Vanilla Mastercard Customer Service Telephone Number

Have one of those Prepaid Mastercards that are branded as the "Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard" and issued by "Peoples Trust"?

Here is their phone number if you need to call them: 1.800.652.9174 which is a toll-free call, you should even be able to call it for free from a payphone.

If your card was lost/stolen and used fraudulently, you should have the same protections as you would with a regular credit card. Call them!

Just a note from their Cardholder Agreement: "If a Balance remains on the Card for more than six (6) months after the purchase date, we may deduct from the Balance a service fee of $2.50 per month beginning on the first month after six (6) months from the purchase date."

These cards are non-reloadable.

For more information on Prepaid Mastercards and Visa Cards and Canada, take a look at my article on Canada's Best Prepaid Cards

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I bought mine at shoppers as

I bought mine at shoppers as well and this company holds all funds on this card for 7 -10 days. I activiated online and have talked to some really rude customer reps. The purchases I made were for 22.00 which left 28.00 from a 50.00 card. well at least thats what it should have been. but the pending transactions for the exact same amount are still sitting when I tried to use the card for the remaining 28.00 I was declined for insufficient funds. I have talked to over 20 different reps...they all have something different to say. The last one said that I am not entitled to any money from the card..It is empty even though it is showing that the pending transactions for the same amount are still sitting there. They do not train these people very well. I beleive these cards are a rip off. Considering they are prepaid with my money. Should I not be entitled to my money.

holy cr4p i got the same

holy cr4p i got the same thing man, if u find an answer to that problem please contact me. ty ;)

I halp you! :D

I had the same problem as all of you, so I finally (after being boned over and over by dead ends) decided to go to the source. This kind of card is a product of InComm, call them and they will help you :)

The number for them is Toll-Free: 1-800-680-5938

They fixed my card issues instantly...good luck all <3


I buy these every month to pay my cellphone bill and its the same shit every time...declined declined. As of October 2009 you have to wait 1 hour before it is FULLY ACTIVATED, and you NEED to register the card online on the website. If you live in Canada like me, where the zip code filed is you need to type in your postal code as XOX XOX or else itll say invalid zip. And if you actually want to speak with someone at customer service, press 2 i believe at the main menu, than press 3....itll forward you to an agent that usually always has a southern accent. These cards make me wanna throw my laptop against the wall but following these steps are the only way to make it work....hope this helps

okay people... it works!!! i

okay people... it works!!! i just bought one today and used it! i think d problem here is u guys didn't read d direction thoroughly (there's a piece of paper, more like a user's guide that came w/ d card). u have to register it FIRST! go to and click d option register ur card. enter d card number and serial number and then it will be ready to use. hope this helps coz really it's nonsensical complaining about something that doesn't work but really it's customer error!

I bought one too!! It

I bought one too!! It works!! You have to register it first!! :)


I was having the same issue until I registered the card. Go to and register. If you're CAnadian (like I am) then you need to enter your postal code with ALL CAPITALS and put a space like so:

X1X 1X1

Hope this helps,

wooot thank you Beth, saved

wooot thank you Beth, saved me some aggravation. wouldn't accept postal code until I did capitols. Thank you so much :)

Getting the run around

My sons girlfriend gave me a 25 dollar giftcard for my birthday last Sunday so I decided to use it last Tuesday for a pedicure I went to put it through the machine and it came up error twice! Luckily I carried some cash on me and used bill money to pay for it. In the meantime before I left I tried calling to see what the problem was and the system kept telling me the card didnt exsist!!! When I got home I was able to get ahold of someone in customer service who apologized and put in a ticket for it to get 'fixed' and told me it would take 72 hours for the money to show up on the card. Well I waited until Friday and checked the card and sure enough the card still is not activated! Got ahold of another customer service rep who said she could not find the original ticket the other girl put in and once again put in another one! She said she marked it as urgent. Called this morning and spoke to a gentleman who told me the department that handles these issues is closed on the weekend I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that a supervisor would not be able to do anything as they just opened up 30 minutes ago! I told him I dont care if you opened up 5 minutes ago I want the card fixed and fixed TODAY! NO EXCUSES! He tried to say it was a store issue and I told him 'now its your issue' fix it and while i'm at it I will be contacting the BBB and if this doesnt get resolved they will be recieving a copy of the card and the reciept along with a letter from my lawyer.

vanilla visa

Can I get the number to speak to a human being.
I bought a vanilla visa for $75.00
It doesent work.
How did you get to talk to head office, I cant
find the number for the life of me...

i hoped u registered ur card

i hoped u registered ur card first before using it. that might be d problem while it wasn't working.

