Bank of Montreal Contact DIRECT Phone Numbers

Here are all of the public Bank of Montreal TelePhone Numbers:

General Inquiries English: 1 877 CALL BMO (225-5266)

Overseas (ie: outside of Canada or US): (416) 286-9992
BMO should accept collect calls to this number, but you can also try calling the toll-free numbers through Skype from anywhere in the world, which will be a free call.

Direct Banking TelePhone Number: 1 800 363-9992

Direct Business Banking Telephone Number:  1 877 345-7777

BMO Credit Card Customer Service Telephone Number: 1 800 263-2263

Bank of Montreal Mutual Funds: 1 800 665-7700

BMO InvestorLine:  1 888 776-6886

BMO Insurance: 1 866 881-9054

BMO Ombudsman (this is the number to call and complain about something semi-officially when all other attempts fail):  1 800 371-2541


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Trying to contact BMO from overseas

BMO has the worst customer service whether you are in Toronto or abroad. I have wasted most of my day today, I am on vacation, trying to contact any kind of customer service at BMO without any success. I tried the overseas line, and it says that it is temporarily out of service. We are unable to do any on lline banking as access has been denied. None of the phone numbers provided work.......when is BMO going to wake up and keep up with the rest of the banking world with efficiency.

Missing Check

Dear Sir;
l got a check money Order from Bank of montreal to a HARRIS BANK Pay to order *M.Aboudalai*
the check # is 08002245 6 the amount of the check is USD 21-12
l would like to know if there's a way to change this check.
thanks for your times; hope to hear from you soon

credit cards

I am in Guadaljara mexico.I have two mosaic credit cards i vancouver but don t remember the nmbers ,do you have chat,;

credit cards

I am in Guadaljara mexico.I have two mosaic credit cards i vancouver but don t remember the nmbers ,do you have chat,;


finaly found right page,on 20 may 2011 friday deat mr.william a,downe found cheque sougy,raining that day,showing bank of nova scotia,tough colouring bank of montreal,assistent manager absorbed,before closing time,.ceque was lawyer fro cobourg ontarion, ask $ 5 dollars reward,..not given,,what going rate ,reward.

june 2 nd.2011,..thursday........................time,6:09 pm.


broadview queen return cheque.


broadview queen return cheque.

$99 Total Travel Protection package deficiency for Canadians

We Canadians who are well served by BMO, travel a lot and have been kindly issued a USD and a CDN Mosaic MC have apparently no way of paying for a multi-currency trip and receiving the coverage advertised by BMO/Mondial.
The package offers concurrently (in concept) Collision Damage Waiver, trip interruption and even medical but all of these are usually billed in more than one currency. Your clients should not have to pay in only USD or CDN in my opinion.
Specifically, unlike our southern USA friends, we fly out on Air Canada or Westjet and pay in CDN, then book a room or a car in USD in Cancun, Puerto Rico, the US or pretty much everywhere else.

I would recommend someone would simply split the $99 on both my cards and cover me as intended until the bank and Mondial iron out this bug. I am leaving for Puerto Rico next on Dec 17th and would appreciate a prompt response asap.
Dave from Ottawa

bank machines availability

I live in the Wolseley area of Winnipeg, postal code R3G 1V3. There used to be a BMO atm in the Polo Park Safeway which was very convenient for anyone in my area. This Safeway moved a few block west at Madison Square and unfortunately the BMO machine did not move with it. There now are no BMO facilities anywhere close to where I live (other than a couple of miles away uptown but no parking at all in that area. I have been reasonably happy with BMO in all the years I've done banking with you but there is no reason for me to continue when you provide no banking services in my area.
If there are any plans to put another bank machine in this area please let me know sap.
Grace Norris