Bell Aliant Phone Number: Call/Contact for Technical Support, Billing,Internet, Mobility, etc.

Looks like yet another Canadian mega-corporation that makes it difficult enough to find their phone number to call them, so here it all is:

Bell Aliant Phone Number: 1-866-4-ALIANT (1-866-425-4268)

One number for ALL of their services in all areas: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland. 

If you're using their internet (DSL/high speed) services, or long distance service, remember, there are cheaper options! Investigate it! Although I'm from Ontario, I was able to save my family around $200 a year by moving away from Bell's LD plans! I also saved us about $180/year on high speed internet, all while improving service. There are other options out there, even if your Aliant service is fine!

Menu options when you call:
"1" - Home Telephone service
"2" - Business Accounts
"3" - Mobility service
"4" - Internet service
"5" - Aliant TV

All technical support is 24/7, Residential Sales and Billing is 8-9 M-F, Sat: 8:30 am - 5 pm and closed Sundays and Holidays, Mobility is the same, except 8-6 on Sat. 


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From time to time I tails of bored in Bangkok (imagine that!), and every so often I constant pocket avid (and if I were a Thai maid, it would be EVERMORE). Fortunately, I establish anecdote solution to these problems-learning how to cook Thai foods. I followed the old saying that we take in the West: "When in Rome, do like the Thais." Since I last in Bangkok, I enrolled in a festivity Thai cooking school. Rarely when I boutique in a Thai market, I actually be acquainted with what to bribe and how to cook it. This is a liberating feeling AND saves me lots of money. Yes, you conclude from right, but perhaps qualifying spinach doesn't significance to you? As an expat living in Bangkok, I sooner a be wearing scholastic that Thai foods are much cheaper and healthier than Western foods, and now I partake of intellectual how to cook my favorite Thai meals-Tom Yum Goong, Tom Kai Gai, Panang Gai, and Dilate Thai.

In this beefy city, there are uncountable cooking schools, but I initiate united powerfully recommended about some friends-Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy, conveniently located neighbourhood the intersection of BTS Asoke and MRT Sukhumvit stations. Each class consisting of 2-7 students lasts four hours and costs purely 1,250 baht (all over $43). During each excellence four out of the ordinary dishes increased by a curry paste were disposed, and at the death of the domain, a freed method booklet was provided. The style offers two classes habitually Monday - Saturday, covering nine peculiar cooking courses. If you complete at least two of them, you purpose receive a pictured Certificate of Achievement.

The English-speaking Thai trainer, Nat, a chef with many years of teaching and cooking incident, made the descent amusement and educational. In information, I loved the class so much that I took four of them. The win initially thing he taught is that with Thai cooking, it all begins at the adjoining market-where Thais be gone continuously to buy unusual ingredients looking for their meals. Thailand, having a year-round growing mellow, is a land of numbers, and the local markets vow to this. We met initial thingumajig in the morning, before booming to grade, at an open-air vend where Nat taught us how to tag spices and herbs around the fetor and look-sweet basil, painful basil, sexy basil, kaffir leaves, lemongrass, cilantro (coriander), galanga ginger, and much more. As fabulously as herbs, we also purchased fresh shredded coconut nourishment to be used in making coconut milk, noodles, red and common chilies, rice, vegetables, seafood, and meats. After this schooling, contemporarily when I go to a Thai market, I'm no longer a "lost" farang (a Westerner) in the start segment!

After shopping at the market, to the followers we went. I be required to come clean that the classroom was more like flourishing to a cheer dinner reception with every one seated in a philanthropic circumscribe with all ingredients in the center. This informality added to the fun of the class. Our before dinner was my favorite-Tom Yum Goong. With Nat's alleviate and rule, we selected and methodically able each ingredient-lemongrass, galangal ginger, kaffir leaves, spring onions, cilantro, mushrooms, bird's lustfulness chili peppers,... On the sheltered, open-air porch of this "classroom" were lined 10 Thai gas cookers complete with woks and coconut wood cooking utensils. Erudition to cook with a wok on a Thai cooker is an business in itself, rhyme which requires a little practice. But when using the cookers, I couldn't assist but perceive like I was on a Bangkok boulevard cooking up street aliment payment the Thai. For good occasionally you make the ingredients to a cooker, it is staggering how hunger strike they can be cooked and content to eat. Next gizmo I knew, I was eating Tom Yum Goong-maybe the best still (perchance I am prejudiced?)! You at once learn that the most time-consuming parts of Thai cooking are going to the trade in and as a matter of fact preparing the ingredients in return cooking.