Register your Vanilla Prepaid

Register your Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard® below in order to make some internet, mail and phone order purchases: (for example, V6V 2L1)

System Error. Please try later cant register any more.


Stay Away From Vanilla Mastercards Gift Cards!! TELL THE WORLD!

Vanilla Mastercard Giftcards Are Useless - By their Own Admission.

As Per their Most Frequently Asked Questions on their own website:

They are useless at ATMs -- Can't be used for fast cash
They are uredeemable or un-reloadable
Practically Useless At Gas Pumps -- Too Much Trouble

And the list goes on and on... Why Pay for all this trouble. Boycott Vanilla Mastercard Giftcards!!!!!!!


I've actually had a few of these work before, but now I have one card, and oh boy.. this is a scam, it really is. Since I can't get the cashier at 7-11 to reactivate the card, and since I had to email them because I won't be able to phone due to "having an invalid 16 digit number", they emailed me back saying to call their number.

So yea, this is a scam, don't waste your time with these cards. Mastercard is EVIL!


When I call their number, I hit # several times over and over (not too fast). On the third or fourth time I get a menu, and if you hit 2 you can wait on hold forever for a rep, haven't got through yet though....

I just purchased my $100 card about 5 hours ago and have not been able to get it working yet. Their website just says there's a problem with my card, and the automated system at their phone number won't accept the numbers on the card.

Re bad bad bad

When you call in press the number 2 and you will be directed to a customer service rep.

It is total SCAM. Why don't

It is total SCAM. Why don't we orginize a class action suit against this company, InComm, which sells vanilla master card in the US?
I've got $50 pre-paid Vanilla Master card in March 2009. On the back of the card says that a fee of $1.50 will be charged on 13th month from the date of card's activation. Since marhc of 2009, I've tried to use the card several times unsuccessfully at different retailers and it never worked. I checked the card's balance, and it said that the amount was much less than $50. I was able to contact the card's customer service once only, and was told that it voided all the fees and the card should have the full balance. Two day's after my conversation, the card was declined at a store again and I no longer able to contact the customer service.

Potential Class Action

Hi Valentina,

Our law firm couldn't agree with you more. We believe that InComm has violated specific regulations governing gift cards. Accordingly, a class action on behalf of all individuals who have purchased and/or received the a Vanilla Mastercard gift card is appropriately brought against InComm Canada and their U.S. parent.

Your experience with the card is ideal and would help bring the dishonest practices of InComm to light. We are in need of a lead Plaintiff in order to move this case forward, and would ask if you are interested as serving as a lead plaintiff in this matter. Doing so will require a minimal time commitment and will cost you nothing financially nor place you in any financial risk as we will indemnify you from any costs arising from the litigation.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to write me at or contact me at 416-481-0718 ext. 323

Kevin Caspersz

sweetie, did u try

sweetie, did u try registering ur card online first before making a purchase? coz that's what i did and mine worked. i just mine today at shoppers this morning. i went to and registered my card. then i made a purchase tonight at i hope u went online first and checked ur balance. then u'd know if u really had d full amount in ur card in d 2st place. and then, register it after so u can use it w/ no hassle. hope this one helps!

You don't have to register your card...

You don't have to register your card before you purchase anything on it.

Disappearing money

My Boyfriend recieved the prepid vanilla mastercard for christmas from his Grandparents. He spent $16 on an online purchase which went though and when he went to purchase something for $20 in store it came up with it saying something like denied. When checking his balance at home he realized that hiss balance on his card was the amount of his online purchase but there were no other transactions for the card.

I am an employee of money mart I will try and see what I can find out but this is BS

My parents, who are on a

My parents, who are on a fixed pension, spent $325 on Vanella Mastercards for me and my family as Christmas presents. Imagine our surprise when none of them work at any retailer. And to add insult to injury, when I call and enter the prompt to speak to a customer service rep it transfers you and then cuts the call all together. And to make thing worse, the web site is down! What kind of a rip-off scam is this anyhow????? Obviously I'm not the only one who is or has experienced problems with these cards; so what can we do about it???

Am i the only one whos phone

Am i the only one whos phone (all of my phones ) is not even able to contact the vanilla master card

Can't use online

Tried to use it online to buy a christmas present, i definitely had enough since the purchase was only 5.99 and it was declined. Thanks mastercard.

