Canadian Revenue Agency Telephone Numbers (Revenue Canada)

A nice list of the important phone numbers for the Canadian Revenue Agency. 

T.I.P.S. (Tax Information Phone Service) - Automated Service - 1-800-267-6999

This phone number provides information for Individuals and Businesses through non-people.

Telerefund - Information About Refunds - 1-800-959-1956 - Automated Service

Call this phone number to find out when you should expect your refund to be processed

Individual Income Tax Inquiries - 1-800-959-8281

This is the number to call in order to ask actual questions to actual people. They're available Monday to Friday (except holidays) from 8:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in your own local time zone. From mid-Feb to April 30, it is open until 10PM Monday through Friday & 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on weekends.

Businesses and self-employed individuals - Real People - 1-800-959-5525

GST stuff, payrolltax stuff, excise tax stuff, excise taxes, corporations, sole proprietors and partnerships.

Business and GST/HST registration, payroll, GST/HST, excise taxes and other levies, excise duties, corporations, sole proprietorships and partnerships

GST/HST credit - Real People - 1-800-959-1953

IE: for people that get quarterly GST rebate cheques/checks.  Real People are available 8:15am to 5pm in your local time. 

Child Care Benefit, Canada Child Tax Benefit - Real People - 1-800-387-1193

Universal Child Care Benefit, Canadian Child Tax Benefit and their provincial counterparts, children's disability benefit and children's special allowances

Payment arrangements - 1-888-863-8657

Can't pay your income tax on time? These are the CRA people to call if you want to make a payment arrangement through them. 



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need notice of assessment for 2010

Can I get another copy of my Notice of assessment for 2010?? I need it for an appointment on Feb. 3, 2012

gst on hold didn,t changing my address in time

Hi everyone hope you all are having i good day......
o.k i just moved into are first house and forgot to change r address
gst did not get put into my bank how long after changing your address will my gst be here or in the bank ...and will it be in the bank or mail box....thanks people for your time


Hi..I am trying to contact Child Benefits Service Person from more than a month. It continuously gives engaged tone. What's the alternate way of asking my question?

Please let me know if they have an email.


Farm Land - Capital Gain


When my husband passed away in Dec 2002, the farm house & land became mine. Now 9 years later I want to sell a 40 acre lot. Do I have to pay captial gain tax.



I am attempting to contact revenue Canada from the U.S. The toll free numbers do not work. Is there a number I can call from the US?

help student in need of notice of assessments!

Hello, i am in need of my 2008, and 2009 notice of assessments so i can take out a student loan. which my parents have taken mine b4 i moved to sk and refuse to help me in anyway and refuse to send mine so i need copy's to take to my bank so they can finish and help me pay for my schooling. if u have any info on which number i should call please wright me back and let me know. thank you

get your tax copy

call revenue canada agency
or go to a local office in your area

call them before going to office
they often ask for id and birth
certificate to reprint and give you
what you want.

dont forget to change your address
and your parents will not receive
your documents.

Employee Deductions

My employer is deducting income tax off my cheque every payday, but I suspect that they are not submitting the money to government. If this is so, am I liable for the amount of tax owing at the end of the year?

How do I find out if they are indeed making my income tax payments to the government?

Thank you


tax fraud

sswrwomens place. 15318 20th ave, surrey. I believe this chairity is not acting diligently about their taxes and revenus. I believe they should be investigated. I wish to remain anynomous

Change of Address

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to change my current address to an address in India.
Can I receive my letters from CRA on an address in India?
and what is the procedure for the change of address?
Please advise.


Manju Malhotra
7514-115A Street
Delta, BC V4C 5P8

i have moved out of canada

i have moved out of canada last year and i need my notice of assessment for 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
i have been calling the 1800 numbers but cant get through
what should i do ?? i need those notices of assessments
pleas help

NR withholding tax on RRIF income

I have been trying to phone Canada Revenue about my obligation to pay NR withholding tax on my income from my RRIF and the Canada US tax agreement. I phone the number given on your website (613-952-3741 and always get a busy signal. Do you have other telephone numbers that I can try? PS: I reside in the United States.


Hi, I have been trying to get in contact with CCTB customer service for the last month. I was told i could call 1-800-387-1193 but everytime i called the line was busy. Is there another way i could get in contact with customer service for CCTB?

I have the same problem plz i

I have the same problem plz i need somebody to answer this question


Finally when I got through. They refused to talk to me because I was at work and my wife is not around and they said that CCTB would be under the mothers name!!! I explained to her that I can conference my wife in and how it is hard for her to stay trying to redial for an hour to get through having a baby there. EI is crap. CCTB process is stupid, our health care system stinks. I am not impressed and I think that we should not be paying so much in taxes for what we get out of it.

hello, I need the number for

hello, I need the number for GST plssssssssss
can anybody help me with that


GST/HST credit - Real People - 1-800-959-1953

I cannot believe these

I cannot believe these people have their personal income/information publicly displayed. I am certainly not going to disclose any information or query in this manner.

Hi there

Hi I wanna ask you an advise until now i didn't receive my T4 from my past employer.I remind her since january.she sent me a message over 2 weeks ago that she sent out but I did not receive any mail from her.And send her a message I need the tracking number she did not reply.I don't know if she's telling the truth.I worried if she didn't pay my taxes, and i don't want to pay the penalty.What i need to do?
Thank you


Thanks for the important phone numbers. Called the 1-800- 959-8281 and spoke with agent and received all info needed! If T4A OAS not received as birthday was in December, all entries should only be made in T4A box.