When quizzed as to how stern Thai cooking is, Nat said: "Thai cooking very much soft-hearted, a minor trace of this, a brief piece of that-up to you." You shortage it hotter (favourite maak maak)-just count up more immature peppers, if less hot (pet nit noi) then just avail larger peppers or fewer pocket-sized ones. You see, the hottest peppers are the smallest ones. The passion diminishes as the vastness increases. This is a stupendous model for those farang who can't purloin the zealousness, but don't want to go to out of the nautical galley!

After preparing the Tom Yum Goong, it was at the same time to devise some curry pastes-red, yellow, green, and panang. Each is made a elfin differently, but all are made in the Thai traditional granite mortar and pestle where the whole kit is finely dregs into a paste. Using a mortar and pestle is a meet workout. The next experience you need some vex, hear it; on the other hand, you force paucity to be a particle more "Western" and spurn the subsistence processor! In a jiffy inclined, these pastes wishes upkeep appropriate for a number of months. They make Thai cooking speedy and unoppressive and usually then at best require unbiased adding some coconut wring and a only one other fresh ingredients.

Knowledge the intricacies of Thai cooking has actually added spice to my life and at times allowed me to patch up vigour in my cooking. Cooking "Thai" is actually relaxed, inventive, and rewarding. Immersing myself in this festivity education has allowed me to be prevalent a unique souvenir-knowledge of how to cook Thai, something I can spoof with me no amount where I function next in this immense world. Intermittently I can cook healthier, cheaper, and more creatively. To illustrate this allude to, I am a big fiend of spaghetti (but then, my mom is Italian), and since delightful this passage, I instanter provide for Thai spaghetti. Take a shot this-- you force like it (perchance uninterrupted my female parent would):

1. in a skillet or wok, combine a bantam cooking oil, chopped garlic and onions, cook until you sniff the odor of garlic

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4. add sugar to drop (about 1 to 2 teaspoons) coupled with some Italian flavour

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6. optional-add some sliced unimaginative peppers to "intensity" things up

7. cook give 12 minutes

8. supplement sweet basil leaves yon 1 meagre more willingly than turning in error heat

9. cook 227 G of spaghetti

Serves: 2-3 people

Serve on spaghetti and enjoy!!! Presto, you now have farang food with a Thai twist.

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The very point of departure underpinning of a salubrious band and acute annoyed by of a babe begins in the cookhouse senior, with shape eating for kids. When crafting these meals, consider trying to command them as palatable as plausible while undisturbed retaining all the essentials in terms of nutrients. Kids who sine qua non as much beneficent stop from comestibles as they can sick with can't provide to eat lots of oils or trans fats. To barter your youngster the a-one start you can, weigh cutting such rickety oils out of your nipper's diet.

Shopping since more again takes preference once again shopping for healthier foods. A genus capacity be lured into buying quite tacky aliment that has tons of baleful additives. Children who have families who way healthy eating for kids are much mastery wrong than their peers, no concern how hard it is to nail with it. Oversight and regulations are not as compulsive as people feel to about when cooking in a healthy eating as a service to kids style. Robust eating in behalf of kids is also eximious in that it is precise malleable and can be worked around. A entirely foolproof wear the crown to pursue is reducing the butter needed in return cooking. Compressed vegetable grease is harmonious of the most preferred substitutes. Olive lubricant is also another option. Keep in make, however, that when baking olive oil tends to throw quicker.

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TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY DISAPOINTED! :(. .... Your telephone repair service has most certainly disappointed me.I am considering changing my total home system. NOT to mention. Sounds of laughter that were heard over the phone. This is all recorded on tape by myself!
Please contact me regarding this issue,
Donna Gass

Telephone repair service.

TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY DISAPOINTED! :(. .... Your telephone repair service has most certainly disappointed me.I am considering changing my total home system. NOT to mention. Sounds of laughter that were heard over the phone. This is all recorded on tape by myself!
Please contact me regarding this issue,
Donna Gass

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The problem with Hold times is because many customers call in looking to troubleshoot invalid problems. There are also people who call in with their services not working and spend valuable time complaining about the hold times and the fact their service is not working (I have had customers swearing and complaining about an issue for 30 minutes . The fix took me less then 5).So when calling in remember that the agent is there to help and fix the problem. If you have complaints send an e-mail or call the corporate offices. unfortunately the customer support agents have no control or say about hold times or policies. Just saying

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Ihr Rohrreinigung Abflussreinigung
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Dad has cancer and no phone service for 2 days

I'm writing this to tell everyone my anger for bell aliant. I'm on disability and my father is doing chemo and radiation. My phone only rings half a ring and my father can't contact me and he live 1.5hrs away. I need to take him to his treatments so I need be able to talk to him to get his appointment times. The are saying two days until someone can get out. WTF is that?

Voice Mail

I did get help with the voice mail press and hold the number one key down at the prompt password is what ever they give you ****

BellAlliant: Worst Service Specalists

I have been an Aliant customer for years. Today I realized that I am no longer going to be one. This past week, both over the phone and at the store, has been the worst service I have ever received from a business.

They sell me a $350 phone, it lasts only one year. I call and go see them for help. Response: "Sorry sir, you need to buy a new phone." Hey, what about repairing my phone? Just more garbage for a landfill. Another corporation more concerned about profit than customer service and environment. I am truly amazed that of the six employees I spoke to, and one manager, all had no authority to actually help me. What a joke of a company. So, today I became a Tellus customer. I truly hope BellAliant lose all their customers to other companies willing to provide the most basic of services and practice the most fundamental business practice. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

Perfect Call

i just got off the phone with aliant and it was perfect! i got to an assistant instantly and he was very helpful!!

Wireless Service.

I just got a 25 dollar phone card added onto my phone, i had like -8$ as my previous balance so it made my balance to $16.80.
10 minutes later i decide to check my account balance again........ -2$ now.
like i am sick and tired of bell taking minutes off my phone for no reason at all.

The people here make me sad

I have been with bell alliant for over 3 years, and my parents have been with the company since long before I was even born. While the service is not always the best It is better then what you get anywhere else. I recived a bill here about 2 months ago of an account that I never signed up for. I called right up and spoke with a supervisor, I explaid my story, the supervisor listened and said she would look into it and give me a call back, I expected to wait a few days, but, within two hours she called back and took it off my account as it should have never been on there. I was suprised at how fast and efficent it was becuase I hate dealing with customer service as I had previously delt with rogers for a cell phone, Which was a complete nightmare. I called up every day for two weeks, getitng the reps names and badge numbers and every time I called about my propblem the respose was "Well there is nothing on the notes to say that you called" Evntually I had to go higer up and it was finally resolved and I canclled my rogers on the spot and never would go back. They are a company that just wants money. I have no idea why everone here is cursing and acting like little kids, You are showing your immaturity and that is saying someting as I am only 24 not an adult with kids. I guess maybe I got the better service becuase I was kind and curtious to the repesentives.
And to all the people that are saying they want to transerfer Rogers servies is even worse becuase you have to say what you want, and that normally takes 2-3 times so that the automated machiene understands what you are saying. I would rather push 1,2,3,4 etc then be forced to yell into the phone hoping that it puts me somewhere near where I am asking to be.


