BMO Bank of Montreal Mosaic Mastercard Customer Service/Support/Help Numbers

For BMO Mosaic Mastercard Support, here are the numbers to call for help, as from the back of a BMO Mosaic US Dollar Mastercard, which seems to be the only no-fee US$ card in Canada:

USA/Canada: 1-800-263-2263

Overseas (Which you may call collect): 514-877-0330

You may wish to keep a copy of these numbers while travelling, so you know which numbers to call in case you lose your card or it gets stolen. 

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Order Cancellation

On Sunday Nov 30, 2014 I attempted to order a product from website. On creating the order I neared the end of the transaction only to have their system lock up.

I then attempted to create the order for a second time even setting up an account with Neat Company. The system crashed for a second time.

As I was not able to confirm the order I went online and discovered the product was available locally.

Shortly thereafter I received an email confirming the order. I was concerned as I had entered the data twice. I attempted to contact Neat but the ph contact was off til the next day.

I immediately sent an email advising Neat of what happened and asked that the order be cancelled.

The next day I received a response from Neat asking for my phone number and a convenient time they could call.

I gave them the number and asked that they call immediately.

I received no response....

I and my wife made numerous attempts to contact Neat but was put on hold for from 45 minutes to 1 hour with no response. I even called their sales number which was answered in a few minutes. The sales rep said he would transfer me to customer service only to have me remain online for another 50 minutes.

I then contacted BMO credit to find out if the charge had gone thru even though I had cancelled the order. When I eventually contacted a BMO representative ( this took another hour ) I was told that even though I had received an email from the Neat company that if they did not have a cancellation clause on their site there was nothing they would do for me.I find that a company can by simply not responding to a customer complaint charge an item to a BMO credit customer without retribution from BMO.

I have been a BMO customer for over 25 years. This is the first time I have requested assistance. I became irate when I discovered that the bank would not help and of course the rep simply hung up the phone.

That Is great.. The merchant can ignore my calls and the bank simply sides with the merchant.....

wrong charges to my MC Card

I have called your MTL office for charges to my MC Card from PRESS New York in the amount of $9.60 in Mar and I received a new Card with a slightly different number but I am still receiving the same mistake with my New Number and I have sent PRESS New York a msg to that effect and I am wondering how is it possible that they have received my new card no?

disputed charge on my mastercard

I phoned Mastercard the other night and talked to Ramo about a charge from McAfee that was not authorized by me and she told me to phone McAfee which I did. I told them I already had AVG virus control loaded onto my computer and that they had no authority to load McAfee onto my computer. She told me I would be refunded on my Mastercard and the confirmation number is CS1448851737. Ramo told me to contact you again with this confirmtion number and you will remove it from my mastercard. It's for $79.99 US will see it on my mastercard statement 5191 2300 6911 4594. If you have any questions please contact me. Thank you, Joy Livingstone

Malfunction of Mastercard

I recently received a replacement for my previous Air miles MasterCard due to a malfunction. The new card stopped working after one use. I have been unable to reach your customer service by phone. Please rectify the situation asap.

I took it back to the place I

I took it back to the place I bought it as a faulty device. I now have a brand new, shiny nexus 7 accessories in my hands.

Address change

Could you please change my mailing address from 4870 Marshall Rd. to
3819 Cavin Rd.
Duncan B C

can't upload profile

Hi,i think i have been blocked by pof.but i haven't done nothing wrong can you please let me know what's going profile has been deleated?..thanks

credit card sentinel

What do you know of Credit Card Sentinel, do you approve of this outfit and how save is it. please give me yout comments.

How do I pay my Mastercard and Line of Credit from overseas?

I have recently moved to New Zealand and am in the process of closing my Canadian bank accounts. How do I go about paying the remaining balance of my BMO Mastercard and Line of Credit using the funds in the New Zealand bank account?

Not able to make phone contact

Hire some help for goodness sake. I call and noone seems to be home. Wait time 15 minutes. Higher wait due to heavy calling volume sounds like a load of road apples to me. Why don't you have a call back system so I don't sit like a zombie and wait for you to pick up. This is not BMO type service. Get with it please. My number is 250-672-5902. I promise i will not make you wait for 15 minutes to pick up.


