closed Sundays

If you use Bell Long Distance, don't forget to see how I saved over $150/year simply by switching Canadian LD companies!

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Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service today and I am so glad to be getting my satellite TV back Cable sucks!!!

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service today and I am so glad to be getting my satellite TV back Cable sucks!!!

Bell PVR-One input line from satellite

Does anyone know if it is possible to do??-can you get some sort of splitter because the PVR has 2 inputs for lines--Could you just put the one line in and record just 1 show at a time??


I have a bell hd receiver that worked fine last night,
And now it won't even turn on... It's plugged in and
Everything thing else is hooked up right? Can I get
Some answers please...

Christmas eve

Wow...I just wanted to write a letter to Bell and now I see in so many ways, I'm not alone. Yup, I thought I'd have better things to watch tonight...Christmas Eve and all. Nope. I've seen "It's a wonderful Life" and " A Christmas Carol" soooo many times and there's nothing else. Up until now, I was always telling people to get Bell, how great it was, etc. Soooo sheltered am I. I was at a neighbours tonight. They have Shaw. On it was " Bishops Wife", "White Christmas" and several other great Christmas classics. I left and went home thinking I'd have those movies too. No, I had "It's a wonderful Life" and " A Christmas Carol" which had been playing all night and the night before. I love those movies but .....over and over and over all night and the night before. It makes me seriously reconsider Shaw. I pay $74. a month and Christmas is a time when I really want the old stuff, variety, good programing. I'm sitting here writing this at 12:54 on Christmas Eve. What does that tell you? I'm going to look into Shaw. I think I'm paying a lot and I don't get what my neighbour gets for less. Am I wrong or is Bell with Ripoff Rogers? I hope not else it seals the deal. nan


I was a Bell Telephone customer for over 30 years and finally switch to a cheaper provider, Rogers Cable. It was a seamless transition, I kept my same number, the ydid the cancelling for me, it was geat. Since then, I get letters from the Vice President telling me how sorry they are to loose me as a customer,they would offer me this and that to get me back (almost brought a tear to my eyes), they call, and call, and call, trying to get me back..........I said, you should have offered me all these deals BEFORE someone else did and maybe I would have stayed, anyway, I'm happy with Rogers. I also have BellExpressVu, haven't had a problem so far. I did have a problem with my old remote and when I called the guy was rude and basically said, go buy a new one. I need to call BellExpressVu about a problem I'm having with my VCR hook-up, now I'm afraid to call after reading all these negative comments. Bell has to start being people friendly or they will loose more and more customers. If a company treats me badly, I simply, cancel my service and go somewhere else........hear that Bell...go somewhere where they treat their customers like they matter.

Lost channels

On hold now "after hours" trying to get back the channels we're supposed to have after upgrading our package. Keep getting hit with "sorry, call back Monday" even though this is their error.

I was on hold for almost

I was on hold for almost 2hrs...........and this is while they were trying to get me as a customer.. Had 4 different prices and ways of doing receivers activation charges to the end i was suppose to get receivers from them, free for 1 yr, and installation for 3. i ended up with install for 2 and 1 receiver...... i guess bad idea to deal with them, i think i may take advantage of return with no money spend within my 10 day grace period! On top of that can't get through to them again to talk abou it..guess it might be more than 10 days before i get in contact with them again...........has to be planned that i know why ppl resort to stealing signal..................grr pissed off!!

Pathetic service

My satellite has been out for two hours, no progress, I have been on hold for almost an hour. Shaw may have a new customer, they certainly will if I get a representative in India.

Satellite service

Got up this morning at 5h30 and no news. Must be their satellite which is down. Will be phoning India in an hour!!! So Shaw is offering deals to switch???

Bell Service

I have to say that I experienced grief with Bell shortly after I moved to a new house. It took almost a full month to get service but they were very apologetic and they jumped through hoops to keep me as a customer. I have been a bell customer for approx 15 years and that was the first time anything ever happened service wise. They even threw in 2 free months and a years discount on my bill for the inconvenience their delay caused. I never had to wait on the phone more than a few minutes, they are always courteous and make sure before ending the call that they have dealt with all my concerns. Bell also does a follow up call, generally within an hour after my initial call, to inquire if my needs were met and if I had any other concerns. I will keep Bell as my server and encourage others to do the same. I prefer the screen provided by Bell over Shaw any day. My niece has Shaw and her service goes down way more times than Bell in bad weather. Her Shaw goes down even in good weather and she's always cursing about it.

Bell vs. Shaw/Starchoice

Because Bell has actual competition in the TV arena from Shaw/Starchoice and local cable providers (plus the internet!), they tend to actually provide good service on the TV side of things.

Now, when you're dealing with their cellular service, or, heaven forbid, their local telephone service, you may see them at their worst.

I am surprised to hear that Shaw goes down in bad and good weather: Shaw's satellite signal is one that is actually far BETTER than Bell's at penetrating through bad weather.