I have bell for all my services..i was laid off form work and i made a payment plan they were very helpful made notes and helped me with everything. I used to have rogers for all my services and I also used to work for the rogers billing office and I was also a bell sympatico tech support agent. I have to say rogers is probably the worst company to both work for and to get service from and had it not been the fact that the call center lost the contract for bell sympatico in favour for rogers i would still be working for them.Thier flow charts while not always the best their tools were at least not conflicting with the antivirus on the computers. Rogers tool is a 50-50 chance your computer will turn on in the morning and not crash on average 3 to 4 times a week dureing most of the time calls bell the tools were not perfect but there information library was not a total crap shoot to find something and it was much much easier to look things up as well as bell did not have 15 million departments and most of the agents were trained in all areas where as rogers the agents are very specialized as i know i was..i could only work on certain things and most of my customers would be ready to rip thier hair out by having to be transferred yet again because i did not have acess to thier paticular a customer rogers digital cable would lose sound and pixalate internet was a shared connection so you cannot count on high speeds all the time because peak times when people are downloading and browsing it would slow everyone down. Bell you have your own connection and if there is a slow speed problem we had flow charts and tools to check those and I can't speak for every agent but I took my job seriously and I would put my full effort and would actually go off the flow chart sometimes to help my customers. my billing problems with rogers were endless and in the tool for rogers there is no place to put payement arrangements except in the notes. which I can tell you now are encouraged to be vauge and short as possible because my supervisors told me appreviate and make them as short as you can. and there are not standerd abbrivations for the company they simply let the agent decide how to do it. I have had one billing problem with aliant and it was fixed with in 10 minutes of getting ahold of an agent. while yes i had a 20 minute wait to get ahold of someone i was taken to an agent that was knowladgeable and able to help me first try. as a person who has been on both sides of the phone bells traineing i have to say is much better by leaps and bounds. My training for rogers i was not given access to the tool until i was put out onto the floor and it took 3 days to get rogers to give me a log in that worked. I felt completly unprepared and terrified. I admit for bell sympatico i felt the same first day on the phones but it was because it was my first time in a call center. Not because I did not have a grasp of the training. The people who trained us for the rogers campaine had 2 days more training than we reicved and they even admitted they had no idea what they were doing either. So yes while all the training in the world will not make some people any smarter shit training can reduce a confident agent making them sound like a first timer who barely passed third grade. I try to be as polite as i can to the agents i speak to because i know sometimes they might be new...thier tools mght be down...there might be nothing the person can do genuinely or i know from doing tech support sometimes it can be the customer describeing the problem can be the problem...telling me the thingy with the whatchamahoosit is not working does not help. so yeah i have to say bell is the superior company between the two and every comapny has its morons just keep trying and remeber if your nice and stay calm with the agent they are more likely to want to go that extra few steps.So calling them a fucking idiot makes them less likely to do anything but the barest minimum.

Pathetic Service

I have had it with Bell. The service is below bad. I waited 25 minutes at a dealer to resolve an issue and was told that I had to use the phone on the wall. After another 20 minutes I was told that I needed to talk to the mobility Rep. About 5 minutes later I was connected and promptly CUT OFF!!! While I may not be the the customer that spends the most with Bell I am now the customer who will soon spend nothing with Bell. house, satelite, business, cabin and cell will all be switched, ASAP. The other crowd...Telus... may be no better but they will be my provider. One other thing. I do not speak english with such an accent that not one person can understand me therefore I would appreciate a customer service representive that at least speakes english without an accent so thick that I spend the entire time not quite certain of what I am being asked or told. I was once charged $1400 for long distance cell service because the Customer Service representitive was not clear AND misunderstood me. It took three weeks of further frstration to GET IT RESOLVED.

long wait for someone to talk to you


Proper companies would give

Proper companies would give you the option of leaving a message describing your problem, and then call you back to not waste your time, but this is Bell, your time means nothing to them

Contacting a real person

Bell Aliant mobility service is so awful...been trying to talk to a real person for hours. God please help me before I end up smashing this damn phone soon!

The service isn't better anywhere else....

I've used all three major communication companies in this country (Telus, Rogers, and Bell) and guess what? They all have terrible customer service. If you switch companies, the service isn't going to be any better. I say suck it up, realize everything isn't going to go the way you want it all the time, and use whichever company is cheapest. Trust me, the service sucks at all of them.....

I think it is totally

I think it is totally dispicable that people are using such vulgar language to state their frustrations. I can certainly empathize with the anger and concerns you have, but please show some respect for yourselves. When you need to use those words to describe your feelings it, you are showing your lack of education and your inability to find words to substitute. You can't really believe that Aliant Bell or any other company is going to respond favorably to that language.

I agree with you. If you

I agree with you. If you want someone to help you, you don't swear at them. It seems like common sense, but a lot of people don't seem to get it....


Trying to get hold of someone who knows what they are talking about with them having to put you on hold to go ask someone is next to impossible. The service with this company is complete crap and I will be taking my cell phone service to another company and if I can find a way of using another carrier out in the country I will be taking all my business away from this useless company. Another corporation who doesn't care about customer service but just about how much money they can screw you out of.