I have been dealing with BMO Mastercard for several years. On my last statement, I have a service charge for a Cash Advance. I have NEVER taken out a cash advance with you. I have tried phoning, only to be told that there is a 20 minute wait, and it doesn't matter what time, or what day, it is!! It's pretty BLOODY ridiculous that a big company like this, makes it's customers wait so long to talk to a person about their problems with their account. Your response? David Reid

Mastercard Question

Just got off the phone with a BMO agent to ask about a potential problem with a credit card merchant. I was asked a few questions that I answered correctly to verify who I am. The agent said I need t o go to a BMO bank and I told her I do not have a bank in town but I need this question answered before I go to the States. She said sorry can not help you and hung up on me. Far and away the worst customer service I have ever witnessed in my life. So I still do not have an answer for my question, which by the way suppose to be her job, Waited on the phone for about an hour to just get hung up on for no reason. Bar none the worst banking service in Canada. Time to move to a different bank!

health insurance travelling to mexico

i would like to know what coverage i have for travelling to mexico also if my wife is covered if i am not travelling with her to the usa
robert dame

online statements

I have been a BMO MC customer for nearly 15 years. I switched to the online statement option about 6 months ago, today i actually needed to check something back in my first online statement. to my surprise, there are only the latest 3 statements available, and worse than that, these statements are not very user friendly. i don't have program for them to load the statements, other than the CSV format which looks horrible.
other banks like cibc and rbc offer online statements in pdf format for the past three years. why can't BMO do the same? To make matters worse, they charge $5 to issue a paper statement. this is bad business practice. I'm very disappointed at BMO.

Hotel Reservation

I recently booked the Executive Inn at Harrison Hot Springs in B.C. until I was told of the terrible conditions in the Hotel I attempted to cancel my reservation but to no avail. My wife read some of the comments made about the hotel (now called the Ramada) and refused to stay there. I have since booked in at the Harrison beach hotel with my B.M.O.mastercard and would appreciate not paying for the Ramada which was also booked with this mastercard, can you help me? M.Shears

Pier 1 transaction

Good Day,

On Sunday, 2011-11-27 at 3:18, made a purchase at Pier 1 5506 Singal Hill Center (403) 242-0600, Store # 0529. Pier 1 used the chip on card to do the transaction, but then swiped the card on a seperate cash register to do inventory is what the sales clerk said. Is this allowed?

Lyall Hunt


Some time back both my wife Carol Webster and I were asked if we would like to apply for a BMO Master card(We don't have a Bank of Montrial account),
As my wife saves Air Miles,and this card offers these,we both decided to apply.About ten days later we both recieved our cards with instructions to phone
and activate these cards which we did.The resalt of this was that we were asked a number of inane questions that had nothing to do with our application,
and were eventualy told that we would have to visit a bank to arrange for a card.We have no need for another credit card or bank account,which it seems
that by it's action the Bank of Montrial would have us do to get one of their cards.I feel that this is an affront to my itelligence and tantamount to false
advertising.If a bank official would care to discuss this with me ferther I would be happy to do so.
David Webster.

Every year for about 7 years

Every year for about 7 years I get charged, in July, a premium for special services and every year I have been pushed over my credit limit and every year I get charged the $25 fee. There has to be a way of giving me that number on my May statement so I can make adjustments. Please be kind and give me some kind of answer other than an automated reply. Thank you

MasterCard Mosaik

Can you give me an e mail address where I can get in touch with my account details

Late delivery of Mastercard statement

Dear Bank of Montreal,
First let me tell you that I have always been very happy with my relationship with BMO Mastercard. In fact I gave up my CIBC Visa card in favour of your product.
Here is the one and only issue. Starting in October 2010, my statements began to arrive five to ten days after the final payment due date. This of course resulted in the paying of interest charges. It also requires me to go to my bank, take out money and then go to the nearest B of M to pay off my bills. It's not a hardship, but really I don't think standing in two different lines in order to pay off what normally was sent by post is optimum. I have called the BMO Mastercard Center twice so far and have been greeted by two very nice people who were full of sympathy but in the end were powerless to do anything. The rest of my mail, bills et al arrive in a timely fashion so it's not the post. Anything you could do in correcting this out of norm behavior would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,
Shane Strachan

e-mail below

To whom it may concern.
I have been receiving this e-mail below for seveal months I have not answered as I'm unsure it is a validate e-mail from the BMO or a scam as I do no Banking on line at any time and also I use my Mastercard as a back-up in case of emergency only. Please respond get by phone or mail in my next statment.

Dear Bmo Member,

This e-mail has been sent by Bank of Montreal to inform you that your account access has been limited due to security reasons.