24 hour hotel booking

The cards activate themselves 1 hour after purchase!

Tried to use my card online but everytime its declined.

I purchased my Vanilla Mastercard Today and it is a $50 one, I come home sit on my computer and wanted to purchase something online I entered the information exactly as it asked and after I pressed pay it said my card was DECLINED!
Does anyone know why is that and if I can fix it?

vanilla mastercard

You were probably declined because whatever you wanted to purchase was over 25.00...If you wanted to purchase something for 50. You would have to buy a 100.00 card. I bought a card for 50.00 and actually got to spend 22.00...they have been holding 28.00 of the money on me for the last week. I had one before and they did not do this . I purchased a second one and it seems that each time I purchase an item they put the exact amount on hold for 7-10 days. So if you want to spend 10. they take 20.00 ...they will give it back someday they said. Customer service reps were extremely rude and actually answered me back in capital letters like I am an idiot for asking for my funds to be released. The place I was trying to use the card for cancelled my membership and now I will have to sign up again and pay a fee to them for joining again. This card is garbage and the people that work there are rude. Good luck getting the money from the card ...or even using the balance of the card.

Customer Service Number

To speak to a customer care representative call 1 800 652 9174 and when the automated system asks for the card numbers press 0#

"THANK GOD" for your

"THANK GOD" for your advice......I had waited over 10 days to try to find out how to get my $500 back from this stupid card. For EVERYONE that is reading this take this advice from this customer service that number 1 800 652 9174......then press 0 or # several times back and forth until you clear through that stupid automated lady.....then you will access to the customer service...."thank God"...finally found a customer service...HAPPY!

Nice try..... pressing 0

Nice try..... pressing 0 does nothing loser


He said 0# dumbass Z-E-R-O and then P-O-U-N-D

take off a comment

I don't want my comment on here anymore, how do I take it off?

Vanilla Mastercard

I emailed Money Mart and Petro Canada and tried to email Mastercard because I don't feel any reliable names should relate themselves to this product that does not work.
Have a $100 one that I have been unsuccessful spending ANYwhere......what a mess, everytime I attemp to use it money comes off the card even though it was not accepted.
Vanilla says they put it back on but I can't even get through to them or to look up my card which is only a couple months old.

Why is good companies we trust the name involved in what appears to be a ripoff? Maybe some of them will actually reply.
There is loads of complaints on the net. The Titanium card I have one and I can use it anywhere it is great.

Learn to write

Your use of the English language and grammar are so bad you do not merit a logical response. Go back to school then maybe you will work out how to use a card.

I have never had a problem

I have never had a problem using the prepaid Vanilla Mastercard. It is accepted everywhere I need to use it and, in fact, acts exactly like a mastercard without the hassle of interest payments...

No problems

I have never had a problem with these cards and I have bought and used many of them the last 2 years. The only slight prob with this last one was that the registration page was down. So I called the toll free number and within 5 min I had someone on the line that did the registration for me.

It will not work on line, declined

I've tried to us my vanilla master gift card on line and it has been declined, why?

it's not registered read the instructions

All cards must perform something called an AVS check when taking e-commerce payments, this requires the card having an address registered to it - if you've just bought it off the shelf then it will not know your address!


It sometimes takes the cards an hour to be fully activated after the purchase even though it says it is ready for use. You also will have to register the mastercard online in order for it to properly work at most online stores. I have used them for world of warcrack, steam, and think geek and never had an issue.

i want to go to the site and

i want to go to the site and activate it but the site is close for maintenance.....

I've waited for about 2 weeks

I've waited for about 2 weeks now, and still I can't use it online...


Have patience sites do need updating now and again!

Vanilla Gift MasterCard

I received a Vanilla Mastercard as a gift and it was DECLINED every time I tried to use it. I did not want to embarass the gift  giver  so I put it away and tried again later. Seems like many places will not redeem it! When I logged onto the site they show they are deducting a "service  fee" for NOT USING THE CARD. When I called - you guessed it - ETERNAL HOLD.

Turns out the company TAKES AWAY your card value month by month in "service fees." WTF? They get $50 for  the card, they get to work with or invest that cash and then they take away a monthly fee for - what? - storage in my wallet???

I think Vanilla Master Card is a SCAM.

Check before buying then you wont be surprised!