Service sucks

What the fuck is wrong with this stupid company what company like a service for business does not have a bloody 24 hour service line, unacceptable!!!!!! Business moves 24-7 so get it right!!!!

can I retreive deleted text messages from a pre paid cell phone

Is it possible to retrieve deleted,sent and received text messages from a pre-paid cell phone

good service

i have been with aliant for years. and have tried other companies and found they are the same as you all have complained about; it is very flustrating to get a live person to talk to; or always on hold for an hour ,i do think they need to improve the service;starting with getting rid of that computerized voice and get a real person on the phone; but keep in mind people this saves the company millons of dollars and less staff; personally I will stay with aliant where at least i do get some communication with people and the service is good; we can always find something to bitch about with other companys to; seems to me that is all this world can do; welcome to progress and the world as we know it;


bell is so fucked they dont understand that if they dooont start helping us wiht our shit , theyre gunna go down .. I JUST NEED HELP WIHT MY GOD DAMN VOICEMAIL YOU IDOTS .

You can't even spell

You can't even spell "idiots" correctly! What does that make you?

head offices number for mobility aliant

i would like to have the main number of the head offices of mobility , would like to speak to some in regards to a service our company is looking forward to present. can you provide me with that info. and begin from there up until we find the adequate person inside the organization to arrange a presentation.

Alfred Clemesha
(619) 2472222

voice mail on my cell phone

I agree with most of these comments. I have tried 3 times in the past month to get my voice mail reactivated, no one has been able to help me. (Don't know why I lost it to begin with) I have made 2 trips to the office and 1 phone call. In the meantime, I keep paying for a service I don't have.!!


Your mobile messaging with the 1-800-561-4625 is cumbersome and awful. But i'm in BC and want to check my messages, and am told that the number doesn't work! What the hell is going on you idiots!


phone only rings three times before it goes to voice mail.
people who call say it rings 6 or 7 times


I can not say enough good about Aliant! Every time I encounter a problem they are ever so kind and willing to assist. Yes, I too do not like waiting so long to speak to a perso,however everywhere I call I have a similar situation.

poor technical support from the 1-800-759-3474 number

November 10/2008
We had programming this morning when my wife got me to call because some of our programs were missing and some were added without our knowledge. We wanted some of our programs back and some removed that we don't even watch, but Bell Express addded them on to our account anyway. To make a long frustrating story short, we now don't have a signal therefore no programs.
Everrtime you call for tech support you always get a person that can't even speak english. And to make matters worse, you end up with what your don't want.
Now, we have to pay for a techie to come and get our signal back. I at my wit's end, I am ready to subscribe to a different service.

I want saticfaction

I have not got what I have not gotten what I want I want your phone and I have told you about this before and you have not done anything about it so if the 700 channels on my T.V. don't work I will switch over to another T.V. station.

This isn't even a Bell

This isn't even a Bell Aliant web site!! Are you that stupid?

Confirmed from Aliant Rep

When you call in through the 4ALIANT Number, or #321, to contact a representative, press 4, then 0,0,0 (0 Three Times)

Ya this *321 or *361

Ya this *321 or *361 whatever doesn't work in atlantic provinces!!!


Jesus fucking christ, It's impossible to get somebody on the phone to talk to you. All you get is that stupid fucking automated machine. So frustrating.
Update: wanna talk to someone? go into the mobile features menu, where you can choose different options to addon, pick any random one, ask for more info. then press 0 when it starts giving you the detailed info. It will transfer you to an support agent. 

Yeah! You can talk to someone!!

BUT FIRST YOU HAVE TO WAIT 15 MINUTES ON HOLD!!!! And then when you do talk to someone, they have no idea how to help you!!!! This is the worst phone and interent company and I am switching!!!



You Are So Right

You are so right the same thing happens to me I have waited 3 days to get my T.V. working they always just make you wait and we can't ever talk to a real person we cant't FCUK en talk to a real person...............

Unacceptable service

I have been waiting on hold for 27 minutes for technical support for my Blackbeery at Bell Mobility.
Pathetic unacceptable service. Each time I try and reach these people it is the same wait time or longer.
What can we do to improve the wait time?

I know, using a phone is

I know, using a phone is hard.

Just give up and kill yourself. Do the world a favor.

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