( Your MasterCard number we have on file is 519123xxxxxxxxxx )

To ensure that your limit will be lifted please follow the link below today and confirm your information.;email

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this might have caused.

Bank of Montreal member services

© 2010 Bank of Montreal ( A member of BMO Financial Group )

BMO Secure sign in for online use of credit card.

I was booking a vacation flight online and used my BMO mastercard to pay the deposit. I entered all the information required including the card # and the 3 digit secure code. Before I received confirmation of my booking the BMO secure code popped up and I had to fill that in before I could continue, after reading all req. agreement pop-ups I attempted to continue my booking,you cannot imagine my frustration when told the booking site had timed out. Now I do not know if I have booked and paid for the flight since I have no confirmation of the booking. Thank you for the agrevation. Chris Ray

EMial President of BMO Mastecard

I am looking for the email address that I can get in contact with the PResident to discuss matters with my cresit application and see if he/she can help me out.

Thanks so much!

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Wow that was odd. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn't show
up. Grrrr... well I'm not writing all that over again. Regardless, just wanted to
say fantastic blog!

BMO Mastercard user

i got a voice message from BMO Master card sometime in September or October 2010 asking me if had a cash advance for $900+ so i phoned them immediately (because its a lot of money) to tell them i did not cash advance. agent told me that they will send me an affidavit to dispute the said transaction. After few weeks BMO phoned me again telling me about the same transaction and the agent said they did not receive the affidavit to dispute so i told her i did not receive any affidavit from them. she put me on hold and found out that it was returned to them by Canada Post and ask my address and from their record my address was correct so she told me that they will re-send the said document and i will be able to receive it with in two weeks and told me to call them after two weeks in case i will not receive the said documents. i asked her what day should i call, to make sure this will be solved ASAP and told me 5th of November 2010 so i marked my calendar.

Came November 5, 2010, i phoned BMO Mastercard told them i did not receive the said document. The agent asked again my address and it showed on their record that my address was correct and they will re-send the said documents and i will be able to receive it within two weeks so i asked the agent what if i will not be able to receive the said document because this is already the third time for them to send so she told me to call them on the 19th of November 2010 but i failed to call them that day because i was so busy and i forgot.

I am off today and i saw my note from the calendar that i was supposed to call BMO Mastercard on the 19th of November 2010 to tell them that still i did not receive the Affidavit to dispute and when i talked to the agent; she said the transaction was legitimate and i should pay for it. I said i refuse to pay becausee i did not withdraw money from their company so why should i pay and i only use my credit card when i purchase something to be able to build a credit history and she said it might be one of my family members used it but, i strongly disagree with the supervisor (whom the agent transferred me to talk) because my husband has his own credit card and in case he will use it he will ask my permission nor my 3 kids will use it because we raised them not to use others credit card or steal. They dont know my pin #.

i am so piss off with BMO credit card because they want me to pay $900+ which i did not withdraw from thier company. I work so hard and they ask me to pay $900+ just like that. they should have told me the first time i phoned them that it was legitimate transaction; why only now after 3 times of failure to send the said affidavit. I hope this will serve as a warning to other credit card users.


Could you stop sending all that paper
We can see all the info on the net

paper statement i was curious about something.

can you tell me who has a mastercard with bmo and gets their monthly statement in the mail, that actually looks different. Meaning the style of the printing not having the big blue bar on the top across, plus the ink looks different if you look closely. Compared to the original statement, having the blue bar across, and the ink is more clear and solid and the back of the statement is terms and conditions is originally in blue small font, clear. on the back of the other statement that looks different the font is black and bolded? on the front of the statement it says bmo but in medium-big size in colour the usuall red symbol and blue font for BMO BANK OF MONTREAL. On the top is the advertisement box saying whatever. But the font is big and the box is overallly big, usually orginal it is small-med. The box on top is slightly out of the cut line. BUT it overal to sum it up it comes in the usual mail security envelope with the change of address cut out, sealed nothing tampered the envelope has the FSC symbol the paper recycle, bar code(the envelope is the same nothing different no need to worry). Comes with the advertisement bmo stuff, but not the envelope inside the security envelope to send a check if you want. The cut line on the bottom of the statement (the weird one) has the cut line to send the stub, but on the back it has black font and method of payments and says by mail etc. in the middle instead on the right hand corner side. SOUNDS SOMETHING WRONG. BUT THERE IS NO UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES? GET THAT? AND NO SPELLING MISTAKES? ACCOUNT NUMBER IS SAME SO ANYBODY can tell me if your getting the same just by looking at your statements carefully. just say yes or no.