Maybe you should try reading the terms and conditions before purchasing a financial product then you wouldn't be surprised. The card will only fail if;
A) You are attempting to use it online without registering it,
B) You are attempting to use it in an offline terminal (tricky one this as it's hard for a customer to know, but you should be able to ask the merchant and they will advise),
C) If you are attempting to use an automated fuel pump (shown in T's & C's) or
D) Unfortunately if the merchant will just not accept which is simply their ignorance as there is a big MasterCard logo on the front!?
E) If you are attempting to purchase other financial products as this is against the Money Laundering Regs in most countries - if your from the states it's in the Patriots Act and in the UK the Money Laundering Directive set by the EU.

Prepay gas stations

I was given one as a birthday gift just recently. I have no real need for one but I figured I would keep it in my car for emergency purposes.
I was travelling from Winnipeg Mb. to my cottage in N. Ont. Not worried about fuel since there is a 24hr gas station 1/2 way I left for the weekend. I pulled in to fuel up around midnight and tried 2 use the card there. NO such luck. Foutunately there wuz a nice couple there which was willing to trade a fill on their creditcard for cash.

I guess a Prepaid Mastercard can't be used for prepay fuel!

You can't use automated fuel dispensers

The reason you cannot use automated fuel dispensers with these cards is the problem with the authorisation system. As the fuel dispenser doesn't know how much fuel you are going to take and has to know in advance that you have money to pay for it it has to take a 'pre-auth' due to the lack of knowledge on the amount the fuel pumps have gone down the line of just requesting either 1penny or 1 pound / dollar. This is surely better than assuming you're going to take £100 worth of fuel and taking that as an auth then not returning the difference until the next day?

Therefore because prepaid cards are anonymous and therefore impossible to track down, issuers cannot allow the use of these machines and block them based on their merchant category code (in the case of mastercard) in order to prevent people leaving just enough to cover the auth on the card then anaymously driving away with any amount of fuel they wish.

the same thing happened to me

the same thing happened to me have to go online and register the card and then you're set to go

vanilla mastercard

Boooooo booooo. Theres only automated service for this card and if your having a problem trying to buy somthing online. Well its just like a kick and the balls and thank you for for purchasing Vanilla Mastercard.

Fuck MasterCard

I got a $25 one and it just says this on pay pal :This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer's customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.


if you choos frequently asked questions you can talk right to a reprosentative, do your research broski

Vanillas Mastercard SCAM

Do NOT buy this card fact do NOT use Mastecards at all. Its time to put these scam artists out of business. I made the mistake of actually buying a 2nd prepaid card hoping the issues with the first Vanilla card may have been a such luck. They charge you for trying to sign onto sites online to use these sites to purchase items such as video gaming online or any site for that matter...and when you are unsuccesful signing in...they charge you for that attempt and steal your money. They will not answer their pathetic help and customert service line either. What a f#$%ing joke that this type of shit is permitted by our government to exist and rip unsuspecting people ooff of their hard earnred money. A$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$HOLES is what these scaM ARTISTS ARE.

100% true

I second that 100%. Scammers with no support whatsoever and YES they wILL take your money. This society has become so corrupted its terrible....get ready guys, with arms...its coming!!

It is just an authorization

It is just an authorization to make sure the credit card is valid. No matter what credit card you use. That amount is reimbursed back in a couple of days.

Do you know how much moeny

Do you know how much moeny they make by holding all the pennies form all those people for a couple of days! When we bought the card we paid for it RIGHT THEN AND THERE. They doing evil deeds, they will get the fruits of theyre labor and we ll all see if theyre lame excuse "i was doing my job" works or not after their death. Cause guess what people WE WILL ALL DIE and will have to answer to ALL our actions.
Good luck

These cards Suck! they

These cards Suck! they charged me the merchants pre-authorization (I.E. bill minus tip)and the actual bill amount (I.E. bill plus tip) and theres no customer service! beside automated! who do we sue????

mine worked! i just bought a

mine worked! i just bought a 200 worth of vanilla prepaid card and just bought a sedu flat iron online. i guess u forgot to register ur card first ;) try doing that before purchasing online.

hey dude

well i bought mine and i registered it on the website so i can buy stuff online but the stupid girl from shoppers drug mart never told me that i have to sign the back of the card in order to buy stuff online. i wasted $29 for no reason. every time i try to buy what i want online it says Credit card declined. And yes i waited a full 24 hours for it so i can buy.

how do you register the

how do you register the vanilla master card online? i've tryed to find it but cant, and when i go to the site my card wont even go through... but when i call to get my balance it says its there :S


i have the same problem people answer all the other questions except this one wtf its like no one even had this problem only for some people though.

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