CIBC Visa Customer Service Telephone Numbers + Stolen Cards

CIBC Visa Credit Card Phone Numbers:

The phone numbers are the same for all of CIBC's Visa Card Offerings: the Dividend, Platinum, Select, Classic, Aero, Aerogold, Infinite, Aeroplan or Aventura. From that list, it really looks like they need to offer less cards Laughing

Anyways, CIBC Visa's Customer Help/Service Number to Call for any matter, such as billing, payments that didn't go through, problems, complaints is 1-800-465-4653

If you have lost your credit card, call them at 1-800-663-4575

There isn't a special number for certain cards, so you'll probably get the same service whether you're a big time or small customer.

Their Customer Service Number, 1-800-465-4653 is actually one of those international toll-free numbers, which works in more than just Canada and the USA. It works in:

Hong Kong
New Zealand

South Korea
United Kingdom

By dialing in the following manner: dial the international calling code, then 800-465-4653, followed by "0". (so, while in Paris France, dial 00 + 800 + 465+4653 + 0).

Neat huh?

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complaint regarding your Reward Points

Although I have used your CIBC Dividend card for many years I found it necessary to apply for your Aventura Card as I needed the 15,000 Air miles to enable me to make a return trip from Vancouver to Montreal. Prior to applying for the Aventura card I contacted CIBC via telephone to ask them if I could use the Reward miles along with my Aeroplan miles to make up the 25,000 air miles required for this trip and was advised that your Reward points can be transferred to Aeroplan miles. Today I spent
about 2 hours trying to get this done. One operator said yes you can do this, and transferred me to another operator who told me I could not do this. I do have my Aventura card and have the 15,000 reward points. It appears to me that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing!!!!!! In the event that this is not rectified aspa
as my trip is planned for the first week of February, both my cards will be cancelled.

CIBC visa

What a joke !!. I called them that I was going to Africa and gave them the dates for the trip. Day 2 my card is declined.. my daughter who had all the information tried to get it fixed to no avail.
My first.job on my return will be TO GET RID OF ALL MY USE OF VISA.

Thank god we also have a Scotia Bank card. Guess where my business will be going
VISA you are more than pathetic!!!!!!!!

stolen card

My daughter is in Spain. She had her debit card stolen and it is the type of card, which i believe is new to you but it states on the card it is a VISA as well but she doesnt not have any numbers written down or anything and i need to have that card cancelled right away.
Her address is in Cawston BC but i don not feel comfortable giving you her account number or completed address on this site so i would like to find out how she can cancel etc etc

Thanks, her mother Elaine Stewart

Our cibc. Credit cards don't work and we our vacation

We are long time. Cibc clients. I'm presently on vacation with my wife and. None of the cibc visa cards we have work and it is presently impossible to get through on your customer service # can we regulate this problem !


I was a long time CIBC VISA client, untill last July 2012 when I finally paid my Visa off and Told CIBC VISA to hit the road, My ex husband and I had a business together. When I left my ex, he took a old statement of my own Visa card and using the Debit machine in our store, he put $9000.00 on my credit card over a 3 day period when I went to use my card to take some cash out, it declined when I called CIBC VISA they told me that I did 3 transactions over the last 3 days, when they told me where this money was going, I asked them to stop any more transactions that this was fraud on my ex's part. When I told them what was going on they stopped all transactions and froze my card leaving me with no other options but to file for welfare and a homeless shelter. When trying to speak with CIBC VISA they would not cooperate and what they did after 3 months they raised my interest rate from 9.9% to 24% after a few months my bill came in at 13,000.00, the 24% was what hurt. I pleaded with CIBC VISA if they could lower my interest rate. They said No, that was April 9th 2008 it took me till June 18th 2011 to pay it off.... I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH CIBC VISA AGAIN

cibc collections dept


visa statement

To whom it may concern,

I would like to find out my cibc balance on my credit card. Is there a way for me to check it online?
best regards Cameron Siu

CIBC Canada Postal Address

I am a CIBC Visa Gold Card Holder.
In the past I have sent my payments, using American Express- International Bank Draft Cheques.
American Express in Sydney has discontinued issuing Bank Drafts.
My Bank (National Australia Bank -nab) requires on their International Bank Cheque Application Form the address of CIBC in Canada and can not accept the CIBC PO Box address, which I gave them.
Do you have a Non-POB address which I can give to my Bank in Sydney ? Kind Regards,
Don U. Schulz

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