unauthorized claim by Rosie'aLiquor outlet

Issue resolved. Thanks you for your time and consideration
Andrew Mulcahy

details online

when I go online to try and get my account after entering my user ID and password it comes up telling me this is the wrong password. I Click on have you forgot password and enter the information they require and then they tell me a password number will be sent to me by e-mail. When I use this password that they have sent I am still unable to get on as it still tells me this is not valid. I've tried several times with this procedure that is suggested and it comes up the same way Why does this do this ?

credit card

I had charges on my mosaic card. had informed my mastercard rep , i was able to contact the company responsible.
but this continued then others unauthorized was 2 more cantacted the them, recieved rebates. still recieved items and sent them back unopened. still more came , by this time i was frustrated contacted master card mosaic again. was told nothing they could do. I I asked to change my account number, was told they could not do that my only recourse was. to cancel my card. so I did
I had a refund coming to me and Master card informed me of this and sent me a check for the amount refunded, I was going to apply for a new Mosaic card but seeing the amount af disatisfied customers I am having to think this over. sincerly Joyce Mitton

Hi, I have a pin and I think


I have a pin and I think I was locked out of my account because we tried unsuccessfully to use an on-line service. What do I do?

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Usually I do not learn post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do it!
Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thank you,
quite great article.

answer please

answer please

internet fraud

hi, i just wanted to know how to block someone who takes money from my credit card, cos i've ordered something thru the internet and i just read that that company is going to charge me multiple times without my knowing. please help me cos i don't want to pay for something i did'nt order.

regarding internet fraud..

you need to first cancel the card and then with all future internet purchases. use paypal... they are the only ones that should ever have your credit card information on the world wide web.. they pay for your purchase and then you pay them via credit card.. good luck..

Don't use PayPal unless the

Don't use PayPal unless the purchase is being done through Ebay. Because PayPal will not protect your purchase at all if it is any other merchant. I bought a product from a site called and they sent me counterfeit / fraudulent apparent Kingston Technologies products. I then tried to deal with PayPal and got no results at all they stated because it is not Ebay where I made my purchase there is nothing they can do for me. So I'm in the very upsetting process of trying to get BMO Master Card to do a charge-back for the purchase. But the customer support reps don't seem to even get the point. I have had to file a second time for the charge back because there reply was that I have to try to work it out with the merchant first. But I stated to the rep earlier that I already emailed, called, and even found the president of PayPal's info and contacted him. I also stated I emailed TradeTang support at least 15 times. It is like I keep getting screwed around from all angles. I actually ended up here because I'm trying to find a number or an email for someone a lot higher up in the BMO MasterCard company.

There are also sites that are dedicated to the fact PayPal seems to not care about the customer at all but instead only cares about making money. Kingston Technologies informed me that doesn't have a single authorized reseller of there product and that 100% of the 64 sellers on TradeTang are fraudulent. So if you are thinking of buying from do yourself a favor and stay as far away as possible from that site.

Hopefully this helps someone to not end up like me and getting screwed over.



Thanks for the post Matt.

Thanks for the post Matt. I've had good luck with Dealextreme, but my understanding is that they too have carried counterfeit items here or there. I now only buy my flash memory from a reputable local brick and mortar or reputable online seller (like TigerDirect).

Credit Card Fraud?

You could call your credit card company and ask for a new number, however, they may still try to apply charges to your old account to you new one. You could also contact your credit card company if any disputed charges do show up and ask for a "charge-back".

Spam / Do not send again

cc: [email protected]
cc; [email protected]

I keep receieving this spam message, it is not directly addressed to me, and I do not have an account with you. Please remove from your mailing list.

From : "BMO Mastercard"
To : Undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject : Billing Department
Date : Thu, Jul 01, 2010 12:14 PM

Dear Mosaik MasterCard Member,

We recently noticed that a transaction may have been made without your
knowledge or consent.

Please log in to your Mosaik MasterCard account by following the link below.

During our investigation your account access will be limited. Please verify your
account details in order to lift the limit on your account.


Account Review Department

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you
will not receive a response.

my account

How do I find my account details now? The page has changed again.

how/where can I login to my BMO Mosaik account,

Used to be able to login and check my transactions.Can not find the web site anymore.

lost credit card

I wish to cancel my current Master Card and apply for a replacement with a upper limit of one thousand dollars. Please direct me as to how I go about doing this via internet.