Status of SITIN #

I applied for SITIN #'s for 2 of my companies. I know the cheques were cashed. Kindly provide me a phone # where I may follow up with a live person. Thank you.

hi I got capatal loss in

I got capatal loss in my us stock. then I want to claim the loss
for 2009.The problem is how to convert from u$ to c$, how much is the rate I need to use in the form.thank you

Most people use the average

Most people use the average rate for the year. Be sure to be consistent.
The rates can be found here:

gst check

i would like to no wy i havent recieved gst quarterly what are the requirments

No T4A

For the second year running my wife and I have not received our T4As for the amount of pension we received in 2009.
Last year we finally contacted you through the Victoria Tax office phone line and received copies by mail.
Once again we are going to be late filing unless this is dealt with ASAP.
Please reply.

Change of the Bank in Toronto for sending my pension monthly

Please send me a phone number for Revenue Canada ( International Affairs) to get information on the transfer to another bank (in Toronto)for the purpose of receiving my pension cheques sent there monthly.
I would like to have the relevant forms sent in the post as I live presently overseas, so that the process would not take any longer than necessary.

Please can I have a phone number that is not engaged continuously and where one can speak to a live person.

Unable to pay tax reassessed

I tried to reach your 1-888-863-8657 number to make arrangements to pay of the reassessment that I received and the line is constantly busy. After 132 trys, I gave up. Do you have an email address that I might be able to contact someone that can help me with paying of this debt?

Re-payment plan for 2009 taxes

I owe $4110 for last years taxes and I would like to pay in two installments. Can you help me with this?

i recently moved and forgot

i recently moved and forgot to change my address so my gst cheque was sent to my old place which no longer has a mailbox because the place is empty and every time i try to call it's always busy so i would just like to know if there is a different number i can call that i might actually get through on so i can ask them to resend it


Reply to comment | Useful Phone Numbers

I hardly drop comments, but after browsing a great deal
of comments on Reply to comment | Useful Phone Numbers.

I actually do have 2 questions for you if it's allright. Could it be simply me or do a few of the responses appear like they are coming from brain dead visitors? :-P And, if you are posting on additional social sites, I would like to follow you. Could you post a list of all of your public sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

Be patient, lines are

Be patient, lines are probably jammed with people that didn't get their GST cheques on the EXACT same day as all of their friends. Just wait a week or two and call again. If you absolutely needed the GST money on the day it came, you aren't planning things right.

I wonder why someone like you

I wonder why someone like you would even be on this thread. Since you obviously plan things right and got all your ducks in a row. What an ass thing to say you obviously have no compassion for those people who do depend on funds that are made available to assist them with the everyday financial struggles that are placed on them for whatever reason. If you have nothing good to say don't say anything at all.

If the Admin with no

If the Admin with no compassion for people who don't have cushy government jobs and the gall to say that "obviously you aren't planning things right" has not yet been severely disciplined, we of the general population have our answer as to why the government doesn't seem to care whether or not we get our appropriated funds on time.

I work at a minimum wage

I work at a minimum wage jobs at the moment. Not by choice, but because I am unable to find anything else. I am planning things as best as I possibly can and yet I still need GST money when I expect it. To say that I'm not planning things properly is ludicrous, you have no idea what position anyone else is in financially, so you shouldn't be so quick to judge.

I am having the same issue,

I am having the same issue, except I DID change my address 8 months ago, and they still sent it to the old one. This is the second time it has happened. The phone line is always busy and when I tried to call at 7pm (during the extended hours that are supposed to be in place until April 30th), I got the recorded message to call back during business hours. Not impressed.

Re: 'If you absolutely

Re: 'If you absolutely needed the GST money on the day it came, you aren't planning things right.'
What an ignorant comment! Only those that live in glass houses seem to throw stones.

If the economy was better and there was actually good paying jobs available perhaps this comment would be warranted.


just wanna ask the work telephone number of canada revenue agency,thank you so much.

Tax Question

I am an Canadian who lives & is paying income tax in Canada.

Recently I got involved with a US Networking Marketing Co. I am being compensated in U.S. Funds. I have a U.S. Credit Card & a US Saving Account (where I am depositing the money I am receiving from the U.S. Company.

My Question: This Co. does not send out T4'S to Canadian's so How & where do I pay Income
Tax on the amount I am making??

Can the amount I make this year, be carried over & added on to what I make next year??

Thank you for your help, I will be waiting to hear from you.


how do i geat another copy

how do i geat another copy of my tax assesment for 2007

change of province

I would like my notice of assessment of the year 2010-2011 tax report I've done in may of 2011 sent to Winnipeg,Manitoba.

Get another copy of Notice of Assesment

To obtain another copy of this you must call 1-800-959-8281 and request it. They will then send it out to you. Remember you need your SIN handy and know what is on line 150 of your tax return for the current year

I need a copy of NOTICE OF

I need a copy of NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT for Tax year 2007

Need a copy of Notice of Assessment for Tax year 2007

Good afternoon,

I need a copy of my tax return- Notice of Assessment for year 2007, because I have to send it to Health Insurance BC for my MSP.

Would you be able to provide this to me? It would be great if you could just scan it to my e-mail.

Thank you so much

Need returns resent in the mail

Hi there I did not recieve my checks for my return last year
please give me number to call to give my current address


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