I'd suggest that your niece get someone to look at the mounting of her satellite, perhaps it's not properly mounted or aimed. It really shouldn't be going out, perhaps the wind is moving it around (or blowing a tree in and out of the signal's way)

totally discouraged and dissatisfied with the service

I've never seen such poor comunication with a supposably "COMMUNICATION COMPANY" ! First of all my phone was out of service due to a storm (lightening). Bell Canada said a Tech would be at my home August 18th between the hours of 8am-12noon. Taking a special leave day to address the problem I waited patiently at home. The technician arrive at 3:45 WITHOUT a previous common courtesy call. Unfortunatly I could have just left work a little bit early instead of wasting a days leave. Deciding to bundle my internet phone and cable with Bell was an extreme unsatisfying challenge. First I had to get a guy to cut branches off my oak tree in front of my house, then get another guy to install a mount. Then I literally spent two full weeks trying to get an installer to come to my home to install a dish and receivers setting up the situation. Bell Canada simply WOULD NOT ACCOMODATE me at all! They kept telling me when the installer was coming to my home (on a day that I would be working). Word of warning.......Customer service is a thing of the past!

Playlist for Galaxy Station 905

Hello, I am trying to access the playlist for the radio station Galaxy 905....can you email me the instructions....thanks

bell tv phone numbers

Wow Bell wake up people!
You guys are gonna be bankrupt if you don,t start answering questions and concerns in canada with ENGLISH speaking people.
You people lie about renting a reciver and then bill for buying it , you then make it hard to disconnect by sending people to india or costa rica????????????

this is pure nonsense, I have tried 5 times in 4 weeks to get thru to someone in india who can help me and they CAN,T SPEAK ENGLISH,




how to speak to an agent

hit 1 for english\
then menu item 6 followed by 4. i have always spoken to a clear speaking agent.

Bell expressu

The worst to deal with, I rented the old receiver from them form 1999 to 2009. 10 yeras and bought a new HDTV so I wanted HD service??..What hell I went throgh with bell. After 4 months of calling and waiting I got it. Not very picture for HD, I then returned there old 2700 unit to them. Then my bill they charged me an extra $82.43 for a DOWN CONVETER. I don't have one I told them. Only ONE TV and the cable from the wall went to the unit only!..Nothing else. After 100 calls an 20 letters still NOTHING!!..I sold my new bell HD 6131 I got at Visions on craigslist. Then I went I got SHAWS hd box. Well all Shaws bundle, phone, internet an TV..WOW!!! what color plus 10..Bell neg 3 crap..Reported Bell to BBB and now is going to court!...Not happy with Bell.

Programming Bell Expressvu(BEV)

Finally, after some months of dealing with various BEV reps as to why their competitors offer optional progamming, specifically the ability to opt for Detroit News channels in lieu of Boston channels. In some areas of Canada, in Bell's eyes, we are not worthy. A nice young lady today finally verified that Bell does not feel there are enough people, particularly in Ontario who want to watch Detroit. Therefore Bell will not make that an option as supplied by their competition.
Additionally, a year or so ago, I called Bell with respect to a massive dead reception area. Their competition has since erected a tower, but Bell indicated they had absolutely no plans to do so.

Shaw have apparently taken over Star Choice and are offering an excellent 'switch over' for both equipment and service. I attempted to alert Bell representatives to this hoping I would speak to someone who cares. Bottom line is they do not. My only option is to now prepare and forward a letter(s) to the major newspapers in Toronto. Apparently, Bell monitors that area very closely. I can not begin to imagine that culturally there is not an significant enough business argument to supply the news and weather and other local programming out of Michigan (Detroit).

These people only want some of our business. Great to be able to be selective.

Here is another trick. They

Here is another trick. They always are glad to take your money so simply choose the option to 'activate a new reciever' you will be blownb away at the speed at which your call is answered!
You get put in a shorter queue.

"They always are glad to

"They always are glad to take your money". Isn't that the truth!

Another Tip

Choose the french queue if you want to talk to someone in North America. I've been calling ExpressVu now about 3 times a day, have had so many problems. I find this has worked OK. Only once did someone french pick up who spoke little english - they transferred me. Worth a try anyways. These India help desks are pathetic.

One trick that I have heard

One trick that I have heard for technical support anyway, is to call and ask for billing. All of the billing people are in Canada. If they transfer you from billing to technical support, they'll transfer you to their Canadian support, since transferring that call to India would add too much lag and have a bad connection (since the call would be first going to billing, and then relayed to India or wherever). I am pretty surprised that you're having such trouble activating, one would think they'd want your money. I would suggest calling a Bell Store and asking them for advice, perhaps they can activate it in store, or call one of their special numbers to handle that sort of thing.


I've been trying to contact Bell ExpressVu now for a really long time to get my satellite dish activated. I use the 1-888-SKY-DISH number, but cannot get through to them. At times, I've been on hold for approximately one full hour. Is there any other number that I could use to reach them? My dish is up and ready to go, but cannot get no package due to no one being there to answer my call. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me out in anyway possible.

Bell phone numbers

Not sure where you are located, here are the numbers on the back of my Bell bill for you.
Ontario and Quebec customers only: 310-2355
All other provinces in Canada call 1-888-769-3474

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