My BMO account

What is the website which will allow me to check my transactions and balance

Where can i log in to my bmo

Where can i log in to my bmo mosaik account

monthly statement

I did not receive my statement for feb/10- usually in the mail by the 10th of each montgh??Can you inform me of the delay?

geting into my online account for mastercard accoutn- mosaic

I have been trying to acces my mosaic mastercard online account for two monts and am very frustrated. What website do I go into ??
This is totally crazy as I have not problem access my ther accounts online.

How do I check the balance on

How do I check the balance on my mastercard moziak card?

I used to be able to get my

I used to be able to get my mastercard account on line. Now i can't. Why?

How do i get verified?

How do i get verified?

statement for October 2011

I have lost my statement for October Mosaik Master Card. I need it for my accountant to do m
y income taxes. How can I get a copy of this statemant?

my account

would like to see my account details

address change

I need to change the billing address for my account. Where do I go on your website?

change address

kindLY change my address from 6639 gerrie road elora on. n0b1s0 to 149 melville st. elora on. n0b1s0

address change

Current addresss 1310 Walnut St Victoria, B.C. Effective May 1 2012 7895 SHIPS Pt Rd Fanny Bay BC V0R 1W0. Please verify. Thanks

i think you have to go the online stie bmo mastercard

hi sorry but i have a question regarding what you have posted it is something i noticed that my bmo statement actually looks different. Meaning the style of the printing not having the big blue bar on the top across, plus the ink looks different if you look closely. Compared to the original statement, having the blue bar across, and the ink is more clear and solid and the back of the statement is terms and conditions is originally in blue small font, clear. on the back of the other statement that looks different the font is black and bolded? on the front of the statement it says bmo but in medium-big size in colour the usuall red symbol and blue font for BMO BANK OF MONTREAL. On the top is the advertisement box saying whatever. But the font is big and the box is overallly big, usually orginal it is small-med. The box on top is slightly out of the cut line. BUT it overal to sum it up it comes in the usual mail security envelope with the change of address cut out, sealed nothing tampered the envelope has the FS(something) symbol the paper recycle, bar code(the envelope is the same nothing different no need to worry). Comes with the advertisement bmo stuff, but not the envelope inside the security envelope to send a check if you want. The cut line on the bottom of the statement (the weird one) has the cut line to send the stub, but on the back it has black font and method of payments and says by mail etc. in the middle instead on the right hand corner side. no unauthorized or spelling mistakes.. to your question i think you have to go to the bmo site to sign in on mastercard. thanks much app. to answer

my account

I am not able to get into my account the way I used to. Could you please let me know where I can find it. Thank you.

my account

We moved into a new blgd years ago and I lost the access to my account. I need to get on line as I need my statement for March/10. I have misplaced it or I didn't get it yet.

cant get into my account

cant get into my account

Customer Service

Today I spent more that an hour trying to have further authorization of a certain vendor cancelled. I was redirected and the person helping had no common sense and directed dealt with the matter all wrong. She contact some company with a similar name in Canada while the vendor clearly was in the US after holding on so long and then being directed to the wrong company you can appreciate my anger - you are wasting my time - I have special needs child I don't have an hour to hold on till you mess up my question. Then calll back and I have already been holding for 15 min with nobody even answering yet. I have been a client on Mastercard for many year an have an excellent credit rating = your service is terrible. I am considering moving my business elsewhere.


I agree with you tht customer

I agree with you tht customer service is terriible, I never have problem before but this year , it seems worse. They took all my money, I was suppose to pay bill myself but they took it all.

regarding service

i am sorry to hear about the poor service that you received carena.. i also have had poor service from bmo.. infact mine was in house and with a teller, that was having a bad day.. i have taken further steps though.. after umteen years as a loyal customer. i have started a new account with another bank. this week i plan to take the thousands of dollars, out of the bmo and place in the other bank.. so carena. the poor service that we are receiving from that institute and its affiliates, has only brought about losses for bmo.. i openned a presidents choice acct. and i am also a new royal bank acct today.. also carina.. royal bank is not only offering visa. but, now they are offering mastercard. in this day and age when life is so hecktick.. well, with the long hours at the office and the higher prices of everything... why would any of us put up with an institution that is inadequate.. i certainly won't.

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